Mark Stewart, winner of the Novice Walk. He made sure he didn't have to walk far after the conclusion of the event. Note how close his marker is to the full lap line!


Richard Creer (81), the runner up in the novice walk, receives his marker from Allan Callow with 10 minutes to go. A gin went after one hour and the walkers were required to position their marker at the side of the road. Allan then measured the number of metres from the start of the lap to the markers and added this to the number of full laps recorded.

Robert Moore (194) won the junior half hour walk.


Joe Partington (196), son of international athletes Cal and Steve.

Paul Jempson (86) one of the real characters of the walking scene. With wife Carol he has seen walking all over the island and at sorts of times

Former semi professional footballer - Rob Matthews. see news page


Winners of the Novice One Hour and 30 minute walks, Mark Stewart and Robert Moore.

Emma Latham displays almost identical style in two photos at the Novice Walk.

Judy King and Joe Partington in the Novice Walk on Sunday. they walked most of the way together.


Brian Brough and Les Crowe squeeze past Paul Jempson in Sunday's Novice Walk at the NSC


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