News November 2002



All "reporting" by Murray Lambden unless otherwise stated.

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LIGHTENING STRIKES TWICE reports Paul Jackson     30-11-02


Since spraining her ankle in September (whilst rushing to A&E to meet daughter Fay who had fallen at school), Marie has made steady, painful progress returning to training and successfully coming through a 5K  in the Winter League in Andreas 2 weeks ago. She makes her comeback in the Peel-Douglas tomorrow (Sunday). 

In a bizarre twist of fate, (sorry, I really should get out [training] more!) Fay was back at A&E yesterday (Friday) after spraining her ankle at school, and so will not be walking in the Junior event on her 10th Birthday.


UNSEEN HERO    30-11-02


Paul Jackson, who is so good to let me know stories such as the above concerning his own family, has established himself as the expert in course marking in a relatively short space of time.

Make no mistake, a serious road accident would destroy a good part of our sport on the Island and the moral need to prevent such an accident, during an activity we think will enhance our health, overrides any need to comply with a permit system.

For too long people have been prepared to bury their heads in the sand to the risk of a nasty road accident.  I was instrumental in the cancellation of the End to End Walk in the 80s (although it was re-instated after one year) and was very much in favour of the cancellation of the old "Firemans" running courses.  These were not popular decisions which is why I was so quick to offer my support for Manx Harriers decision to cancel the TT relay walk last year, also on safety grounds.

Although cancellation is inevitable in some cases, in other cases the risks can be minimised by sensible course marking and, of course, the competitors themselves being sensible.

On the former front Paul Jackson has been superb. I've heard that he has been busy on the Peel to Douglas Road today and will be back out early tomorrow morning. Its impossible to overcome all the risks of bad driving but it is possible to help the risk caused by the average drivers. If there are signs along the road the day before warning motorists that an event is taking place and detailing the times, an awful lot of sensible people will take note.

The rest is down to us as competitors. Don't run or walk too far from the curb and best of all tell your followers before and during the event (if necessary) not to park in crazy places or ignore other road users. Sadly athletes are in the minority on the road. Even worse, it will matter little if it was the runner's, the organiser's or the car driver's fault if a car hits an athlete. The chances are that the car driver will be alive but the athlete won't be.

The risk assessment scheme is one of the best things to happen to our sport despite all the protestations. It has forced us to do things we should have been doing for years.




Check the date - its November. Christmas is still nearly four weeks away. Why are Christmas lights switched on already?

When I was a kid the deccies used to go up a week or so before Christmas. My Mother tells me (every year) that they used to put the decorations up (when she was young) on Christmas Eve and take them down on 12th night. Does anyone remember that there are supposed to be 12 days of Christmas?

If the trend continues we will soon be putting the lights up when the kids go back to school in September!

At the very least we should stop pretending we are celebrating a religious event and o as the Americans do and refer to the holiday time.

I'm off to buy my Easter Eggs!!



Rob Elliott reports    30-11-02


Good news for Guernsey with Carol and Terry Bates moving here!

We could do with more walkers to which I hope Terry will continue whilst on the island, as well as Carol.

The walk scene is only small over here but has regular walks throughout the year. Perhaps you could forward my contact address to them or theirs to me so I can get a fixture list to them once they have settled here.


Guernsey getting ready for Island Games next year. New grandstand well on the way at the athletics track, whilst the track itself was redone this year, a far cry from the rain sodden cinder track back in 1987!


According to the local paper two of our CG competitors are starting University this year. Lee Merrien is off to Bath (were Dale Garland is already) and heptathlete Kimberley Goodall is going to Durham.

Better competition no doubt which can only be good for Guernsey when the Island Games take place. Merien is already making his mark on the cross country scene in England.



Birmingham University student Neil Bates has confirmed that the Isle of Man will always be his home.

ONLY A SMALL TEAM TODAY says Andy Fox   30-11-02


I suggested that Manx Harriers had a strong team for the Liverpool League match today. Although it is strong in the sense that the club has some good athletes taking part, numbers are smaller than expected with just Andy Fox, Darren Gray and Liverpool student John Halligan.




Manx Harriers  have 21 going in our party to the Lancs. Champs on 04/01/03 - venue

Blackburn. 2 athletes are making their own way. So hopefully 23 in total. I will give more detail and a preview nearer to the event.




Can any back up teams watch out where they are 'parkin' on Sunday as we 'doughnut' want to get into a 'jam' and have someone come up to the organisers and say they 'cinnamon' stop his car in a dangerous place.




Ever since Paul Jackson stumped me with his witty comments about fallen trees I've been looking to branch out and leave a mark with something that will blow you away.

Alas, I couldn't stand the heat in the kitchen and Paul beat me to it with the cake gags. But I've risen to the challenge and found something to get my teeth into although digestion may be hard. I'm a bit alarmed by the way they lifted the cakes but I won't dough on about it. The picture "of 'em" shows how much they have changed in the current day.




Sunday will be Terry Bates' last ever race on the Isle of Man as an Isle of Man resident.

Carol has already left (Wednesday 27th Novemeber) to new challenges in Guernsey and shortly after Christmas Terry will join her. Both have enjoyed almost 7 Years racing on the Island now, and will be missed.


