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Full results from Richie Stevenson

1,    Paul Sheard            14.52

2,    Ian Gale                  15.11    1st vet40

3,    Brian Osbourne        15.25

4,    Simon Skillicorn       15.40

5,    Steve Partington       16.45

6,    Andrew Newton        16.49    1st junior

7,    Tony Rowley            16.53

8,    Mike Quine              16.59

9,    Phil Cain                  17.03

10,  Phil Mackie              17.06

11,  David Young             17.16    1st vet 50

12,  Keith Callister           17.30

13,  Peter Kennaugh snr.  18.15

14,  Cal Partington           18.29    1st lady

15,  Dave Corrin               18.42

16,  Keith Lowe                18.47

17,  Phil Crowe                 18.46

18,  Peter Kennaugh jnr     18.49

19,  Lee Butterworth          19.05

20,  Paul Jackson             19.08

21,  John Crellin                19.40

22,  Peter Cooper              19.55

23,  Allan Corkill                19.59

24,  Richie Stevenson        20.07

25, Rose Hooton                20.14

26,  Tony Duncan              20.21

27,  Lawrence Dyer            20.24

28,  Steph Maddrell            20.49

29,  Ben Brand                  20.58

30,  Robbie Callister           21.07    1st vet 60

31,  John Marchmant          21.13

32,  Mark Hill                     21.17

33,  Christine Barwell         21.42

34,  Robbie Callister jnr      22.06

35,  Allan Thompson          22.08

36,  Kevin Groom               22. 24

37, Josh Masterton            22.32

38,  Peter Quine                22.36

39,  Shelley Foley              22.51

40,  Harriet Pryke               23.10

41,  Brian Cowley               23.23

42,  Nigel Sinclair               23.26

43,  Alan Pilling                  

44,  Ian Crawford

45,  Anne Cain

46,  Ian Callister

47,  Michelle Kewley

48,  David Quine


Times not available for these runners as yet.   

Pictures by Stan Hall and Anthony Brand

A record entry set off (AB)

Paul Sheard on his way to victory.(SH)


 Over 60s on the Isle of Man qualify for a free bus pass on the most heavily susidised public transport system in Europe but Robbie Callister (not the End to End winning one) hardly needs his as he shows amazing form for his age. (SH)

Another top veteran athlete, but best known for his achievements on the track, John Marchmant has rarely (if ever) managed to get photographed for this site. (SH)

Going the wrong way? No. Its Paul Sheard on the way down while the others have yet to reach the summit. (SH)

Tony Rowley presents flowers to host Jill Coulson (AB)

More pictures by Anthony

Richie Stevenson reports on a record entry

What a great start to this years Walker Brothers League with a record entry, record times in every category and a new outright course record set by winner Paul Sheard as the first four finishers dipped under Tony Okells previous best. The slightly altered course must have helped times as nearly everyone who ran last year recorded improved times, but there is no doubt the ultra competitive nature of the race pushed all to greater efforts. The weather was almost perfect again as for most of the race we had sunshine, only for a heavy shower to roll over as the race was coming to a conclusion.

We were absolutely delighted to have eight females running and they all performed really well especially 13 years old Harriet Pryke.The Manx Harrier  was a bit apprehensive before the start but she had no cause for concern as she negotiated the course in fine style.

Six juniors was another plus for the organisers and what a run by Andrew Newton who I believe is a nephew of Dave Newton. He set a new junior record as he placed a remarkable sixth overall beating some very good senior runners in the process.

One small point of interest I noticed looking back at last years result. Last year the entry was 42 this year 48, but 20 of those who ran last year did not run on Saturday for one reason or another. It just shows the potential that is still there.

Many thanks to James and Jill Coulson for their wonderful hospitality and to everyone who helped on the day and to Stan and Anthony for all the photos.  


14 year old Ben Brand was the early leader of the Walker Brothers Hill League (Anthony Brand)

And the next photographer (Stan Hall) described him as the "best jumper" on the descent.

But as Ben faded it was young Andrew Newton who caught the eye. Graham Davies took this picture showing Andrew chasing Steve Partington and Tony Rowley, two very experienced runners he split in the results.

 Peter Cooper doesn’t even have time to shout "Don’t forget the Close Bank Manx Marathon" as he clears the fence in the Walker Brothers Hill League on Saturday. Picture by Stan Hall.

Super vet David "Doc" Young leads former Managrachem Manx Fell Running champion Tony Rowley and Millennium Way Relay record holder Keith Callister who seems to have started his Boxing Day training earlier than normal and its great to see him in regular action again. (Stan Hall)

Mountain marathon winner Ian Gale finished a creditable second to Paul Sheard at the weekend.  Paul, who is temporarily working on the Island (at the Sulby water works) should be a perfect target for the local runners to aim for this winter as they seek to further improve the standard of Manx fell running. (Picture by Stan Hall)

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