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All "reporting" by Murray Lambden unless otherwise stated.

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Week 1 - w/c 16th September 2002 (41 weeks to go) - revised



After only a week off, I decided that I'd shorten my rest period. It's less than 10 months to the Games already and I'm of the view that I'll probably get enough 'enforced' rest periods when I pick up colds and niggles or simply when I feel tired.


My long run confirmed that my minimal amounts of training over the summer had really affected my stamina (as per the 800m at Oldham). It was good to get out without the watch ticking away, which gives me an opportunity to have a proper focus what will be required in Guernsey.


My first track session was OK - 4 x 600m in 1:40, one every 5th minute (Dave Moorcroft would do six in 1:30 off similar recoveries). As is often the case with that session, I was unable to complete the 4 x 150m fast relaxed strides at the end because of cramping in my calves.

I've had a couple of physio sessions on my left knee / ITB (the tendon that runs on the outside of the thigh) but I think the problem is actually in behind the kneecap and at the lower quad. I've done some work on it myself and it now seems a bit smoother when the knee flexes. The problems with this knee all relate back to a practice run over the first leg of the Millennium Relay in 1999. You won't see me up there this year... no matter how often John Crellin asks me!





Easy 55mins----------------------------------------------------Weights

LAO2 / Aerobic   4

Anaerobic / Speed End   1

Speed   -

Conditioning   1



Easy 20mins (felt tired)


Drills; 4 x 600m [98, 102, 99, 102] each 5th min

Med 20mins


Med 20mins



Week 2 - w/c 23rd September 2002 (40 weeks to go)   30-09-02


My first job - still -  is to sit down and plan my training and races. I'm all in favour of the pre-Christmas format of the Island XC league - particularly the promise of the short course races. I think 2nd or 3rd in the 1998-99 XC league was my first prize as a senior. Graham Davies has promised me number 1 for the series although I think it probably has much more to do with the fact that I posted a series entry as soon as the forms were online rather than my mud gliding skills.

Training went well for the first part of the week but I was feeling tired by Friday and I was a bit worried about pain in my left Achilles and bruising around the lump on the front of my right shin. It's almost certainly muscular as opposed to anything more serious (stress fracture) but to give it time I had a couple of days off which also coincided with the opportunity to have a few beers after work on Friday and watching Michael Owen make a mug of Man City on Saturday.




8+5 x 30s off 60s, 5x10s off 50s [4min sets]----Weights

LAO2 / Aerobic   2

Anaerobic / Speed End   2

Speed   ½

Conditioning   1


TOTAL 5 ½ 

25mins hard

Drills, 8 x 300m in 44s each 3rd min

20 min fartlek





And Keiron gets a mention in the latest ramblings from the site's other prolific contributor Steve Taylor    30-09-02


I took out my scrap book over the weekend and came across a report of the 1989 Easter Festival. 14th (3rd local in the boys 2 mile road race was Keiron Murray in a time os just under 13mins.

I also read a report from 1983. After the NYAG at Birchfield the team travelled to Coventry the next day and took part in a 10km event. As I often did in those days I retired bu Steve Partington finished just behind Graham Young. This was possibly the last time Steve was beaten by a Manxman in a proper race over 10km. I know he finished behind Peter Kaneen at Ballasalla this year but he was pacing Neil Bates on that occasion. 1984 saw Steve pick up the 10km and 10 mile championship titles and just missing out to Allan Callow in the 30km. The winter of 1983 was when Steve really emerged as a race walker. The rest as they say is history.

If we can learn anything from this is that success often takes time. I remember people talking about Steve back in the 1980's saying that he was a natural. That may be so but I don't think that those same people truly appreciated the amount of effort that Steve was actually putting in to his training.

I always enjoyed training with Steve it would be a laugh and hard work at the same time. The only person who could push you harder was Steve Brennan. Training with Brenny, now I could write a book about that.



Steve Taylor reports and comments   30-09-02


Just read through the results of this event and its great to see Martin Young continuing his good form with a fine second place behind Steve Hollier in 22.15.9 for 5km. Martin was representing the North who finished third with 43 points behind South 81 and Midlands 74.

As a former Northern Area representative and area champion what disappoints me is the lack of representatives that the Northern team had out on the day. If the results are to be taken at face value it appears that we could have had three people in each event but we had only the following.

Senior Men              3

Under 20                0

Under 17                0

Under 15                0

Under 13                2


Senior Women    1

Under 20                0

Under 17                1

Under 15                1

Under 13                1


Not great by any means. Are we really that short of walkers. I was always proud to represent my area if and when given the opportunity. Bringing me to my next point is that what annoys me is that it would appear that no one from the Isle of Man was considered for selection. I realise that costs would be high to get Manx walkers across for the event but surely our athletes are good enough and therefore should be selected.

Accepting that some people may not have wanted to compete but we could have had Neil Bates (u20), Robert Moore (u15) and Callum Taylor (u15). Callum may still be u13 and if so his times would have put him in contention to win the race. Emma Latham (u15) and Ciara Kaneen (u15) with Helen Anstead (u13) and Lauren Whelan (u13)both capable of getting in the medals.  

The Northern team would be greatly boosted by the inclusion of these walkers and whilst on their own the overall position of 3rd would not have changed we would at least shown that the Norrth (and the Isle of Man) have some of the best race walkers in the country.

I would call upon our coaches and administrators to ensure that the names of Manx athletes are made known to county and area selectors so that they can be considered for team selection.



Keiron Murray reports  30-09-02


Diane Lawrence, who is being coached with some considerable success by Dave Newton has confirmed that if she is contention for selection for the Island Games she will probably run for the Isle of Man, rather than Guernsey, her birthplace.




I was just reviewing the website to check the things I've published this weekend and noticed the dates quoted in the London Marathon advert. I think the organisers have given us an extra year for the qualifying time. Surely the qualifying time should be since 1 January 2001. Perhaps there has been a correction published - I'm behind with my reading of AW as usual.

Talking of being behind, apologies to anyone I've not replied to by way of email. Despite exceeding the number of hours I planned this weekend on the website, I still have a few non urgent things to respond to.




Although I have a large collection of photos that I intend to dip into from time to time, most of them involve either myself (taken by family) or events that I was closely involved in. Although I'm prepared to embarress myself and others I know well, I would like to broaden the interest as much as possible. Therefore if you have old pictures of either old events, or pictures of current athletes in social or family pictures, I would be very interested.


MY STUFF  29-09-02  


I have done very little training since this year's London Marathon. Firstly I tried to get going too soon after the marathon and then when my various injuries improved I decided to take each race as it came and went from race to race with very little in between, completely against my principles! Rather like Robbie Lambie (see below) I then missed around 5 weeks with a completely unexpected achilles injury. I say unexpected as most of my injuries are the same re-occuring ones and I had never suffered in that way before.

