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The 2006 Clerical Medical Parish Walk

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Before closing the site for 2006. A final reflection on how the Parish Walk became so special.

The legacy

Dermot O'Toole's book, A Walk Through Time, documents the 19th century long distance walking challenges and the first "modern" Parish Walk in 1913. Had it not been for our predecessors sense of adventure there would have been nothing to build upon.

After the early excitement of the revived Parish Walk in 1960 the event went downhill and we owe so much to the late Arthur Jones for keeping the event alive through the 70s and 80s.

Arthur Jones (left) - saved the Parish Walk.

The development plan proposed by Boundary Harriers in 1991. Interesting to note that more completed the whole course in 2006 than started in 1990!

Clerical Medical

How big do you think the walk would be if Clerical Medical had not agreed to sponsor the event in 1990? Their involvement has brought massive benefits to the walk. In conjunction with the sponsors the whole image changed with professional documentation that has continued to this day. For the first time (after a hard and fast entry deadline was set!) every competitor received a programme and instructions in the post, a T shirt, a results list and an entry form mailed the following year.  They did not just write a cheque and walk away - they backed up their investment with newspaper adverts and professional publicity.

The Committee

Under the leadership of Raymond Cox the organisation has been in brilliant hands for many years.  An unbelievable amount of planning and work goes into the event each year. Unlike many committees every person has specific responsibilities. They have combined the best traditions of the event with a willingness to change and adapt where necessary witnessed by the course changes and revised start times.

The committee are backed up by an army of helpers whose support is also vital but without the leadership and vision the event would not have built upon Clerical Medical's professional support.

The committee - left to right: Winston Liu (crouching), Allan Callow, Raymond Cox, Elizabeth Corran, Debbie Walmsley Kevin Walmsley & Martin Lambden. Missing were Karen Kneale, Tracy Cooke & Geoff Walmsley.

Sean Hands and Robbie Callister - household names. Average time for the top 10 in 2006 half an hour faster than the average winning time in the 1990s.

The Stars

The Isle of Man has a tradition of producing international class race walkers but, if they competed at all in the Parish Walk it was at the start and end of their careers.

We now have dozens of walkers who spend the year preparing for the Parish Walk as the main event of the year. Robbie Callister alone has boosted the image of the event. He has become the "people's favourite" as a household name. The dedication of the stars has resulted in a massive improvement in standards. The average winning time in the 1990s was 16:57:24. In 2006 the average of the top 10 was 16:28:16!

The masses

"if so and so can do the Parish Walk, so can I". In most sports we are deterred from entering for fear that we will not be good enough. The Parish Walk has broken down all the barriers and people no longer fear that they are good enough. How many people have already said they are going to enter in 2007 - so we can expect an even bigger entry.

Anyone over 18 can enter the Parish Walk.

Derek Harrison - walked 85 miles at the age of 71 within five years of suffering a stroke.

The heros

It was thought that Dru Hamm would never be able to walk when born with cerebral palsy. This year she raised more than £5,000 for charity by walking to Marown.

Also this year, Derek Harrison, the record holder since 1979, completed the course at the age of 71 five years after suffering a serious stroke.

Last year Edward Kelly walked the 2 miles as far as Braddan - incredible for someone who two years earlier feared he would never walk again.

If they can do it, what is your excuse?

Later this week, I'll update the databases again to reflect any amendments to the results. I'll also publish a few extra pictures on Wednesday evening.  Other than that, the website will hibernate again until January when the 2007 entry forms will be published.

Its been another record year for the website with more than 3,000 hits a day on Sunday and Monday (an average of 10,000 a day page impressions) across the and sites. Hope that you enjoyed it . I have concentrated on pictures and facts and can't possibly comment on every performance. You are all heroes but if you would like to highlight the achievements of any particular walker, then please do so on the forum. I'm afraid I have too many emails to respond to (all sorts of obscure questions) for the time being but I will eventually answer them all.

Murray Lambden - 27 June 2006

The amazing scenes at the Clerical Medical Parish Walk presentation at the Villa Marina when the finishers were pictured together by Martin Critchley.

Past and present. New record holder Sean Hands with Derek Harrison who held the record for 27 years (Martin Critchley)

The winning team - Eammon Harkin, Robbie Callister, Sean Hands and David Doyle. (MC)

Robert Moore leads Steve Partington up the Sloc. Robert is believed to have set an under 21 year old record.

Official Provisional Results (thanks to Karen Kneale & Martin Lambden)

Sunday's front page features

Pictures by Murray and Mike Lambden by Dave Kneen by Paul Jackson

Pictures of the first 20 finishers

Pictures of many of the top 40

Top 6 in the North report

Analysis of 162 finishing times within 24 hours

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Clerical Medical have sponsored the Parish Walk since 1990


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