The above photo (thanks to Stan Hall) was taken before the vets mile run at the opening meeting hence the guy in the middle!

Left to right, Dougie Corkill, Stan Hall, Allan Connor, Steve Ovett, Robert Webb (who Stan thinks won the race) Ian Ellis, Alan Postlethwaite.


I published this picture (supplied by John Watterson via Steve Partington) over a year ago. Its also from the opening of the NSC in 1991. This time Steve Ovett is with some much younger athletes who have grown up a bit since.

Here are Chris Quine's suggestions, which I didn't get around to publishing last year.

On the left waving the flag - Gary Hunter (I think)

On his right with a Manx AC vest - Robert Higgins

On the right of the photo (above the three legs flag) - Gareth Webb (I think)

Girl about a third from the right hand side of the photo (near a small boy wearing NAC) - Danielle McCarrick?

Can anyone identify any of the youngsters?


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