I've now done half a dozen training sessions at Nobles Park in the past two weeks and taken the plunge by entering the cross country league and Syd Quirk Half Marathon. I can now  smugly remind everyone to enter those two events!

My plan, as usual, is to run in London on 13 April and if I don't I shall be there spectating. Before then I aim to support Manx Harriers in the Lancashire Cross Country Championships in January, my other regular off island jaunt.





Only news so far comes from Robbie Lambie.

"Just finished competing in the Triathlon in Ramsey in the running section today.   Lovely day, little breezy but pleasant enough.    After that run and accepting I've missed about 5 weeks of decent training, due to an achilles problem,  I think my only ambition is to stay uninjured and healthy.


You can lose fitness quickly at this age and it's hard physically and mentally to get back again.    Normally I have about a month out at this time of year but I think I could get used to alot of rest and probably never be able to come back.    So it will be days more than weeks this time."




Mike coaches a number of youngsters at the NSC and he has changed his timetable for the winter. He will be taking throwing and jumping sessions outdoors on Monday and Wednesday at 6 pm with indoor fitness sessions at 7 pm on Fridays.


DID YOU TELL ME?  29-09-02


If you are looking for results, details of social events or entry forms etc, and you cannot find them, the chances are that I've not been told. Sometimes I have a vague idea that things are happening but unless I'm told I'm afraid I can't publicise.


1966 CROSS COUNTRY    29-09-02


Thanks to Robbie Lambie for the loan of the 1966 Cross Country picture featured on the front page. Fascinating.  Robbie won the race in 1967 beating Peter Westwell and Robbie Corkish.

The Dale Trophy meeting used to be quite a big one. Send me your memories.

In the 1970s and 1980s there was a junior cross country league sponsored by Esso. I was reminded of this when I was doing some research on old races at the museum last year. Several people who compete in athletics (or other sports) were listed in the results so I would be interested to read of any memories from these meetings.




Thanks to Peter Cooper for advising that these results are now online.


POSTMAN IN UNIFORM RESULTS from Graham Young  28-09-02


41st Annual, 6 miles London Postman's walk in uniform held on Saturday 28th September 2002



Won by Dave Turner, 46 minutes 55 seconds

7th (3rd Veteran, 1st Manxman) Graham Young, 56 minutes 95 seconds

11th Gary Harrison, 58 minutes 8 seconds

25th John Cannell, 65 minutes 12 seconds


(not quite sure what the 95 seconds represents - could by 59 I guess - Murray)





I refer to the paragraph "During the nineteenth century, contrary to current popular belief, there were race walking events in the Isle of Man. In fact at the first all-Island sports held at the Nunnery in August 1868,  a mile walking race was held, the winner being James Kate of Douglas. The  leading Manx race walker of the late 70's was Titus Corkill of Peel with Louis Callow of Douglas always ready to give him a hard race. Corkill reigned supreme over the one and two-mile distances with a best scratch time of 17 minutes 42.5 seconds. After 1879 the walking races were dropped in favour of bicycle races".

Titus Corkill was my great, great uncle, who disappeared from Manx records [that I  have been able to find] after the 1881 census. I'd be most grateful if you or John Wright would tell me whether you have any further information about him? I was told by a cousin that he was a "great walker", but I was amazed to see what she must have meant by that on your website! I thought she just  meant that he liked to go for walks. She thought that he had emigrated from the IOM, but I have found no reference to him anywhere.

Very many thanks indeed if you can help with any information, no matter how small. - Any lead would help.


10 MILE RESULT   27-09-02


For the benefit of the overseas visitors who have asking for the result of the 10 miles, I've scanned in the Manx Independent with apologies for copyright infringement.

It also gives you the chance to read the report on the English Schools Walks and the Blackpool meeting.





The '82 Novice Walk must have been my first event. So that's twenty years!!! Surely all those hours spent training could have been put to a more profitable use? I was second in the '82 Novice. Steve Parkinson won. Not too sure of the gap, but I seem to recall doing just over 9km in the hour. Then it was into the Winter League. Not sure how I did in that (although I did win it one year) but I think the first WL 10km I did was on a course from the Grandstand, out Ballanard Rd to Abbeylands crossroads and out the East Baldwin Road for a mile or so, before turning and heading back to the Grandstand. I'm feeling really old now!




Don't forget that Western AC are holding their Summer League Presentation Evening on at the Masonic Hall, Stanley Road, Peel. 

Its your last chance to order tickets from Rosie Morrison on 843271 or 461802.




I make my usual plea for information about events.  Although I've never been to the Ramsey Fireman's events, I've always heard good reports about them. There is a plug for the first round in Peter McElroy's Chit Chat column but it still doesn't go as far as I would like, eg similar to Steve Partington's excellent preview of the Novice Walk.

Are the dates of the whole series confirmed? How many events do you have to run to score in the league? What are the sign on times and start times? Where exactly do the courses go? Is there a minimum or maximum age? Do runners enter a single race or pay a fee for the league? Can runners still take part if they miss the first one? Is every race handicapped? Is the course on the road or the pavement? Are there changing facilities? Are there any social activities afterwards? Where will the results be published?

Quite a few people know the answers to these questions. But if I had never taken part in a running event before I wouldn't.

Last year Martyn Strickett kindly sent me the results of many of the races from which I compiled a database which I seem to have lost. Does anyone have  a copy they could email back to me?




I've no intention of repeating Peter Mac's list of birthdays but I was amazed to see that Dougie Corkill will be 58 on Tuesday.

I travelled to a couple of events with Dougie in the 80s. In 1983 we went to watch the (then) Lugano Cup Semi Final in London. I had my usual stack of papers and magazines with me to read but I hardly opened them. Dougie's enthusiasm was so great we just talked and talked and talked. Mind you, it wasn't all athletics. The general election had been held the day before we travelled and Mrs Thatcher had just won her second term of office. Dougie was a fan of the Social Democratic Party (remember them) and David Owen in particular. I'm beginning to think Dougie must be 58 as those days seem to long ago!





Steve Partington did compete in the novice walk in 1982 but he didn't win, on this occasion he was 3rd the winner being Steve Parkinson. You may be the only person that Sparky hasn't told!!!




I was speaking to James Coulson yesterday, and he tells me he's off to run New York (as I did last year). He asked me for a few tips, but told me HE wasn't getting married three days before the race (as I did last year)!!




Greetings from the united states, Missouri to be exact. I'm one of those Manx Homecomers-my family name is Cain, and we were part of some of those who were from Ballasalla.

