Wednesday middle distance training – December 2008


Coaches – Chris Quine, Graham Davies – UKA licensed coaches


Meet at NSC track at 6 pm for a 6.15 pm start, finish around 7.45 pm. Each session includes full warm up and post session stretching.


Cost is £1 per athlete per session – all money collected will be donated to the IOM AA fund for Aland 2009.


Also, where appropriate all athletes must pay their own track fees for those sessions on the track – see NSC Outdoor Reception – Annual memberships are available.


The minimum age is 15 years at 1st September 2008.




Training Location


3rd December

1 x 60 secs, up to 6 x 2 mins 30 secs – 2 mins recovery, 1 x 60 secs

South Quay. Meet at NSC

Ramsey Fireman’s on 4th December

10th December

2 x 5 mins – 2 mins recovery, 2 x 3 mins – 1 mins 30 recovery, 2 x 60 seconds – 60 secs recovery

South Quay. Meet at NSC

Hill race on 13th December

17th December

14 x 80 secs – 60 secs recovery

NSC track


Tuesday 23rd December


Up to 6 x 3 mins – 2 mins recovery

South Quay. Meet at NSC

MWR on 26th December

31st December

No session





Each session comprises:

Easy running

Warm up/drills



Warm down



Tip of the month:

With the dark nights upon us make sure you where a bright coloured or fluorescent top when running at night.