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Policy statement

Despite the increased content during recent weeks, there is no intention that this site should go back to its former role of directly trying to cover all athletics events in the Isle of Man. The clubs are encouraged to develop their own sites to promote their events. will complement the coverage with statistics and extra pictures but, most of all, if will try and highlight the content of other sites and give everyone a chance to air their views on the forum. If an achievement bypasses the various websites, please draw everyone's attention to it in the forum.

Thank you for the continued interest in the site. With an average of over 120 people a day accessing the site (around 200 on a Monday) your interest encourages me to spend more time on the site than I intend.

Murray Lambden - 8 December 2005

"Within the next five years I am quite certain the internet will be taken for granted in every household" - Murray Lambden 15 January 2001! Here is the full flyer I circulated during a trip to the Lancashire Cross Country Championships less than five years ago!


I recently set up the above internet site. There were three steps to its birth. Firstly, during the past few months I taught myself a few skills in website design, secondly I set up a site for the Millennium Way Relay and thirdly I wanted to publish a Parish Walk database that I have been working on for more than 10 years.

As soon as I registered the domain name (the bit that you type into a computer after www to tell the computer where to look for the computer files) I began to realise the massive scope for an information site featuring Manx athletics. It will remain very much an amateur venture so, although I will try and make the site look reasonably attractive, I will not be competing with professional sites for design awards. The emphasis will be on content rather than appearance. It will be privately funded.

Many of you already have computers at home (or have access to the internet at work) and therefore need little explanation of the internet itself. It is therefore easy to forget that the majority of households do not have computers with internet access - yet. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg. Within the next five years I am quite certain the internet will be taken for granted in every household just as a TV and telephone are at present.  Indeed the TV and telephone (including mobile phones) will be two of the ways of accessing it.

The internet will not replace TV, radio, magazines and the radio as a source of sporting information. The latter have many advantages. Where the internet is superior is or will be superior, is access and storage. If news of Manx athletics is available on the internet then it can be accessed anywhere in the world. Within reason, reports and results can be stored on line for ever, unlike a newspaper that must be thrown out or a TV report that can be missed.

I am hoping that by visiting you will eventually be able to find all the information you require to take part in the sport and to access important results. Although I have spent a lot of time building databases of long establish events such as the Parish Walk and the End to End Walk (and have several others planned), much of the information you will be able to access will be held on other sites. For example, by double clicking on a link you will be automatically directed to last year's Lancashire Cross Country Results or the Athletics World Championship Results.

I would therefore be very interested to hear from anyone who:

1.        Already has their own website - perhaps you have your athletics CV or picture gallery on line. I can link it to

2.        Can recommend other good athletics sites that can be linked.

3.        Can encourage your club to send results of their events to me on the same day.

4.        Would like to research the history of a particular event. Perhaps it could be a school project that I could put on line.

5.        Would be interested in publishing photographs of local events and athletes.

6.        Would like to write a regular news column (racing plans, injuries, informed speculation). This could be set up for you to publish directly to the site.

There is a lot of work to be done to convert old race results into a digital form. It would therefore be helpful if those people who already use computers can make their submissions by way of computer files (preferably HTML format but I can convert other formats). I will acknowledge copyright of photographs, databases etc.

I hope you find the prospects as exciting as I do. If so, I can be contacted by email ([email protected]), by phone (01624 675536), by fax (01624 662185) or by conventional mail at Milton House, Brunswick Road, Douglas, Isle of Man. IM2 3LFÂ…..and don't forget to regularly check out the development of the site by logging onto





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The site was updated daily for three and a half years until June 2004 when the webeditor took a sabbatical. It now serves as a portal for Manx athletes with special features on a few events and ad hoc publishing when time permits without giving in to the addiction! Old features can be found by using the Google search below. which is edited by Paul Jackson, is the highly recommended sister site of


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