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Jock leads the flock to France

On winning the Parish Walk for the fourth year in a row in 2011, Jock Waddington (above) made no secret of his plan to enter the Roubaix 28 hour walk this year rather than defending his local title once again.  He leads a growing number of walkers who hope to compete in the French classic. Latest reports suggest the flock will include Andrew Titley, Richard Gerrard, Simon Cox, Vinny Lynch, Jonathan Wild, Bernie Ball, Chris & Michelle Cale, Ronnie Kelly, Jeanette Morgan & Dave Walker.

In my feature on Mo & Simon Cox last month I stated that Mo was the only person other than Derek Harrison from the Isle of Man to have competed in the Roubaix 28 hours. Mo thought she was the only one and she was right. I did make a number of enquiries to check my own recollection that Derek had competed but could not find the results online. I had no intention of detracting from Mo’s performance which, as the flock will find out, was extremely hard to achieve.  (Murray Lambden 21/02/12)



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