AND NEWS OF SON NEIL    29-11-02


Neil Bates has confirmed he won't be back from Birmingham University for the Empire Garages Peel to Douglas Walk. "My aims for this winter is to get as many 10kms in as possible" he said recently. "I need to get used to the distance, its the only way I can get better times now. The Andreas race just shows that I haven't really lost too much fitness and now can build on the training and hopefully go quicker in Tamworth. All looks hopeful at the moment for a great performance in the Manx Steam Packet which is my next major race."




Steve Partington sent me the results from the World Masters walks and I have reproduced them in full not just because the site has a lot of race walking visitors but because Steve noticed that there was a 105 year old woman taking part - surely not! I was also interested to see two of my old favourite Aussie walkers, Tim Erickson and 1982 Commonwealth Games Champion Willie Sawall, both winning their age groups.

One very noticeable fact is the variety in standards.  The winner of the veteran 45 title (women) set a pretty good standard (50.46) whereas we have people on the Island who could have won the W30(!), W35 and W40 titles.

W30 10000 Metre Walk
1 Bonney, Kylie Cherrey    W30 AUSTRALIA                  56:13.00
2 Loveday, Nardene Louise  W30 AUSTRALIA                  59:32.00

W35 10000 Metre Walk
1 Emmett, Amanda           W39 AUSTRALIA                  59:27.00
2 Staunton, Ann Maree      W38 AUSTRALIA                 1:01:05.00
3 Howorth, Sandra          W39 AUSTRALIA                 1:01:08.00
--- Sandkuhler, Miriam       W35 AUSTRALIA                        DQ

W40 10000 Metre Walk
1 Major, Annette Maree     W40 AUSTRALIA                  59:47.00
2 Chneider, Larissa        W41 RUSSIA                    1:00:16.00
3 Macdougall, Gillian      W41 NEW ZEALAND               1:02:38.00
4 Weekes, Anne             W40 AUSTRALIA                 1:06:17.00
5 Armstrong, Ginger        W40 USA                       1:07:29.00

W45 10000 Metre Walk
1 Ventris, Lyn             W46 AUSTRALIA                  50:46.00
2 McDonald, Sharon         W49 NEW ZEALAND               1:00:20.00
3 Holmes, Janet            W49 AUSTRALIA                 1:02:52.00
4 Kriegler, Lili-Ann       W45 AUSTRALIA                 1:03:52.00
5 Dodds, Jan               W45 AUSTRALIA                 1:07:27.00
6 Lancaster, Heather       W45 AUSTRALIA                 1:14:10.00

W50 10000 Metre Walk
1 Carr, Heather Ruth       W53 AUSTRALIA                  55:31.00
3 Gourlay, Marlene Anne    W50 AUSTRALIA                  58:53.00
4 Feldman, Elizabeth       W54 AUSTRALIA                 1:02:17.00
9 Carter, Jayne Margaret   W51 AUSTRALIA                 1:08:27.00
13 Garden, Ruth             W50 AUSTRALIA                 1:11:32.00

W55 10000 Metre Walk
5 Johnson, Celia Anne      W55 AUSTRALIA                 1:02:45.00
7 Pownall, Lee             W59 AUSTRALIA                 1:06:45.00
11 Papageorgiou, Roxani     W57 AUSTRALIA                 1:10:26.00
20 Tumminello Ryan, Christ  W55 AUSTRALIA                 1:17:39.00

W60 10000 Metre Walk
2 Riley, Brenda            W62 AUSTRALIA                  58:00.00
6 Edmonds, Beverly         W62 AUSTRALIA                 1:04:06.00
8 Steed, Gwen              W60 AUSTRALIA                 1:07:23.00
18 Beaumont, Margaret Hale  W64 AUSTRALIA                 1:15:29.00

W65 10000 Metre Walk
16 Elix, Ros                W68 AUSTRALIA                 1:14:29.00
21 Coppock, Shirley Eveth   W66 AUSTRALIA                 1:19:21.00
22 Satchithananda, Mallika  W66 SRI LANKA                 1:20:29.00
23 Faulconbridge, Ruth Mar  W65 AUSTRALIA                 1:25:32.00
24 Greeff, Veejay           W66 SOUTH AFRICA              1:41:32.00

W70 10000 Metre Walk
10 Albury, Jean             W73 AUSTRALIA                 1:09:15.00
12 Dauphinet, Christiane    W71 AUSTRALIA                 1:11:29.00
19 Bass, Pamela             W71 SOUTH AFRICA              1:16:35.00

W75 10000 Metre Walk
14 Thompson, Larna          W75 AUSTRALIA                 1:12:49.00
15 Knox, Jean               W75 AUSTRALIA                 1:14:27.00

W105+ 10000 Metre Walk
17 Salter, Cecile           W48 AUSTRALIA                 1:14:45.00

M35 10000 Metre Walk
1 Asorey Rial, Jose Anton  M38 RUSSIA                     50:53.72
2 McKinnon, Christopher W  M37 AUSTRALIA                 1:11:18.00

M40 10000 Metre Walk
1 Cassidy, Kevin           M42 AUSTRALIA                  57:52.00
2 Evans, Simon Robert      M42 AUSTRALIA                 1:03:48.00
3 Villani, Giovanni        M42 AUSTRALIA                 1:23:39.00

