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Callum Taylor (right) was one of two junior walkers (along with Lauren Whelan) to win national titles at Leamington on Saturday. Here he accepts the Nihill shield  from Peter Marlow.  Paul Nihill (after whom the shield is named) was the Olympic silver medallist at the 1964 games in Tokyo and made the NSC roadway (then known as the Bowl) famous in with a world record walk in the Isle of Man.  This week he calls for a re-union of the British team (see Athletics Weekly) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Britain's most successful ever Olympics. (Picture by Bridget Kaneen)

If there was to be such a re-union then there would be a Manx resident to attend. Isle of Man Athletic Association President Maurice Herriott also won a silver in Tokyo in the steeplechase. (Picture by Murray Lambden)

Any ambitious athlete should take the opportunity to read and listen to the British greats of the past to learn that there are no secrets to success. Talent (which is always around), the willingness to listen and learn (which sometimes we see and other times we don't) and a single minded approach are certainly required as much today as they were 40 years ago.  


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