My husband I and I have made many trips to Man-the last one being for Tynwald Day, 2000. While attending the Family History Society dinner one evening, we happened to be seated at the same table as Noel (Nigel?) Cringle. He and my husband discussed their mutual love of running, etc. The subject of the Parish Walk came up. We had heard about it, but never pursued it. Well, this is the year! And the more we talked about it, the more the far flung members of my family expressed an interest in come over to explore roots, and perhaps even enter the even.

One son-in-law did some research, and thus found your web site. Believe me, we've printed up the stats, and viewed the photos, and made copies of the map and noted the distance between stops, etc. etc. etc.

I have our reservations at the Falcon's Nest Hotel down there in POrt Erin. We have stayed there on  several of our recent visits-including Christmas, 1998 when we brought some 17 family members along with us. They included our kids and grandkids of all ages. My great grandmother we think was born in the home now occupied by Leslie and Ron Hook-and have become "friends" of theirs. MY grandfather, Abraham Cain was born in the little white cottage, across the street from the Hotel in Ballasalla-his birthplace is refereed to as Homecroft.

Ok, enough background. What I am wondering is------How do I obtain an entry blank for the race? and what is the cost to enter, and how can we pay it -in u.s.dollars, or by Master Card, etc. etc. etc. Perhaps those things have not been posted as yet.

When you have the time, please do reply to me at: [email protected]

Having said that, I shall now tell you that my yahoo account is giving me fits. I am in  at the local library using their computers to type this, as mine is out of whack. Until it is fixed, I shall borrow computer access from friends! Thank you for maintaining the site-pictures will either inspire me to start getting in shape, 0r, if I look at the bloody heels, i"ll learn how to drive on the left hand side of the road! I look forward to hearing from you, in some form or another-

nancy weaver
Rt. 3, Box 74120
potosi, Missouri 63664

Telephone: Country code+ 573-779-3400

Note from Murray - it would be most helpful if someone could reply to Nancy as my email is overflowing. Thanks.


FAMILY SKEET   25-09-02


When I was a kid I used to think I had more relatives than anyone in the Isle of Man. My grandfather Frank, who was MHK for Michael for 10 years from 1946 (and was replaced by another relative Norman for the next 14 years), came from a family of teens of children in Kirk Michael and so I could never keep track of who was who on my Mother's side of the family.

I don't mix frequently socially with many of my relatives but they came to my rescue last week as I attended two family parties in one week. As I have very little to pen on this page at the moment here is some skeet.

Firstly I attended cousin Graham Crowe's 50th birthday at the Hilton Hotel on Thursday and what a bash it was. I saw several athletes including my good friend Paul Curphey (whose wife Paula plays hockey with Graham), Graham's long time friend (successful MHK) Dave Anderson and I sat next to Parish Walk finisher Irene Taggart who told me I had not pictured her on the website this year! All three were subsequently pictured last week! There were plenty of others of course, not forgetting brother Martin who won the 1988 Parish Walk and managed a 1.22 Half Marathon a couple of years later.

A free bar, wine on the table and what appeared to be an excellent buffet was available to all. Imagine my embarrassment when, after piling up my plate, I discovered that it was only the starter!

Graham is a former winner of the main music prize on the Island, the Cleveland medal on, I think 3 (but perhaps 4) occasions so you can imagine there was plenty of music, both contemporary and traditional.

Graham is a former director of Manx Radio and a farmer at Ballachrink, West Baldwin, the scene of Boundary Harriers cross country in the 1970s.

Three days later I was at a lunch organised by my 85 year old Uncle John, former head of Barclays Bank in the Isle of Man. He has lived at Belmont House, just off Belmont Hill, for many years, yet it was nearly 20 years since I last visited the house - my wife Marie winds me up by saying I must be ashamed to take her to see  them!

Many of the guests in this wonderful house, built by the head of the failed 19th century bank Dumbells, were from the world of Bridge, which John has played for many years.  I sat next to Pat Cannan, mother of that well known Northern AC runner, Bernie. Bernie's dad, the current Michael MHK, had a thing or two to say about politics which I can't repeat here.  Marie sat next to George Henthorne, a veteran runner who only a year ago was telling me that he though he was the oldest runner on the Island but told Marie that he has now had to give up but misses it like crazy.

The lunch was prepared by veteran cyclist Eddie Murphy who embarrassed me by addressing me by name when I didn't know him - apparently I lived a few doors from him for four years in my first house in Victoria Avenue from 1980 onwards and ignored him then too!

To avoid any more drivel like this please send me your news!!




Steve Partington reports that Clerical Medical Parish Walk winner Robbie Callister is now a work colleague of Bernie Cannan at the NSC. He says he's having a go at the End to End, but only on running training. Still, will start as one of the favourites surely? Also said that he's looking to get his running back on track now that his job allows him a bit more time for training.


NOVICE WALKS ON 6 OCTOBER       25-09-02


Many thanks to Steve Partington for the publicity for the Novice Walk which I have used on the front page today (don't blame him for the artwork however - that is mine!).

Its really helpful to explain exactly how the event is organised.

He mentions that many of the top walkers have started in the novice walk and I've had my scrapbooks out for 1982 as I have a feeling there was a S Partington in the line up! Alas I can't find it but I did find Steve with a 57 minute 10km clocking in 1983! Those were the days.



Graham Young reports     24-09-02


After our most successful year ever in this event last year, the 40 th Annual London Postmens' Walk, when we finished 1 st. and 3rd. teams, fielding 10 Manx posties, we are only able to start 3 this year. This is due to injuries, (mostly),and clashing commitments. John Cannell,myself, and in form Gary Harrison, hope to toe the line in this annual uniform race over 6 miles, this Sat.



Chris Quine tells his story    24-09-02


I am hoping to do some running shortly - I was ready to start (after illness and injury) a couple of weeks ago but burnt my hand on a cup of tea in Manchester the day after the promotion match.

More from Chris soon.



an extract from his daily email! Thanks Steve.  24-09-02


...not everyone has access to the internet, you will know from your hits that the majority of those accessing the internet to your site do so whilst at work. How many of these people still go on line when at home. Probably not all of them. As such whilst we should endeavour to use the internet to the full this must be in addition to using the local and national media and not instead of.

Could the IOMAA and the individual clubs place an ad. telling of events in the forthcoming months. Also have information sheets or flyers available at each race telling people what comes next. Whist Peter Mac will always say, if you have bought the Independent on Thursday you may have time to get to Ramsey tonight.....we really need to ensure that our events our publicised well in advance. The IOMAA fixture book is not the answer unless it is available to EVERYONE which it is not.  

Why not as a starter have everyone who submits a report to the local media have a foot note of the events for the next four weeks, whether they be road, fell, x/c or walking, we are all part of athletics after all. As there is an event on every week we are sure to keep the public in the know and then the number of competitors may well be on the increase.