M45 10000 Metre Walk
1 Reid, Ross Thomas        M48 AUSTRALIA                  50:53.57
2 Cochrane, Andrew Donald  M47 AUSTRALIA                  54:45.00
3 Boddy, Harold Neil       M47 AUSTRALIA                 1:02:04.00
4 McLay, David Ian Hamilt  M46 AUSTRALIA                 1:07:38.00

M50 10000 Metre Walk
1 Erickson, Timothy        M51 AUSTRALIA                  53:09.00
2 Stenhouse, John          M50 AUSTRALIA                  57:05.00
3 Cooper, Stuart           M51 AUSTRALIA                 1:01:15.00
4 Dirk, Van Der Gaag       M51 AUSTRALIA                 1:03:16.00
5 Cornish, Bruce           M54 AUSTRALIA                 1:05:43.00
6 Lovett, Chris            M51 AUSTRALIA                 1:13:40.00

M55 10000 Metre Walk
1 Mayhew, Trevor           M56 AUSTRALIA                  59:52.00
2 Conboy, Bruce            M57 AUSTRALIA                 1:05:35.00
3 Thompson, Timothy        M56 AUSTRALIA                 1:13:36.00
4 Batrouney, Robert Georg  M57 AUSTRALIA                 1:22:53.67
--- McWilliams, Peter Willi  M58 AUSTRALIA                        DQ

M60 10000 Metre Walk
1 Sawall, Willi            M60 AUSTRALIA                  52:58.00
2 Hallo, John Kingsle      M60 AUSTRALIA                 1:04:49.00
3 Morrison, John           M62 AUSTRALIA                 1:08:44.00
4 McGregor, Ron            M60 AUSTRALIA                 1:11:29.00
5 Lloyd, Maurice Davi      M64 AUSTRALIA                 1:35:30.00

M65 10000 Metre Walk
1 Smith, Robert Leigh      M67 AUSTRALIA                 1:09:44.00
2 Beaumont, Ian Francis    M66 AUSTRALIA                 1:16:45.00
3 McCormack, Kevin         M68 AUSTRALIA                 1:23:44.00

M70 10000 Metre Walk
1 Hall, Eric William       M70 ENGLAND                   1:04:18.00
2 Hainsworth, Colin        M72 AUSTRALIA                 1:05:08.00
3 Bellette, Mick           M73 AUSTRALIA                 1:18:21.00
4 Heywood, John Wesley     M73 AUSTRALIA                 1:21:49.00

M75 10000 Metre Walk
1 Dubjak, Vratislav        M75 CZECH REPUBLIC            1:06:35.00
2 Whyte, Donald Arthur     M77 AUSTRALIA                 1:14:09.00
3 Grigg, Russell           M75 AUSTRALIA                 1:22:49.00

M80 10000 Metre Walk
1 Brown, Frederick Willia  M80 AUSTRALIA                 1:25:03.00

M35 20000 Metre Walk
7 Thomas, Mark Lindsey     M39 AUSTRALIA                 1:49:05.00

M40 20000 Metre Walk
1 Donahoo, Mark            M44 AUSTRALIA                 1:39:58.00
6 Morgan, Gary             M42 USA                       1:47:34.00
11 Rance, Paul Anthony      M44 AUSTRALIA                 1:56:12.00
14 Rowe, Gregory John       M40 AUSTRALIA                 2:07:36.00

M45 20000 Metre Walk
3 Barabash, Vladimir       M46 RUSSIA                    1:43:17.00
4 Tokarev, Volodymyr       M46 UKRAINE                   1:44:08.00
18 Worsnop, Christopher Jo  M45 AUSTRALIA                 2:18:07.00

M50 20000 Metre Walk
8 Siegele, Johann          M53 AUSTRIA                   1:49:30.00
9 Bunker, John Alan        M52 AUSTRALIA                 1:51:37.00
10 Knox, Keith              M52 AUSTRALIA                 1:52:28.00
23 Wood, Robin L            M52 AUSTRALIA                 2:28:04.00

M55 20000 Metre Walk
2 Jamieson, Andrew         M56 AUSTRALIA                 1:41:56.00
16 Pivonka, Milan           M59 CZECH REPUBLIC            2:12:31.00

M60 20000 Metre Walk
5 Little, Gary             M60 NEW ZEALAND               1:46:40.00
12 Whyte, Robin             M60 AUSTRALIA                 1:59:27.00
13 Opsahl, George           M60 USA                       2:00:50.00

M65 20000 Metre Walk
20 Major, Geoffrey William  M66 AUSTRALIA                 2:22:37.00
21 Brooks, Fredrick Cha     M68 AUSTRALIA                 2:24:26.00

M70 20000 Metre Walk
15 Walters, Kenneth         M70 AUSTRALIA                 2:09:30.00
22 Chandra, De Narayan      M73 INDIA                     2:27:13.00
24 Doyle, John Michael      M70 AUSTRALIA                 2:28:35.00
25 Sidhu, Bhagsingh         M73 USA                       2:31:17.00

