Timing & numbers



In 2007 Manx Telecom with their partners SPORTident automated the timing for the Parish Walk and also added an innovative texting service for friends and family. This will used for the tenth ninth year in 2016 together with the additional service introduced by Manx Telecom in 2008 allowing you to check out the race progress online via a PC or mobile phone.

Friends and family texting service - This is free service from Manx Telecom. To use the service you need to enter your supporters’ two mobile phone numbers at the time of entering or by updating your entry by 19:30 on Friday 17 June. If you do not have access to the internet you can do this at Event Registration. Your two nominated supporters will receive a text from Manx Telecom when you reach each parish church giving details of: Name of Walker; Location Reached; Time at the Location

Follow the race online via your PC or mobile phone - As an alternative to following the race results at parishwalk.com Manx Telecom and SPORTident added a facility in 2008 which allowed race followers to see the progress of each walker, or the race, online via a computer or mobile phone*. Just type in mt.im/parishwalk .

*Your phone needs to be capable of accessing the internet and set up to do this. If you need help, visit the Manx Telecom shop in Strand Street in Douglas and Manx Telecom will set your phone up. You can also phone the for help on 624624.

At registration, each competitor will be allocated a wristband/ timing card.  The timing card will be attached loosely to your wrist using the wristband, with the tip of the timing card pointing towards your fingers. It is best to use the wrist that has not got a watchstrap on it. You will wear the wristband/ timing card from the time you register until you complete the event. They are soft and gentle on the skin and you can shower or bathe while wearing them.

A demonstration checkpoint will be present at registration which you can use to familiarise yourself with the recording process. You dip the tip of the timing card into a cylindrical hole in an electronic box at each parish church and at the finish. You should see a visible flash and hear an audible beep. This confirms that the location and time have been recorded. The process is very quick and there should be no congestion or delay at any of the checkpoints.

After you have finished, proceed (under no time pressure) to the officials where the card will read for a time record and then cut off your wrist. You will be provided with a printout showing the time recorded at each church and at the finish (if you reach it).

If you lose of break your wristband/ timing card, it will unfortunately be necessary to make a charge of £25 to cover the cost and you may not be allowed to participate in future events or to provide you with your times at each church.

If you retire from the event, you or your supporters must hand in your wristband/ timing card at the next Parish Church. This is an essential safety requirement and allows the most accurate competitor information to be transmitted.

If you register but do not take part in the race, you must return your wristband/ timing card to an official at the Start/Finish or at a checkpoint.


You must wear both numbers, front and back, above waist height and clearly visible (including the sponsors’ names) at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. You may wish to pin the numbers to a singlet or bib which can be worn above a variety of different tops. Be prepared to change your outer clothing during the race as weather conditions frequently vary throughout the race. In recent years disposable numbers have been used so there is no need to return them as in older years. Please do not confuse the numbers which are provided for display in an attendant’s car with your race numbers (which are waterproof).