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 Snaefell Fell Race

5 miles

1,900 feet of ascent

Category A (short)

Starts Bungalow, TT Course

27 March 2004



Pictures by Stan Hall; results from Doug Drown; report from Richie Stevenson

(thanks to all contributors - first results published and pictures online by 4.35 with full results by 5.12)


Left to right: Ian Gale, Darren Gray, Mark Preston, Paul Sheard and Brian Osbourne.

Another record entry of 43 runners. Paul Sheard took the honours after a great battle with Tony Okell. Cal Partington first female but she was pushed very hard by Rose Hooton, just over a minute separated them at the finish. Dave Young continued his domination of the over 50s this time from Ian Callister. Junior race taken by Andrew Newton.


Pos Name Club Class Hrs Min Sec
1 Paul Sheard Pudsey & Bramley SM 42 46
2 Tony Okell MH V40 42 55
3 Ian Gale MFR SM 43 55
4 Darren Gray MH SM 44 46
5 Simon Skillicorn MFR SM 44 45
6 Michael Quine MFR SM 46 18
7 Mark  Preston  MH SM 46 32
8 David Young MFR V50 49 9
9 John Quine Kendal V40 49 50
10 Phil Mackie Western SM 50 28
11 Tom Cringle Unattached SM 51 34
12 Allan Corran  Western V40 52 14
13 Ian Callister MH V50 53 26
14 Dave Corrin  MH V50 53 30
15 David Gelling Unattached SM 53 48
16 Cal Partington  MH SL 54 5
17 Roger Moughtin Western V50 55 18
18 Rose Hooton MFR LV40 55 38
19 Peter Cooper IOMVAC V50 56 8
20 Alan Bagley MH V40 56 14
21 Paul Trees IOMVAC V40 56 19
22 Michael George Unattached SM 56 22
23 Phil Crowe IOMVAC V40 56 39
24 Andy Page Unattached SM 57 20
25 Stuart Temple MFR V40 57 57
26 Christine Barwell Western LV35 58 22
27 Richie Stevenson MHR V40 58 36
28 Ken Watterson  MFR V50 59 27
29 Les Brown MFR V50 1 0 11
30 Andy Gosnell IOMVAC V40 1 0 23
31 Stuart Garry MFR V50 1 2 35
32 Phil  Kenney MFR V40 1 4 34
33 John Brewis MFR V50 1 5 22
34 Laurence Dyer Northern AC SM 1 5 34
35 Peter Quine MFR V40 1 6 10
36 Dave Davies MFR V40 1 6 34
37 Richard Quayle Unattached SM 1 6 54
38 Michelle Kewley Western SL 1 7 2
39 Shirley Foley Unattached L 1 8 8
40 Kevin Martin Northern AC V40 1 8 20
41 Juan Gell Northern AC V40 1 11 57
42 Dave Quine IOMVAC V40 1 15 36
43 Allan Pilling IOMVAC V50 1 15 55
1 Andrew Newton MH U15B 13 26
2 Michael Speakman Northern U17B 15 3
3 Sam Gordon Unattached U17B 13 34
4 Ciara Kaneen MH U15G 18 6


Cal Partington - back to winning ways


Paul Sheard showed what a classy runner he is in todays race putting in a superb performance. Although he led for most of the 5 miles course he certainly did not have things all his own way as Tony Okell put him under pressure right to the line as the winning margin of 9 seconds illustrates. Added to this we had Ian Gale not far behind ready to pounce if the leaders made any mistakes.

We were suuprised but delighted to see Darren Gray on the start line and again he showed what a good athlete he is. The terrain on the Snaefell course is definitely not what he is used to but this did not stop him performing exceptionally well and we hope he will have enjoyed it enough to have another go at one of our races in the future. It was good to see John Quine over again from his home in Cumbria and running well. John has been a frequent visitor to the island for goodness knows how many years.  I can remember him first coming over in the late eighties and he has been back more or less on a yearly basis since and even more so now as two of his brothers, Dave and Peter who both also did the race, are living on the island.

From an organisers view there were two aspects that were especially encouraging. Firstly there were 5 women competing and how well they all ran. Cal Partington came out on top but she was made to really go for it as Rose Hooton was on her case pushing her extremely hard all the way. Secondly there were 4 juniors having a bash on the shorter course and they all impressed as they showed great determination and ability on difficult terrain They were headed by the hugely talented Andrew Newton followed by Michael Speakman, Sam Gordon and Ciara Kaneen who showed she has her mum and dads ability on the fells as well as race walking.

So far this year we have had a near record entry at St Johns, a record at Greeba, a record equalling at Bradda and now a further record entry at Snaefell with numbers in the forties for the first time plus of course the juniors. Having a decent sized entry makes any race much more interesting as everyone drops into their own little battles. As I was climbing from the Black Hut to the summit of Snaefell I did a head count and there were no less than 15 runners in line astern and probably only covered by less than a couple of minutes. Great stuff. Many thanks to sponsors Sean Craig and sons and to all the helpers and officials on the day.

 Dave Davies - bringing up the rear!



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