M75 20000 Metre Walk
17 Balcarik, Alois          M75 CZECH REPUBLIC            2:16:20.00
19 O'Neil, Norman Rolan     M75 AUSTRALIA                 2:19:05.00
W30-59 5000 Metre Walk
Division  1
1 Ventris, Lyn             W46 AUSTRALIA                  24:09.44
2 Bonney, Kylie Cherrey    W30 AUSTRALIA                  25:27.84
3 Carr, Heather Ruth       W53 AUSTRALIA                  26:36.87
4 Loveday, Nardene Louise  W30 AUSTRALIA                  27:17.44
5 Chneider, Larissa        W41 RUSSIA                     27:32.84
6 King, Robin              W44 AUSTRALIA                  27:40.81
7 Gourlay, Marlene Anne    W50 AUSTRALIA                  27:51.23
8 Emmett, Amanda           W39 AUSTRALIA                  28:17.05
9 Macdougall, Gillian      W41 NEW ZEALAND                28:34.93
10 McDonald, Sharon         W49 NEW ZEALAND                28:47.86
11 Feldman, Elizabeth       W54 AUSTRALIA                  29:05.39
12 Major, Annette Maree     W40 AUSTRALIA                  29:05.49
13 Holmes, Janet            W49 AUSTRALIA                  29:10.38
14 Howorth, Sandra          W39 AUSTRALIA                  29:22.20
15 Johnson, Celia Anne      W55 AUSTRALIA                  29:53.83
16 Kriegler, Lili-Ann       W45 AUSTRALIA                  30:05.12
17 Weekes, Anne             W40 AUSTRALIA                  30:50.04
18 Pownall, Lee             W59 AUSTRALIA                  31:10.48
19 Armstrong, Ginger        W40 USA                        31:27.79
20 Dodds, Jan               W45 AUSTRALIA                  32:07.67
21 Carter, Jayne Margaret   W51 AUSTRALIA                  32:52.32
22 Papageorgiou, Roxani     W57 AUSTRALIA                  33:19.82
23 Leung, Patricia          W48 AUSTRALIA                  34:04.01
24 Hawkins, Annette         W52 AUSTRALIA                  35:07.54
25 Garden, Ruth             W50 AUSTRALIA                  35:11.72
26 Lancaster, Heather       W45 AUSTRALIA                  35:19.96
27 Wilson, Bernadette       W37 AUSTRALIA                  35:39.86
28 Padget, Valmai Edna      W58 AUSTRALIA                  35:46.82
29 Bell, Simone Anne        W56 NEW ZEALAND                35:53.71
30 Quirk, Anne              W44 AUSTRALIA                  36:40.88
31 Clarke, Rosemary Ann     W41 AUSTRALIA                  36:54.72
32 Carey, Margaret          W53 AUSTRALIA                  38:02.58
33 Lynch, Prue              W51 AUSTRALIA                  41:26.52
34 Bingham, Kathleen Monic  W53 AUSTRALIA                  42:35.00
--- Watson, Janice           W55 AUSTRALIA                       DNF
--- Karunaratne, Totage Ira  W55 SRI LANKA                       DNF
--- Salter, Cecile           W48 AUSTRALIA                       DNF
--- King, Evelyn             W53 NEW ZEALAND                      DQ

W60+ 5000 Metre Walk
Division  1
1 Riley, Brenda            W62 AUSTRALIA                  28:15.66
2 Edmonds, Beverly         W62 AUSTRALIA                  32:12.30
3 Albury, Jean             W73 AUSTRALIA                  32:36.54
4 Schickert, Lynne         W60 AUSTRALIA                  34:02.62
5 Kaufman, Janice          W66 AUSTRALIA                  34:04.61
6 Beaumont, Margaret Hale  W64 AUSTRALIA                  34:08.86
7 Thompson, Larna          W75 AUSTRALIA                  34:40.70
8 Dauphinet, Christiane    W71 AUSTRALIA                  34:41.96
9 Elix, Ros                W68 AUSTRALIA                  34:51.49
Division  1 ...   (W60+ 5000 Metre Walk)
10 Richards, Anthea Ellen   W60 AUSTRALIA                  35:12.07
11 Baarslag Leb, Tina       W69 AUSTRALIA                  35:50.29
12 Bass, Pamela             W71 SOUTH AFRICA               36:08.06
13 Knox, Jean               W75 AUSTRALIA                  36:14.18
14 O'Reilly, Juani          W74 AUSTRALIA                  36:26.29
15 Satchithananda, Mallika  W66 SRI LANKA                  37:15.70
16 Coppock, Shirley Eveth   W66 AUSTRALIA                  38:37.78
17 Mews, Pamela Leslie      W67 AUSTRALIA                  38:38.28
18 Faulconbridge, Ruth Mar  W65 AUSTRALIA                  40:47.53
19 Perdue, Winnie           W64 USA                        41:36.11
20 Greeff, Veejay           W66 SOUTH AFRICA               46:31.17
21 Krause, Margaret         W76 AUSTRALIA                  48:01.25
22 Lorensini, Mary Catheri  W83 AUSTRALIA                  50:40.26
23 Warman, Laures Geneve    W81 NEW ZEALAND                51:47.68
--- Russell, Margaret        W88 AUSTRALIA                        DQ

