The yo-yo continues.

Robbie Callister's lead increased over the northern parishes but Sean Hands cut it back to 4 minutes again at Maughold. At Glen Mona the lead was back to 6 minutes.

Next positions on the road as I drove past them (they may have changed by the time I stopped to take photographs and drove back to Douglas were:

Ray Pitts & Sue Biggart

Andy Gosnell

Simon Cox

Roey Crellin

Eammon Harkin

Julian Thomas

David Cain

Doug Allan

Jane Mooney & Alison Brand

John Shimmin

Andrew Titley

Ray Pitts & Sue Biggart - starring again.


David Collister on his way to finish number 22? He was pictured near the Lhen with three times finisher Jo Revill.


Unless stated, pictures by Murray Lambden

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