Dave Wilkinson 1975 style. The first of several of Mike Lambden's pictures from the 1975 TT relay walk.

Another of Mike Lambden's pictures from the 1975 TT Relay Walk.  On the left of the picture (10) is Pippy Kermode who was a fine all round athlete. On the right is my old friend Allen Moore who at this point had never shaved in his life! Allen qualified as a pharmacist and has worked all his working life at Nobles Hospital. Whilst studying he took part in the Bradford 50km walk and I remember sleeping on his floor the night before the race. There is some weird looking guy in the background to the picture! 


The latest picture from the Mike Lambden 1975 TT Relay Walk collection shows Simon Capelen around the 12 mile point. I've mentioned Simon on this site before - he was a great rival and friend of mine at school and has made an occasional reappearance in the odd run. Note the Manx AC vest - his family were great workers for the club. His late father Walter was secretary for several years. In the background are Simon's team mates from the Isle of Man Board of Silly Walks team. Murray Lambden & Allen Moore. We entered as the Ministry of Silly Walks on one occasion (after the famous John Cleese/Monty Python sketch but changed to a Manx version for the next two years. In those days the Manx Government was run by Boards and not Departments.

The final picture  from Mike Lambden's 1975 TT Relay Walk collection features my cousin Graham Crowe who used to do a fair bit of race walking before singing, hockey and other interests took over. Graham celebrated his 50th birthday in style in September. Just in camera on the left is the late John Corrin who used to feature nearly every year in the event along with Ron Ronan, Dave Wilkinson and others including Derek Harrison and John Curphey. John is greatly missed after his sudden death last year. On the right are Murray Lambden & Allen Moore (yet again) and the old Lambden family Hillman Minx. Any of my contemporaries viewing this page may remember that car for the number of my friends (9 on one occasion) that we used to squeeze in on a Saturday night.

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