M30-54 5000 Metre Walk
Division  1
1 Tokarev, Volodymyr       M46 UKRAINE                    22:59.00
2 Barabash, Vladimir       M46 RUSSIA                     22:59.51
3 Donahoo, Mark            M44 AUSTRALIA                  23:01.94
4 Asorey Rial, Jose Anton  M38 RUSSIA                     23:44.00
5 Morgan, Gary             M42 USA                        23:50.82
6 Reid, Ross Thomas        M48 AUSTRALIA                  23:53.55
7 Cochrane, Andrew Donald  M47 AUSTRALIA                  25:08.77
8 Bunker, John Alan        M52 AUSTRALIA                  25:08.82
9 Erickson, Timothy        M51 AUSTRALIA                  25:17.80
10 Rance, Paul Anthony      M44 AUSTRALIA                  25:18.97
11 Siegele, Johann          M53 AUSTRIA                    25:19.28
12 Knox, Keith              M52 AUSTRALIA                  25:41.40
13 Stenhouse, John          M50 AUSTRALIA                  26:01.32
14 Rowe, Gregory John       M40 AUSTRALIA                  28:01.04
15 Boddy, Harold Neil       M47 AUSTRALIA                  28:11.04
16 Cooper, Stuart           M51 AUSTRALIA                  28:52.81
17 Evans, Simon Robert      M42 AUSTRALIA                  29:01.12
18 Barrow, Geoff            M53 AUSTRALIA                  29:31.71
19 Overton, Francis Albert  M54 AUSTRALIA                  30:03.60
20 Worsnop, Christopher Jo  M45 AUSTRALIA                  30:22.52
21 McLay, David Ian Hamilt  M46 AUSTRALIA                  32:15.03
22 Wood, Robin L            M52 AUSTRALIA                  32:40.88
23 McKinnon, Christopher W  M37 AUSTRALIA                  32:57.99
24 Lovett, Chris            M51 AUSTRALIA                  33:52.52
25 Staehr, Clinton Stuart   M32 AUSTRALIA                  41:29.05
--- Calderbank, Kerry        M54 AUSTRALIA                       DNF
--- Cornish, Bruce           M54 AUSTRALIA                       DNF
--- Merrett, David           M54 AUSTRALIA                        DQ
--- Cherny, Mark             M42 AUSTRALIA                        DQ

M55-74 5000 Metre Walk
Division  1
1 Jamieson, Andrew         M56 AUSTRALIA                  23:39.78
2 Little, Gary             M60 NEW ZEALAND                23:44.09
3 Sawall, Willi            M60 AUSTRALIA                  25:14.46
4 Pivonka, Milan           M59 CZECH REPUBLIC             25:35.27
5 Opsahl, George           M60 USA                        28:26.78
6 Hall, Eric William       M70 ENGLAND                    29:46.98
7 Walters, Kenneth         M70 AUSTRALIA                  30:00.97
8 Hallo, John Kingsle      M60 AUSTRALIA                  30:38.30
9 Major, Geoffrey William  M66 AUSTRALIA                  30:48.67
10 Conboy, Bruce            M57 AUSTRALIA                  31:13.65
11 Hainsworth, Colin        M72 AUSTRALIA                  31:43.76
12 Morrison, John           M62 AUSTRALIA                  32:14.14
13 Brooks, Fredrick Cha     M68 AUSTRALIA                  33:09.94
14 Smith, Robert Leigh      M67 AUSTRALIA                  33:17.28
15 Gourlay, Gordon Eric     M73 AUSTRALIA                  34:19.80
16 Thompson, Timothy        M56 AUSTRALIA                  34:40.28
17 Doyle, John Michael      M70 AUSTRALIA                  35:03.42
18 Chandra, De Narayan      M73 INDIA                      35:04.42
19 McNair, David William    M71 AUSTRALIA                  35:57.55
20 West, Norm               M60 AUSTRALIA                  35:59.36
21 Sicklemore, Graham Samu  M73 AUSTRALIA                  37:17.90
22 Beaumont, Ian Francis    M66 AUSTRALIA                  37:22.80
23 Sidhu, Bhagsingh         M73 USA                        37:54.11
24 Bellette, Mick           M73 AUSTRALIA                  38:08.56
25 Heywood, John Wesley     M73 AUSTRALIA                  38:32.34
26 McCormack, Kevin         M68 AUSTRALIA                  39:45.07
27 McWilliams, Peter Willi  M58 AUSTRALIA                  39:45.82
28 O'Hara, Sean Peter       M65 AUSTRALIA                  45:39.18
29 Smyth, John Phillip      M71 AUSTRALIA                  50:49.51
--- Sinclair, John           M60 AUSTRALIA                        DQ
--- Sette, Raphael           M70 AUSTRALIA                        DQ

M75+ 5000 Metre Walk
Division  1
1 Dubjak, Vratislav        M75 CZECH REPUBLIC             32:33.29
2 Balcarik, Alois          M75 CZECH REPUBLIC             32:33.86
3 O'Neil, Norman Rolan     M75 AUSTRALIA                  32:55.77
4 Whyte, Donald Arthur     M77 AUSTRALIA                  33:19.60
5 Grigg, Russell           M75 AUSTRALIA                  41:26.45
6 Hopkins, Kevin Vincent   M84 AUSTRALIA                  41:28.04
7 Field, Ralph William     M88 AUSTRALIA                  50:54.78
--- Merrett, Lionel          M85 AUSTRALIA                        DQ
--- Hansford-Miller, Frank   M85 AUSTRALIA                        DQ
--- Brown, Frederick Willia  M80 AUSTRALIA                        DQ



I was doing some research for the Peel to Douglas Walk this morning and noticed that Empire Garages first sponsored the event in 1986. On that basis this will be the 17th year of sponsorship, surely one of the longest sponsorships of an event in Manx sport.

