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We are raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust  Cystic fibrosis is a genetically inherited disease which affects the entire body but especially the lungs which clog with mucus and can get infection. One in 25 people carry the gene, if both parents carry the gene any children have 1 in 4 change of having CF.

Life expectancy for the disease is seldom more than 30yrs old but many die before the age of 15 due to infections such as pneumonia.

The CF trust aims to use gene therapy to find a cure for the disease.

My brother in law has CF and is 24 this year and in constant need of hospital treatment.

Dorchester Maritime has been kind enough to sponsor us for the walk and put the logo on the CF Trust T-Shirts. We are also getting personal sponsorship.

Jenny Bernard, Kate Morris, Hania Babiarz, Kuba Szymanski, Sue Allen, Andrew Boardman, Andrew Oxley, Sean Cain, Peter Van Toor, Gina Knight, Charlene Jackson.

From Dorchester Team1: Andrew Boardman and Kuba Szymanski

From Dorchester Team2: Andrew Oxley, Sean Cain and Peter Van Toor

From Dorchester Team3: Sue Allen and Kate Morris

Dorchester Team4: Jenny Bernard, Hania Babiarz, Charlene Jackson and Gina Knight

Team 1 intend to go as far as we can possibly go.  I hope to beat my 2003 parish walk to Kirk Michael by a few more parishes and I have been training hard.

Teams 2 3 and 4 aim to reach German but many will evaluate how they feel when they get there. Between you and me quite a few of them are very capable of getting much further.

Sorry that not all team members were available for the photos but unfortunately there are holidays and other absences at this time of year. I know that Adrian Devenney from Team 1 is very enthusiastic about participating in the parish walk and will be very disappointed not to be included in the photos but he is on holiday.

Pictures taken on 2 June.



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