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Simon Skillicorn (18) takes victory in the first hill race on Saturday afternoon. He shares the lead near the start with Tom Cringle.

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Many times Manx fell running champion Tony Varley ahead of Allan Corran on the climb. Current champion Simon Skillicorn makes the descent look easy.
Andy Watson - no time to admire the views. Peter Cooper - has his own style!


MEN IN BLACK BY STAN HALL: Miles Glynn-Davies (31) leads a very dark set of runners. Mark Humphrey (5), Tony Varley (3), Niall McGarrigle (6) and Allan Corran (27).

NOT ON YOUR WEBSITE BY SARAH CRINGLE : Manx Harriers webmaster Paul Jackson (16) takes centre stage for a change . Andy Watson (25) is just ahead with Dave Griffin (28 who just pipped PJ) and the aforementioned Miles Glynn-Davies (31) in close attention.


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