I know that Manx Harriers are particularly pleased that the long running (or walking) sponsorship has continued and the sad death of the founder of the Peel Ford dealer, Dickie Craine, earlier this year. His son Paul will be representing the sponsors this year.

The sponsorship was first secured by Peel resident and former Boundary Harriers General Secretary Frank Huntley prior to the club's merger with Manx AC.

Incidentally I updated the list of winners two years ago when 10 times winner Steve Partington was asked by Isle of Man Newspapers how many times he had won it and he had no idea. Somehow I haven't got his time from 2000 on the list but I will rectify tonight. I had first produced a list of winners in the early 1980s when I was writing the newspaper reports. At that time I called upon the expect knowledge of John Cannell and Graham Young.

The event is crying out for a full database on a par with the Peel to Douglas runs. A couple of people have suggested they may tackle this one. It is certainly not on my agenda at the moment. The database I'm keen to have on line before next year's event is the Western 10 as Gordie Brew has the raw material in his little book.





Peel to Douglas

2nd December 2001


Position/race no.           Name                           Time

1st        (29)                  Peter Kaneen               1.16.25            (1st Men)

2nd      (47)                  Graham Young 1.30.34            (2nd Men)

3rd       (28)                  Bridget Kaneen            1.30.55            (1st Women)

4th       (21)                  Doug Allen                   1.32.50            (3rd Men)

5th       (24)                  John Stubbs                  1.34.02           

6th       (13)                  Marie Latham               1.35.15            (2nd Women)

7th       (39)                  Ian Callister                  1.37.45

8th       (6 or 9)            Brian Goldsmith            1.37.50           

9th       (44)                  Mark Byrne                  1.37.54           

10th     (12)                  Wendy Ross                 1.40.55            (3rd Women)

11th     (19)                  Dave Looker                1.42.01            (1st Male Novice)

12th     (37)                  Margy Killey                1.44.27           

13th     (43)                  Mick Holgate               1.44.27

14th     (20)                  Enid Watson                 1.47.49

15th     (22)                  Ron Ronan                   1.48.27

16th     (27)                  David Wilkinson           1.48.27

17th     (42)                  Kevin Tasker                1.49.10

18th     (33)                  Moira Hall                    1.49.31            (1st Female Novice)

19th     (14)                  Sue Biggart                   1.50.36            (2nd Female Novice)

20th     (23)                  Alan Gault                    1.51.05            (2nd Male Novice)

21st      (41)                  Val Kneale                   1.52.51            (3rd Female Novice)

22nd    (31)                  Ray Taubman               1.53.39            (3rd Male Novice)

23rd     (10)                  Sandie Goldsmith          1.54.07

24th     (36)                  Dot Watterson              1.55.43

25th     (18)                  Geoff Hampton 1.55.47

26th     (1)                    Brian Brough                1.56.03

27th     (30)                  Janet Taubman 1.59.03

28th     (46)                  Carol Clayton               2.00.56

29th     (25)                  Alan Kinvig                  2.00.57

30th     (26)                  Judy King                     2.02.36

31st      (45)                  Jill Snowden                 2.02.59

32nd    (34)                  Sarah Goldsmith           2.03.21

33rd     (32)                  Brenda Charlton           2.04.03

34th     (11)                  George Callister            2.04.15

35th     (38)                  Richard Baker              2.09.41

36th     (15)                  Alan Pilling                   2.10.08

37th     (40)                  Kath Quirk                   2.11.26

38th     (17)                  Carol Jempson             2.14.20

39th     (35)                  John Manley                 2.14.51

40th     (16)                  Paul Jempson               2.15.31




An explanation from Rose Taylor regarding Tigger's non-participation in aforementioned event.

Although this competition was held long before I met Steve I can only guess that the reason for him not entering is that he is totally useless in the kitchen. Since I spent three days off work sick two years ago after he had cooked tea he is only allowed in the kitchen to do the washing up or put out the rubbish. Had he submitted a cake and the judges tasted it he may well have been facing a jail term for attempted poisoning.


Manx Harriers

Press Release No 2

Mann & Partners Millennium Way relay



Interest is now building for Boxing Day's Mann & Partners Millennium Way relay run and cycle event.

Both events are now in their 23rd year. The relay starts at the foot of Sky Hill, Ramsey, finishing at Castletown Square. It is split into four legs which vary in both distance and terrain. The changeover points are at Brandywell Road, Crosby and St Marks. The race is handicapped so that all teams have an equal chance of winning.

With good-sized fields in many events this winter, the organising club, Manx Harriers, are hoping for a bumper entry.

Also incorporated into the event is a cycle ride and this follows the same route. Cyclists run the first leg to Brandywell Road and then pick their bikes and continue on two wheels to Castletown. With an eye on safety, this year will see the introduction of a "stop box" similar to that used in the TT races for cyclists approaching Crosby Crossroads.