"Head of Client Experience Design

Developing and driving a clear, actionable transformation plan to deliver a World Standard client experience will put you at the centre of our future business design. As such, you'll implement major change with an in-depth grasp of our client interaction processes, culture and legislation gained through significant and senior level track record, ideally in final services."

Who on earth uses their bank as a client experience?


uk:athletics Level 1 Course.

Sports Developement Officer, Gianni Epifani Reports      24-09-02 (first published 04-09-02)


Manx Sport and Recreation in conjunction with ukathletics are running a Level 1 coaching course. The one day course offers participants a good introduction to delivering basic athletic skills and offers practical advice and solutions when working with groups of children. For the more ambitious coach, the course offers a good ' stepping stone' to Level 2 and 3 courses.

The course takes place on Saturday 5 October at the NSC at a cost of £25.00 ( including course materials ). Once again the course is being subsidised, the normal cost for the course is £45.00.

I have circulated application forms to all club secretaries, alternatively contact me on 688592 and I will send you one in the post. Application forms have to be returned to me no later than Friday 20 September. REMEMBER TO AFIX A PASSPORT SIZED PHOTO WITH YOUR APPLICATION.

If you need any additional info. please do not hesitate to contact me.




This popular winter training session continues tonight at 6.00pm for a 90 minute workout ending at 7.30pm at St. Ninian¹s Sports Hall. The costs are £1 for juniors and £1.50 for seniors. UK Athletics qualified coaches in attendance. All are welcome.



Week 1 - w/c 16th September 2002 (41 weeks to go)


After only a week off, I decided that I'd shorten my rest period. It's less than 10 months to the Games already and I'm of the view that I'll probably get enough 'enforced' rest periods when I pick up colds and niggles or simply when I feel tired.

My long run confirmed that my minimal amounts of training over the summer had really affected my stamina (as per the 800m at Oldham). It was good to get out without the watch ticking away, which gives me an opportunity to have a proper focus what will be required in Guernsey.

My first track session was OK - 4 x 600m in 1:40, one every 5th minute (Dave Moorcroft would do six in 1:30 off similar recoveries). As is often the case with that session, I was unable to complete the 4 x 150m fast relaxed strides at the end because of cramping in my calves. The second track session was 8 x 300m in 43 - 44s, one every 3 minutes. This is a stock session for Curtis Robb who - if not injured - would be running the reps in 39 - 40s.

I've had a couple of physio sessions on my left knee / ITB (the tendon that runs on the outside of the thigh) but I think the problem is actually in behind the kneecap and at the lower quad. I did some work on it myself and it now seems a bit smoother when the knee flexes. The problems with this knee all relate back to a practice run over the first leg of the Millennium Relay in 1999. You won't see me up there this year...




Easy 55mins-------------------------------------------------------------Weights

LAO2 / Aerobic   3

Anaerobic / Speed End   1

Speed   -

Conditioning   1



Easy 20mins (felt tired)


Drills; 4 x 600m [98, 102, 99, 102] each 5th min

Med 20mins


Med 20mins





This years trip with the youngsters of the club went very well. The stopover in Manchester proved to be a success, plenty on nearby to entertain the children throughout the day.

We started of in the science and history museum - which was gratis and had plenty of ''hands on'' activities. Also in the museum was a display featuring the opening ceremony of the C.Games and the baton relay. After this we went to the cinema had some supper then off back to the hostel for an 'early night', things were just starting to quieten down in the dorms when a fireworks display started up - early night take 2.


No need for alarm call in the morning as the local Canada geese piped up at around 6.45am very excited about something. The competition itself was probably the most successful one ever for the club medal wise.

Under 11  boys  Jordan Cain won bronze in the 600m in 1.57.2

                        Christian Fisher won silver in 80m in 11.9

                        Liam Doyle won bronze in 80m in 11.9 (same heat, time could not be split.)

The winner also came out of this heat and was only .1 second clear, so it could not have been closer.  Liam Doyle got his second medal - a silver this time in the long jump 3.90. Aidan O'Shea  bronze in the long jump. 3.85. The winner of this event had a distance of 3.91, so it was also a close contest.

Quite a haul for the young boys particularly when you consider that their age group was the best supported of the meeting and that there are only three events that under elevens can enter.LJ, 600m and 80m.

It did not stop there, another Manx Harrier to have a successful day was James Eccles - the family had travelled to the meeting under their own steam.James got a bronze in the 600m, and a silver in the shot putt.The full results of all the young athletes are as follows.


Under 11 girls 80m                                           Under 11 boys 80m

Danielle Ross        12.7   4th in heat                    Christian Fisher    11.9    silver

Leanne Garrett       13.1   3rd .. .. .                       Liam Doyle          11.9    bronze

Bethany Radcliffe   13.4    5th .. .. ..                     Ruairi Mooney      12.9    3rd in heat

Breeshey Kermode 13.4   3rd .. ..  ..                    Aidan O'Shea        13.3    7th ..  ..

Bronwen Kaneen    14.1   7th .. .. ..                     Jordan Cain            13.4   3rd .. ..

Lauren Whelan       14.1   8th .. .. ..                     Sam Black            13.7    4th .. ..


Under 11 girls  600m                                            Under 11 boys

Leanne            2.04.09  3rd in heat                        Jordan            1.57.2     bronze

Bronwen          2.07.6    8th .. .. ..                          Aidan             2.01.6    4th in heat

Lauren            2.10.3     9th .. .. ..                         Sam                2.07.2    9th .. ..

Danielle           2.13.4    6th .. .. ..                          Ruiari              2.08.0    10th .. ..

Bethany          2.21.7     8th .. .. ..


Under 11 girls  Long jump                                   Under 11 boys Long jump

Breeshey          3.24        11th                            Liam        3.90       silver

Bronwen           3.16         14th                            Aidan      3.85       bronze

Danielle            3.08         16th                            Christian  3.67      4th

Lauren              3.03        19th                            Jordan      3.51       8th

Leanne             2.97        20th                            Ruairi        3.36      10th

Bethany            2.76        25th                            Sam         3.13       16th


Under 13 girls 80m                                              Under 13 boys  80m

Sarah Kaighen    12.9    8th in heat                        Jonathan Croft     12.8   7th in heat

Kerry Kermode    13.6    8th in heat                        Tom Bateson       13.1  4th in heat

Jade Lund           14.1    7th in heat                        Aaron Bellis        13.1   6th in heat


Under 13 girls  1200m                                        Under 13 boys 1200m

Samantha Callaghan    4.41.3    4th                    Tom Bateson        4.13.2    4th

Jade Lund                   5.06.5    6th                    


Under 13 girls Long jump                                    Under 13 boys Long jump

Stacey Trafford            3.42     19th                     Jonathan Croft        3.53    16th

Sarah Kaighen            3.31      23rd                    Aaron Bellis            3.41    18th

Samantha Callaghan    3.16     27th            


Under 13 girls shot putt                                        Under 13 boys shot putt

Stacey                    5.45    12th                            Jonathan         5.63     5th

Sarah                      4.92    17th

Kerry                       4.68    (?)                            Under 13 boys 600m

Jade                        3.25     25th                          Aaron        2.14.3         10th in heat


DADDY'S BACK    23-09-02

Steve Taylor needs help


I have not been in touch as we have just returned from two weeks in Ireland visiting Rose's family , I am back to work and some form of normality.

