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There were perfect conditions on Boxing Day for the SCS Relay at Ballanette

Murray’s photos

SCS Relay at manxharriers.com

Handicapper’s delight – barely a minute separated the top five teams. You can watch the finish below.


Thanks to Manx Harriers organising committee for giving up so much time to put the event on and for the officials on the day who braved the conditions, which may have been ideal for running, but were still cold for a three and a half stint. Photo of Elizabeth and Gordon Corran.

Dave Newton (above), who brought his team home in fifth place in the SCS Relay on Boxing Day, has been treating (?) spectators to that grimace for more than 40 years. In fact, he was the very first person to complete a section of the Boxing Day Relay, in its former guise as the Millennium Way Relay, in 1979. You can read the full press report below.

Dave is pictured below (beneath the large arrow) on the start line of the 1979 Bradda Fell Race. Only an odd few people from that photo are still competing today!


Best times ever in the SCS Relay – compiled by David Griffiths


Forename Surname M:F 2 laps Year
Kevin Loundes M 38.55 2012
Kevin Loundes M 40.48 2011
Alan Corlett M 41.04 2012
Martin Malone M 41.35 2010
Oliver Lockley M 41.51 2012
Ed Gumbley M 41.53 2010
Alan Corlett M 41.56 2011
Andy Cannell M 42.10 2012
Phil Caine M 42.21 2012
Kevin Loundes M 42.39 2010
Nigel Armstrong M 43.37 2010
Tom Cringle M 43.44 2010
Mike Garrett M 43.57 2010
Gianni Epifani M 44.02 2011
Gianni Epifani M 44.18 2010
Ed Gumbley M 44.25 2011
Gianni Epifani M 44.26 2012
Tom Cringle M 44.27 2011
Jamie Newton M 44.44 2012
Paul Sykes M 45.14 2010
Andy Watson M 45.14 2011
Russell Collister M 45.38 2012
Tom Hughes M 45.43 2011
Phil Caine M 46.20 2011
Russell Collister M 46.43 2011
Nigel Quaye M 46.57 2012
Andy Fox M 47.22 2011
Russell Collister M 47.25 2010
Andrew Nash M 47.28 2012
Rob Sellors M 47.28 2010
Juan Kinley M 47.29 2011
Juan Kinley M 47.33 2012
Richard Sille M 47.36 2010
Andrew Sentence M 48.10 2010
Jackie Lee F 48.22 2011
Ian Winstanley M 48.24 2010
Andy Fox M 48.31 2010
Andy Fox M 48.54 2012
Phil Quirk M 48.56 2012
Gail Griffiths F 49.13 2011
Peter Kaneen M 49.15 2011



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