Entries for both events close at 12 noon on Thursday 19th December. Entry forms can be obtained from Bikestyle, Bucks Road, Douglas or Ballakermeen Stores, Westbourne Drive, Douglas. Alternatively, contact Event co-ordinator Chris Quine on 670521.

If anyone has any questions or requires more information they should contact Chris Quine on 670521.


Rules - PDF format

Rules - Word format

Entry form - PDF format

Entry form - Word format




The photo is a 'podium' shot following the 1993 Marown Produce Show 'Light Fruit Cake' award presentation.

Having trained together a great deal that year, Bren, Tigger and I became very tired of Allan telling us how good his cakes were. So, when he mentioned that he was entering the Marown Produce Show, we all decided to have a go.

In the weeks leading up to the show Allan kept going on about his 'secret recipes' and he was sure he would come out on top. He had soaked all his ingredients for a week beforehand and done all manner of preparation, so he was looking down his nose at us mere amateurs.

For some reason, Tigger didn't enter, so it was down to Brenie and I to overthrow Allan (we were so wrapped up in our own contest, that we didn't consider the involvement of the wider cake-making population of Marown). I don't know how long Brennie spent on his effort, but I made mine the night before, following a 'foolproof' recipe provided by Cal's nan.

On the Saturday morning, we dropped the cake's off to be judged and then went training. The whole session was spent throwing scorn on each other's efforts and predicting gateau glory for ourselves. The Show re-opened at about 4pm when all the produce was displayed on tables along with a very impressive array of trophies and cups. We were all pretty cool by this stage - the bravado was over, there was nowhere to hide. The judges had looked, weighed, smelled, sliced and tasted and they'd made their decision. We hurriedly sauntered over to the table that was groaning under the weight of a dozen or so 'light' fruit cakes and as we glanced around Brennie and I started to laugh. We'd done it! First prize went to my cake, Brennie was third and best of all... Allan wasn't placed! His good-looking cake had let him down when sliced in half - too dry or too wet or something! It was a major blow to discover that there was no big silver cup for the best Light Fruit Cake, but I got a certificate which I framed and hung on the kitchen wall whenever I knew that Allan or Brennie would be calling round.

Now that I think about it, I can't be sure if Bren was second or third. Then again... as in all sport, people only remember the name of the winner - so who cares?

PS I haven't made a cake since - I retired at the very pinnacle of my talent.




Tony has a knee injury at the moment which is not thought to be caused by running. Hopefully he will be back in action soon. We have another group training session this evening with Margaret Lockley. It seems to be getting more popular as a number of new people have said they will be coming tonight. I will keep you posted as to how the sessions go. I might even have a go myself as I am really struggling at the moment and I need to get my finger out.





The final round of the Walker Brothers Winter Hill League takes place on Saturday 7th December on a new course around Arrassey Plantation, starting and finishing at Glen Maye Village Hall. It promises to be a great little course with two testing climbs, a fast twisty section through the trees and a road section on the outward and homeward journeys. Distance will again be just short of three miles and the course will be fully marked. Start time is 1.30pm. Minimum age is 12 years on race day. Please sign on at the Village Hall from 12.45pm.

There are 32 runners who have done both races so far and hopefully most will be able to complete their leagues at Glen Maye. Tony Okell has of course won both rounds and will take overall honours unless he has a disaster on the day. His accumulated time is 1 minute 30 seconds faster than Ian Gale in second place. He in turn has just 16 seconds in hand over Brian Osbourne and Mark Preston who are tied on time in equal third, guaranteeing a fierce battle will take place for the minor placings.  

Rose Hooton looks odds-on to retain her title in the females category with Ben Brand hot favourite to become Junior League winner.

The presentation of awards will take place in the Village Hall as soon as possible after the race and there will be refreshments for all.


Top ten overall after two rounds

1,    Tony Okell                        35.20

2,    Ian Gale                           36.50

3,    Brian Osbourne                 37.06

3,    Mark Preston                    37.06

5,    Simon Skillicorn                38.50

6,    Nick Percival                     39.13

7,    Ian Ronan                         40.25

8,    Phil Motley                       41.10

9,    Bernie Cannan                  41.33

10,  Phil Cain                          41.53



1,    Rose Hooton                    46.20

2,    Kerry Clarke                     51.32

3,    Anne Cain                        54.12



1,    Ben Brand                        44.09

2,    Andrew Cowley                 51.44

3,    Mathew Brand                   73.54   





I would like to point out that it will be a 9am start, not as printed in this weeks paper.

This start time is the same as last year and is hoped to enable us to get most of the

walkers through the Quarterbridge before the busy lunchtime period.

Last year the day was quite dark - we had a hailstorm early on - and I would ask that everyone makes themselves as visible as possible - we can put out signs and marshals on the course, but the best protection a competitor has is by the wearing of florescent or reflective/bright clothing, particularly in the low light conditions we usually experience as we come to the shortest days of the year.




Half the awards given out will be for novice men and women, so we would encourage any of our new arrivals to the sport to have a go, there have been a number of new faces that figured highly in the first winter league race at Andreas and they should be in with a good chance of newcomer/novice prizes, not forgetting that everyone taking part will receive a certificate with their time for the event.