Keoghán is surprising everyone by his size, they can't believe that his now only 7 weeks old. He is sleeping but not through the night, he has outgrown the moses basket and is in a cot from this week onwards.

I saw Andy Fox advertising for a boat ticket for Saturday in the archives, I am in the same predicament is there any way you could do the same for me. I need a day return ticket for the boat to Liverpool this Saturday, should have booked it before we went but didn't get round to it. I can be contacted on 473042.

I was very pleased to read about the excellent performances by Neil Bates at both Leamington and Derby in winning the schools.  Emma Latham it seems surprised herself more than anyone finishing in an excellent 5th smashing her pb.

Marie Latham not wishing to be overshadowed by her daughter put in a great performance in winning the Stroll. I have sent you a separate mail regarding this event. This was always my favourite course on which to train, apart from one time when they had to send out a search party to find me I always enjoyed walking this route.

I think we have had a good year so far in walking on the Isle of Man. We may not have experienced the fast times of previous years but the numbers participating are on the up and that can only be a good thing. We also have a good base of juniors, the record books have certainly taken a bashing so far this year. These juniors however appear to be multi-talented so one can only hope that one or two will stay with walking into to their teens and hopefully their senior years.

And Steve Partington has been picked to represent GB at the World Cup, not bad for a disgrace to the Isle of Man. I wonder what Mr. Gelling has to say about it? Remember that bit about the 38th year, he gets selected on his birthday.

It is a shame that we haven't got a 50km team for the world cup but I suppose that is the way of it. When I first started walking we have a number of sub 4.20 men who didn't necessarily have the speed of todays walkers. I am thinking of yourself, Dennis Jackson, Barry Graham...please don't be insulted. Yes todays walkers have the potential to become sub 4.20 men but are they prepared to put the work in to achieve it. It seems anyone who breaks 48 for 10km thinks that they can do a sub 4 hour 50km.

For me its hopefully Tuesday nights at the gym with Andy Fox and the short course for starters in the cross country league. Hopefully a winter league or two taking in both 5km and 10 distances. I would have a go over 2km but I don't think I would hear the end of it after Callum thrashes me.




I first competed in the 80's and don't recall a woman ever winning, certainly I was never beaten by one so unless a woman won in 1979 I would say yes that Marie is the first woman to win the Stroll outright.

Other results

1990 - I was 3rd in 2.13.15, at the time can't think of many who were able to beat me other than Steve P. and Allan C. I suspect that Steve won it.

1991 - I didn't compete and have no records of it.

1992 - I was 2nd in 2.06.10 to Gordon Vale I think.

1993 - Steve Brennan won putting in one of his best ever races finishing in time of around 2.03

1995 - none other than my good self again in 2.14.52

1996 - no records


10 DAY BLANK   23-09-02


As far as I can tell, its one of those rare occurrences in the Isle of Man where there are 10 days without an event.  If I have missed something then please let me know.  Next scheduled events are:

3 October

Veterans Autumn Handicap      

6 October

Novice Walks 





After reading Martin's article on the development squad for the 50k there are some questions to be asked. Two names are missing from that squad- Mike Smith and Peter Kaneen.  Mike is a former international with a sub 4.10 clocking and also current national 50k champ. Surely he deserves a chance. A good winters training  we could see him close to the Euro cup qualifying time. Peter who I do not know, but with a good sub 4.40 50k  and is new to the event ,with the right training and the right advice could also come close to the Euro cup time .

To qualify for the Euro cup  you must be able to walk 50k in 4.18 or less. Personally a 40k time trial will not be much good to me because i have not achieved the standard set to qualify so i would walk in one of the 50k races planned.

I hope all involved with the squad  have a injury  free winters training also Mike, Peter and Steve Hollier  all achieve good times. Its a long time since theres been a bit of competition in the 50k. Race walking needs it at the moment. i believe there are at least 10-12 walkers out there who could walk 50k in 4.20 or less and they know who they are. Come on lads your country needs you




The Manx Independent reports that their chief reporter John Quirk is running the New York Marathon. He is running for Mencap and can be contacted at [email protected]


NEW COX ARRIVAL  (and others)  22-09-02


I've just the announcement in the paper that former Island Games athlete and current Manx Harriers Treasurer (and former Chairman) has become a dad for the fourth time. Valerie gave birth to Sinead Emily on 9 September at 8lbs 10oz and is a sister to Caitriona, Sosanna and Patrick. Congratulations to the Cox family.

I met Island Games champion Julie Harrison at the Conister Motor  Show a couple of weeks ago and she had changed dramatically from a photograph taken at the NSC (which I have been hunting for) when she was heavily pregnant. She has recently safely delivered baby James with her husband Adie and all is well.

The birth of the Taylor baby has been announced on the site.

Finally, I spotted that Helen MacDonald, former race walker (Kermode), had announced the birth of Sophie with husband James. She is a sister for Chloe.

Please let me know if you hear about the growth in the athletics fraternity at any time as the newspaper adverts are often 2-3 old even when I do see them.




Former IOMAA secretary,Boundary Harriers Chairman and 1985 World Walking Cup Organiser, Graham Young, is the latest member of the athletics fraternity to go online. I was there for the historic moment on Saturday afternoon! His email is [email protected]

I'll have to stop writing nasty things about him now! Actually Graham I've written lots of nice things about your athletics career before which is why I've mentioned some of your contributions as an official this time around.




I can't access the website. I wonder if anyone else can? If its been taken off line already it seems a shame as I thought one of the objectives of holding the games in the Isle of Man was to bring lasting publicity.

It seems to be a fault with a lot of sporting websites. At the planning stage the website as seen as an important tool but they are not so well prepared for when the event is happening let alone afterwards. I tried to access the Athletics World Cup site today but I could not find the results. Even the news page will be starting soon! The World Veteran Champs site last year was another where the focus was on pre games stuff.




Did I miss the veterans mile this Summer? First held at the grand opening meeting at the NSC in September 1991, I think it has been held at various dates every year since.

