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Manx Harriers have launched a major new event

SCS Handicap Relay

End of the MWR and Birth of the SCS relay

It is with some regret that the organisers of the MWR announce that the event will not take place this year, writes Andy Fox. The event is replaced by the SCS Handicap Relay. This event is far simpler to organise and will certainly be a testing event over the festive period. We hope that athletes are willing to support the new event. Please note there is no cycle event planned as part of the SCS relay.


The reasons to change the event this year are outlined below and some have been discussed over a number of years :-

1. The Mountain Road is closed so easily now that the event is very difficult to ensure it will run as planned at Christmas.

2. So much pre – planning has to go into the event that it is very difficult for the organisers when the Mountain Road is closed.

3. The low level event (held in bad weather) is very difficult to put into place at short notice.

4. The stress of the above placed upon the organisers is really not a fair expectation.

5. The St. Luke’s track has become a very dangerous part of the course for both cyclists and runners.

6. The road sections of the course call for a large number of officials to ensure athlete safety – it is difficult to ensure enough volunteers can be gathered during the festive season.

7. We lost our sponsor for the MWR last year and have not got a new one.


The organisers are keen to know athlete’s views as it may be possible that the event could be reinvented in the summer months. However, unfortuantely we feel that the MWR has had it’s day over the Christmas period. The organisers are very sad that this is the case as we all are fans of the MWR but at some stage a sensible decision for the future needs to be made. We respectfully feel this stage has been reached.


Should you wish to place your views in support of the above or in oppostion then please do on the forum or attach them to the poll below. We will read all carefully and take on board all views. However – having recorded your views – please do get your entries sorted for the new event – The SCS Handicap Relay.

Is the replacement of the Millennium Way Relay with the SCS relay a necessary change?
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