Hard to say what will happen at the head of affairs this year.  Steve Partington is considering walking but has only been ticking over in training and is presently suffering with a niggle in his knee so he may not line up.  Last years winner Peter Kaneen will be racing for the first time since the Summer Grand Prix and will be hoping to recapture the form he was in this time last year.  I am not sure whether Neil Bates is able to race or not but he is showing improved fitness this year and he is the one most likely to show improvement on his ten mile time.  Not forgetting Kevin Walmsley's reappearance on the racing scene in the last few weeks, he is notorious for rapid improvement when he starts training so I would not be surprised if he lined up on Sunday. Definitely not racing is last years runner up, Graham Young who is away this weekend at Ron Atton's 60th Birthday bash.

I will be trying to defend my win of last year, I would expect Marie Latham to be a big threat, as she has improved her pace considerably in the last 12 months. Maureen Cox and Margy Killey have both been racing well in the longer events and will be expected to be up in the top end of the field also.

The junior races on the access road will start at 11am and all the awards will be presented after the event in the clubhouse where refreshments will be available.

If anyone is available to help on the day ( we will find a job for you!) Please contact either myself on 852884 or Allan Callow 672159.




Poor old Phil Cain. Its nearly two years since he ran on Boxing Day with an awful virus and possibly as a result ended up with a deep routed virus that knocked him for six. His performances have suffered ever since but in recent years he was maybe within 10% of where he would have expected to be.

But on Thursday he went for an easy run in Nobles Park, turned his ankle and broke a bone. He is obviously going to be out of action for a few weeks.

Best wishes Phil and we look forward to a much speedier comeback this time around.




From the information that has appeared over the last few days, there seems to be some confusion over Maurice Herriott's record and where he ran his best time. Hopefully I can clear this up.

His best time and at that time UK record of 8 mins 32.4 secs was set when finishing second in the 1964 Olympic Steeplechase final. This race was won by the Belguim distance legend Gaston Roelants. This race was held in Tokyo - I am not aware that this is at at altitude although Martin Rix list indicates that it is - I think this an error. Maurice did run at altitude in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. However, like many "sea level" athletes he found the conditions difficult and did not progress beyond the heats. This race was won by Amos Biwott  of Kenya (not Matthew Birir who won in 1992), who Maurice had beaten a few weeks before the Games.

We should also bear in mind that Maurice's time was run on a cinder track - all those above him on the UK list ran their time on a tartan/synthetic track.

Incidentally, I think it is excellent that Maurice has been recognised by the IOMAA in this way.

Murray's note: I tried to copy and paste from Martin Rix's site (with appropriate credits) in attempt to highlight Maurice's wonderful performance. Sorry if I didn't get it all right but thanks to Chris for his input.




Most of you know Alan Pilling. He has probably run in more road races than anyone during the past 20 years and rarely misses races on other surfaces either. He is not someone who comments much about organisation - he just gets out and runs.

I was chatting to him after the cross country today and he was enthusing about this year's Manx Gas Cross Country League. "I was just saying to Ian (Costain) how the cross country used to get large fields but then for several years there was hardly anyone in it. Now its really good again".

He really did hit the nail on the head.

The great thing about the cross country is that it caters for everyone. There are more women taking part than in the past, there is a shorter race for new recruits or come back runners, there has been some county standard running at the front of the fields but plenty of scope for less serious runners as well. The schools are supporting it in their droves and the youngsters run at the start of the meeting so they do not have to stay too long.

Roll on 15 December in Ramsey.




At the time of writing (mid-day) the weather is looking pretty good for the start of the third of this seasons Manx Gas Island Cross Country League meetings. I'm sure it will be muddy underfoot but at the moment it is sunny and not too windy.

With the notable exception of the first round of the Halifax International walks, which was cancelled due to the weather, most of the winter meetings have enjoyed good weather. Both cross countries have been pretty reasonable, the Walker Brothers hill races have both been good, last Sunday's walk at Andreas was good and even the Syd Quirk Half Marathon, whilst a bit windy, was considerably better than could reasonably have expected given the weather in the previous week.

No doubt you will all blame me for these observations of the rest of the winter events are rained off, snowed off or blown away!

PS - within 10 minutes of writing the above the sun went behind the clouds!




David Doyle, who carefully stuck to his sub 4 hour schedule in his marathon debut, was kind enough to send me a copy of the New York Times, published the day after, that included the full result and pages and pages of information.

I've only just found the time this weekend to look at it properly and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks David.

Given that one of my objects this weekend was to clear out some of the piles of newspapers and cuttings (no doubt I will make other references on this page) I don't propose to keep the paper so if anyone else would like to read it please email me and I shall pass it on to you.




Steve Partington was one of the first entries for the Manx Gas Island Cross Country League but hasn't been able to take part in either race so far.

And he won't be in tomorrow's line up either due to a knee injury.




Whilst setting up a database of the above series tonight I couldn't help but notice that a third of the entries were lost between the first second round.

Why? I can only guess.




Even after 38 years, Maurice Herriotts Olympic Silver Medal performance at altitude (a big disadvantage for endurance athletes) is still the 34th best ever by a British runner.

Interestingly Peter Morris is the 38th on the all time list with 8.33.8 set in 1973. Peter is also a Manx resident.

See full list on Martin Rix's site.