Whilst I am the first to say we have too many fixtures in the Island it seems a shame to loose one of the events that is a little bit different.

Talking of which, what ever happened to the track 10,000 metres? At least I can say I supported this one as I ran in all but one from 1992 onwards.


10,000m or 10km    22-09-02


Can someone tell me why we always describe a track race as a 10,000 metres yet a road race is 10 kilometres? For that matter, why do we often talk about (say) 80 minutes for a half marathon but we don't say we ran 160 minutes for a marathon?




Every sport looses some of its best talent to other sports but sometimes its interesting when you see their names in print elsewhere. I noticed a lad called Nigel Cottier was competing in the English Schools Swimming Association meeting recently.  I remember his name as a frequent winner of the Under 9s and Under 11s cross country a few years ago.

Meanwhile, Adam Jackson who has set up the Isle of Man Swimming Association website is off to Durham University next week to take an MSc in Physics.  I note that he has an interesting poll on the website tonight about smoking.




I watched the above event for the first half hour today but couldn't stay for the rest of the race or for the results. I've checked the IOMVAC website but can't see them there so if anyone has them (or of they are published somewhere on line), I should be grateful if you would let me know.




Another successful day for our Junior Race Walkers.


The day began with an uplifting performance from Emma Latham. Despite suffering "some" nerves and an injury scare last week. Emma showed a good mind and some good coaching by benefiting from a steady start. Emma settled into her race in 7th place and slowly caught two walkers to finish in a new PB of 18.36 in 5th place. Emma walked a clean race with no warnings and showed promising tactics for the future.


Unfortunately, a long time illness made Robert Moore's race a bit difficult, shortly after 2km, he decided to call it a day, choosing his health over his race. Despite this, Robert managed to put in two fabulous Kilometre splits (5:10 for both) Proving he had the ability for good times, even when not 100% fit.


Both Walkers would like to thank Liz for her excellent advice and coaching as well as the IOM School Sports association for there kind gesture of funding there travel.


Last race of the day was combined. the Intermediate boys, and senior Boy's and girls 5km. This is where my last ever English school race took place. Having not had very good races in the past English schools. I hoped to have a good preparation on the day. This was a bit changed as 15 minutes before my race I found out that close friend and soon to be training partner. Andrew Parker had crashed his car en route to the race. Fortunately good news followed as I was warming up - quite reluctantly- that he was un-injured. All this aside I started at a good pace, keeping in the Luke Finch (Intermediate Boy) but suffering from 2 very early warning (at which point, de ja vous came about) I slowed. Still in gold medal position, I knew I had to finish. this I did. I took Gold in 24:20 some 4 minutes ahead of the second in my age group, while Luke Won the overall race in a new Championship record of 22:18.


Although not entirely pleased with my race, I did what I had to get a gold medal and that is what counts. but still I am plagued with warnings in the English Schools Championships.


I would like to thank Allan Callow and Liz for their ever present advice and coaching. And as ever I am grateful to BA CitiExpress and Isle of Man Sports Council for there continues travel support. My plans not turn to Birmingham University, although I am planning 10 miles in the morning (Sunday 22nd September) but after this, 2 weeks off are planned and then back into my winter training and hopefully, me, Emma and Robert will all be in action in the Wirral on 2nd November.


I would just like to add a little note to say I hope Andrew manages to over come his minor injuries quickly and comes back to fitness quickly. He had a bad race last week and deserved the gold medal today. All the best mate!





I've been pick to represent the North at an inter area match 29th Sept at  Dartford,5km. I am not picked for Turin. I have been put in the GB developement squad for 50km,  with Gareth Brown, Karl Atton and Nathan Adams   (u23). The time for the European Cup is 4.18 and 88 min for 20km  

There will be 3 squad weekends first being 27th Oct. There are 2 50km 2 choose from 1st March IOM and 15/16 March in Holland. What Marin Bell has  proposed is a 40km time trial and to race 20km at Leamington in April insted  of doing the above.

The Euro Cup is 500km east of Moscow, Nearly in Asia! Also there is a 5 hour  time difference. The trip is likely to be 7 to 9 days!





The format for this years Walker Bros. Winter Hill League has been more or less finalised with just a couple of items to tie up. The league will consist of three races with all of them to count, positions worked out on aggregate time which we feel produced better racing last year than if we had used the more traditional points system.

All the courses will be testing but not difficult and will be fully marked. The maximum distance will only be three miles which will hopefully encourage anyone who has never raced before to have a go. It also means juniors from 12 years upwards are allowed to run and we hope a few will fancy the chance of mixing it with the seniors as we will all be starting together. We are busy working on providing refreshments at the conclusion of every race and this will be included in the entry fee which will be £2 per race. Anyone who has not competed in one of our races before can just turn up ( I would advise at least a half hour before the start so you can have a quick look at the course ) pay your entry fee to Doug Drown or Walter Kennaugh and away you go at the start time which will be 1.30pm for all races. There will be  special prizes awarded for the best runner who has never done a fell or hill race before and also for the best newcomer to athletics. Please inform the organisers if you fall into any of these categories when you are entering.  


The league starts off on Saturday 26th October on a new course at Glen Ruy farm courtesy of James Coulson and Mr and Mrs Corlett of Ballacowin. The three mile course starts just past James house and drops down through a couple of fields before climbing to the peak known as Johns Cairn, returning the same way in reverse. It is a great little course with a good steady climb that is not as difficult as the route taken in the recent Horseshoe race. There will be plenty of parking available and we can have the use of a barn for changing if the weather is dodgy.

Round two is at Peel on Saturday 16th November based on Peel Hill but on a different route than has been used in the past. More details will be available soon. The Isle of Man Junior Fell Running Championships, which will again be sponsored by the Isle of Man Bank,will be run in conjunction with this race. We are trying to obtain changing facilities at Peel, again when I have more details I will pass them on.


Final round will be on  December 7th at Glen Maye. This will be another new course based in Arrassey Plantation and finishing at Glen Maye Village Hall. The road section up past the Ranch that has been used on previous years is another casualty of our desire to get off the roads as much as possible. It will be a good course though and will probably include a certain amount of mud. The presentation for the league will take place in the village hall as soon as the final race is finished.

Anyone wishing details can either contact me on 629267 [email protected] or Tony Rowley 674968. 



Bridget Kaneen tells the accommodation story.


This year we will be doing an overnight stop in Manchester as we were unable to find any accommodation in Blackpool, most hotels stopped just short of laughing at me asking to find 25 beds during this time of year. I eventually and luckily found a youth hostel near Salford Quays who were able to take us due to a cancellation but it was becoming a great source of stress for both Di and myself - Di had asked someone to arrange accommodation in February but when she rang back to find out the name and to see if they wanted a deposit to be told it had fallen through!


NIGEL SINCLAIR, Dublin, London and err, Ballasalla    19-09-02


Myself (MH), and my friend Malcolm Cowin (unattached) have been training hard (well, relatively!), and are going to run the Dublin Marathon on Monday 28 October.

We're both going for the Syd Quirk 1/2 Marathon, six days later. Malcolm has put his entry into the ballot for the 2003 London Marathon, and will have to keep on biting his nails until mid-December, to hear if he's in or not. I'm lucky enough to have a guaranteed place (by the skin of my teeth!), from my time in last year's London, so no rest for me!




Race walker Neil Bates, who set a massive personal best of 47.42 for 10km last week leaves the Island a week today, 26th September on the evening boat.

"I haven't yet thought about it" said Neil today, "as I am throwing all my concentration to the English Schools on Saturday. I haven't once had a good race there".

In his first  year in 2000 he had 2 warning and lost out on medal

In  2001 he was disqualified

"I'm hoping for a high finish and PB. Going out in style." He concluded.

He has promised to write a report of his race on the return journey at the weekend. Let's hope it's a good one.


FORUM ENTRIES    19-09-02


I receive email notification of forum entries and I notice that two of them have not appeared on line for some reason.

To save people having to retype them, here they are:

 Sent:       23.28 - 18/9


Name:     Mick (the has been) Hannay

E-mail:   [email protected]

Topic:  Re: Athletics on the IOM


Here here....It seems it is about time that so called supporters of the sport did just that. There's too much looking backwards in Manx and UK Athletics. Too many so called pundits are ready to rubbish deserved recognition of hard earned outstanding performances...Congratulations to all Manx athletes and long may it continue..  Now did I tell you about the time during the Final of the Island Games 800, well as we came in to the final straight, I said to .........  Mick Hannay  


Sent:       15.22 - 19/9


Name:     Paul Jackson

E-mail:   [email protected]

Topic:  Re: Publicity


I understand Murrays feelings of "frustration" given the high quality and standard of his tireless and dedicated efforts to keep eveyone up to date prior to and after all athletics events.  I agree that organisers should supply accurrate and adequate information early to ensure the best possible entry for any event  As a newcomer to 'organising' I am not convinced that the "inevitable mistakes that we all make" should be the subject of 'headline news' on the website. I would prefer to see any problems with inadequate and inaccurate information resolved by phone or email between Murray and the publicist/orgainser and then any mistakes/changes more subtly corrected (with an explanation given online when appropriate).   This would avoid any potential feelings of humiliation, misinterpretation of "sarcasm" and more importantly avoid discouraging the efforts of organisers .   Murray comments on a lack of use of the Forum. I believe this is the most appropriate place for the expression of feelings "frustration". At least then anyone subject to online flogging has the opportunity to respond.  The increases in participation at recent events albeit very encouraging, can only be maintained and further developed with the support of an increased number of  volunteeers to help with organising AND the continued publicity and support offered by Murray on the website.  Paul




Marie Latham reports that entries are now into three figures making the Ramsey Bakery sponsored End to End Walk possibly the largest walking event in the UK, except that it is for the Clerical Medical Parish Walk.

Don't forget that the entries close in just 2 days time. POST YOUR ENTRY FORMS TODAY.




I wrote:

"Its amazing what your kids can find out. Mike Callow admitted to taking part in the Novice Walk before he discovered throwing, women, food and drink but not necessarily in that order!" (17-10-01)

Tigger wrote:

"This summer shows that I have followed Mikes example through to the end, we wont say anything about the women, food and drink but needless to say I have managed without too much effort to attain a similar girth. This summer I took up throwing with minimal success but I did gain a bronze in the club shot putt championships trouncing Peter Kaneen in the process and smashing Steve "girlie arms" Parting ton's pb.

This goes to show just what you can achieve when you put (no pun intended) your mind to it. I only entered the shot after being verbally attacked and publicly ridiculed by Girlie Arms himself. So to all you young athletes out there just remember this "when a life of wine, women and song get too much for you, its time to pack in singing!"





Amazingly, I have been selected for the GB team contesting the Racewalking World Cup in Turin on 12/13 October!

I've trained harder this year than ever, but the results have not reflected the effort. If I'm honest, it's been a mediocre 20km season and I took it for granted that I wouldn't be in with a shout of selection - especially after a DQ in Manchester. So, after Manchester I put my feet up a bit. I kept fit with fell-running, cycling and a minimum of walking. As a grateful recipient of Sports Aid Foundation assistance, I decided to 'stretch' my  season and entered the Leamington 10km - purely because the flight was free and I wanted to support the only International road 10km I can recall in the UK. I was warming up with about five mins to go when Martin Bell (who's taken up the reins as National Coach from Andi Drake) jogged alongside and asked if I would be interested in going to the World Cup should I be selected. I told him to ask me after the race, as I wasn't fully fit and didn't expect to be considered. He told me that Steve Hollier was doing the race hoping to showing enough form to secure a place on the team. I had had no idea that this 10km was shaping up to be pretty important to a few hopefuls.

My race went well. I put in negative splits to finish second Brit in 4th place - ten seconds behind Steve Hollier. The next two hours were spent trying to produce a drug test sample, before Tony Forryan went way out of his way (again) to take Neil and I back to the airport.

Martin rang me on Sunday to say I'd been selected and I got the official letter today in amongst my birthday cards.

My last World Cup was in Beijing in '95 when Cal was also in the team, and my first was in Barcelona in 1989. In between I was lucky enough (Martin Rush dropped out) to go to Mexico for the 1993 event.

It's mixed emotions at the moment. On one hand I'm really chuffed to be included - the World Cup is a great event and it provides an opportunity to salvage my 20km season. On the other hand, I think that selecting walkers who haven't met the selection criteria or just to make up a team is a backward step.

The Team is Ladies 20km - Lisa Kehler, Niobe Menendez, Sarah Jane Cattermole & Sharon Tonks

Men's 20km - Andi Drake, Steve Hollier, Dom King & Steve Partington. (Andy Penn declined selection).

There is to be no 50km representation.


END TO END WALK  18-09-02


I've been trying to publicise the above event for several months without a lot of information. I offered to publish entry forms on line ages ago (the same offer is there to all race organisers) but as I found there was an entry download facility on the IOMVAC website I linked to that page. I've been unable to access that file myself however and I eventually received an entry form by email from Martin Hall (who works with Ken Watterson) last week which I converted to a PDF file and published. It did not contain the full course description or map and I have learnt today it had the wrong starting point for the Under 21s. I also published a "final call" notice (received on Sunday night from Marie Latham) on Monday and this mentioned the course going via Andreas which I now learn is also incorrect.

Sorry for the confusion but frankly with the time that this has been in the air, and I can tell by the number of hits during the past few days that there is a demand, this should have been sorted out long ago.

PS - I have downloaded an entry form from the IOMVAC site tonight. Apologies - it must have been just the speed that caused me to think it wasn't working - its 792kb compared to the 7kb one I created from the file sent by Martin.




Graham Davies has confirmed that the (otherwise excellent) publicity for the Island Cross Country League contains an error. One of the rounds is scheduled on 24 November and not 24 December as I suspected. I've amended Graham's forms accordingly.

I hope to devote a whole section of the website to the Cross Country league so I would welcome maps of the courses and timetables as soon as they are available - and I don't mean the night before the race!

Graham has started the promotion of the league earlier than for many years so I hope that the clubs take advantage of the opportunities to promote the events. Cross country running can be fun but too many people think that it is a section of the sport reserved for the serious runner when it need not be.

Round One                 13th October 2002                  Ramsey                    Northern AC

Round Two                 20th October 2002                  Peel                           Western AC

Round Three              10th November 2002              Douglas                    Manx Harriers

Round Four                24th November 2002              Douglas                   Veterans AC

Round Five                15th December 2002              Ramsey                    Northern AC

Round Six                  12th January 2002                   Castletown              Southern AC



Please print a few of the entry forms, circulate them to your friends and encourage them to start entering, training and talking about the cross country league now.




There are three other athletic series during the winter, the Ramsey Firemans, the Walker Brothers Hill League and the Halifax International Winter Walk Leagues.

The formats are well known to those who compete regularly in the sport but there are an awful lot of people who run or walk on the Isle of Man who do not know anything about them.

The sooner the organisers can send details of this year's series the better. Don't forget to explain what may be obvious to some of us but not everyone, such as how a handicap works or how soon before the start of the event you need to enter. I always feel that "entries on the line" provides little help to a newcomer or novice.




There were 22 athletes at the circuit training tonight. You are welcome to join Andy Fox's session next Tuesday.




Western AC will be holding their Summer League Presentation Evening on Saturday September 28th at the Masonic Hall, Stanley Road, Peel. 

As this event is often over subscribed, tickets should be ordered from Rosie Morrison on 843271 as soon as possible, but certainly before Wednesday 25th Sept. 




Manx Harriers would like to thank Paul Jackson for marking the Boundary Stroll course on Sunday, Judy Morrey for timekeeping, Arnie Jacobs for the drinks station,all marshals, tea makers and helpers who gave their support on the day.




Northern League Division One next year will be made up of Derby, Gateshead, Leeds City, Liverpool Pembroke, Hull, Manx Harriers Blackpool and Rotherham.

"It looks like a strong division and should be fun!!!!", says Andy Fox.

He adds: "I  noticed that in the British League cup competition, which is open to non national league clubs, the plate section of the competition was won by Channel Islands AC. It would seem our Island Games opponents are combining to get better competition!!!!! So surely if Jersey and Guernsey with their rivalry can combine to give their athletes better competition the IOM clubs could do something similar??????"



Email Paul Jackson at [email protected]      17-09-02


The perpetual trophy for the Boundary Stroll, now in standing proudly on the Latham mantlepiece, lists the previous winners below. The trophy is the L.Q. Cowley Cup presented to the Onchan United Harriers and Boundary Harriers. There are some missing winners names from past years that we hope to identify and get engraved. Also, is Marie the first Woman to win the Boundary Stroll?.


1962    R. Kaneen

1963    R. Kaneen

1964    J.  Cannell

1965    G. Bannan

1966    H. Gawne

1967    P. Bannan

1968    P. Bannan

1969    A. Callow

1970    I. Hodgekinson

1971    S. Sille

1972    A. Callow

1973    A. Callow

1974    D. Harrison

1975    S. Sille

1976    G. Young

1977    J. Cannell

1978    D. Harrison


1980    M. Lambden

1981    M. Lambden

1982    M. Lambden

1983    G. Vale

1984    A. Callow

1985    A. Callow

1986    S. Taylor

1987    G. Vale

1988    G. Vale

1989    G. Vale





1994    P.Ashworth



1997    Steve Partington

1998    Peter Kaneen

1999    Colin Halsall

2000    Mark Stewart

2001    Peter Kaneen

2002    Marie Latham




Geoff and myself have entered the ballot for the London Marathon. Geoff is on the waiting list for reconstructive surgery on his cruciate ligaments so might not be fit anyway. I know my trainer Keith Agnew has gone in the ballot also, along with three of his clients.

I am busy trying to get fit for the Great North Run soon, and am not here for most of the walks etc until the Winter League starts up.

Fingers crossed.




Manx Harriers aim to take their usual large party to this event in early January. Be prepared to make an early decision so that the club can obtain the best airfares.

More news later but Andy Fox thinks the venue may well be back at Lancaster.




Keiron Murray was set to resume his training yesterday after an end of season break. In the style of Geoff Cannell and his infamous count downs to the TT, he reminds us that there are only 41 weeks to the Island Games.

Keiron, who won the 400 metres and 800 metres at the last Island Games, is going to provide the site with regular updates on his training during the winter.

Other news of Island Games athletes and their preparation will be most welcome.




I've sent an email to Graham Davies questioning the dates of the Island Cross Country League. Perhaps it should be on 24 November; it certainly can't be 24 December as the publicity says that all events are to be held on Sunday.

GREAT IDEA TO ENTER IN ADVANCE - getting back to where we were 10 years ago. WELL DONE GRAHAM. It has always seemed crazy to me that there have been no lists of entrants taken from one round to the next. Checking in will be speeded up by a big factor this year.




I received a note from the milkman yesterday morning. Steve Partington, was concerned that his original comment about the great pleasure he took from his Saturday result off low mileage had been a little over stated. Unfortunately I had already published his comments and was in a rush to get to work when I received his note. "I've just remembered that I did the Half Marathon and the Southern my mileage since Manchester, must be close to a whopping 30!"




Steve's note has reminded me about something I saw in Athletics Weekly recently - that 10km walk on South Island, Isle of Man. I can only assume that someone telephoned the result and mentioned "South of the Island" but I wondered if I'd missed a race on the Calf of Man.

Incidentally, having visited the Sound on Sunday afternoon, I wonder how the organisers will manage for parking at the finish of the End to End next month. It appears to be impossible to find a parking space on Sunday afternoon. Anyone who visits the cafe for refreshments can imagine they are competing in an off Island event because the scones are very similar to those dished up at Heathrow airport, as are the prices, at £1.20 for a cup of tea.  Obviously the view of  a car park is part of our heritage but the ability to buy an ice cream is not part of our roots at these were not available. Snobbery or what?



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