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Dennis Aram reports


Martin's been back in Winter training (mainly weights, plyos, etc) for about a month.  He did three indoor comps which went OK.  He was thinking about doing the AAA's and maybe even another comp the weekend after but decided it would be more beneficial for the (much more important) outdoor season to have an extra two weeks to prepare for it.



Richie Stevenson comments


I know I am biased but I fail to see how any runner can look at the fantastic scenery in which we run in and not fancy a go. And how refreshing to see three good standard runners going at it hammer and nail at the front with others including Partie not that far behind. It must, surely, ensure our standards go up all the time.





I was talking to Graham Davies at the NSC tonight and he tells me that version 3 of the 2003 fixture list will be published in the very near future. He has also taken up the idea of rolling the list a full 12 months up to 31 March 2004. Great news.

Quite a few changes to the 2003/2004 cross country are promised.




Graham is thick skinned so I know he can take but I must take "the Micky" out of one of his slips tonight.  We were in agreement that there are too many events but then he said "Why don't Manx Harriers combine one of their runs with the Boundary Stroll?".  This actually happened in around 1988 - I remember it fairly well (even if can't remember the date) as it happened during one of more earlier rants on the same subject.  Since then the Boundary 25km run has been held on the same day as the Boundary Stroll.




During an earlier visit to the NSC tonight I did some training and was chatting to Peter Kaneen afterwards. I told him I was reasonably pleased with the progress I was making. He looked taken aback when I said I was up to 20 miles already. He thought I meant per session. I actually meant the number of miles I've run this year!




I met Shirley Moore downtown later this afternoon. Now I know why she won't be running for a while. The wife of the sidelined Island Games Half Marathon winner Colin, is not injured and not ill but has something else that is preventing her from running for a while.

All will be revealed in due course.




Margaret Lockley, who works for the London Marathon organisers for a week each year, disagrees with my stated view that is wrong to allow male pacemakers for Paula Radcliffe. She sees it as inevitable. What do you think?




There are just three days left t enter Manx Harriers Half Marathon. I'm not sure if he has his entry in yet but Tony Okell confirmed that he will be taking part, quite a surprise given his all out concentration on the Manx Mountain Marathon.




As you can see (from his pictures) I try to get to a few obscure places, these photos were in the Snaefell mines at the second check point, Ian gale was in the lead here from Tony with Richard third, it was very interesting to see the different routes approaching the check (even if some people ran past with no intention of stopping) and then the different routes out on the long pull up to clagh ouyr.


NORTHERN 10 MILES ON 18 MAY    29-03-03


Apologies to everyone concerned. I couldn't see this on the fixture list but Mike Garrett emailed me last night and pointed out ot was listed on Sunday 18 May at 10.30.

The event is to be sponsored by Mann Link Travel. I shall do my best to promote it now that my mistake has been pointed out but it would of course be helpful if someone would assist. For example, does anyone have a course map or a list of previous winners?

The event is promoted by Northern AC and I think it was first held in around 1981.




For once it wasn't raining in Liverpool so i was expecting to compete well. My legs had other ideas though. Got off to an ok start winning the Triple Jump with 12.64m. TJ is not normally the first jump on though and i found  long jumpin straight afterwards a nightmare! Combined with the fact that i was throwing the discus at the same time over the other side of the track, i only jumped 6.03m which was appalling, came second.

Don't know where i finished in the discus but i threw 25m and really enjoyed it! To wrap things up i did the high jump, and the events beforehand had left my legs practically dead. It was pretty close between us and Manchester at the time though so the adrenaline got me through. I jumped really well and had more spring than i have done for years, even with my legs being the way they were. I jumped 1.75m but had two very close attempts at equalling my PB at 1.80m, so things are looking good for the Northern Mens.

Can hardly walk today though, three jumping events in three hours is an absolute nightmare i'm never moaning at the Northern Mens timetable again!



I've not received any publicity for this one so I suggest you go directly to Isle of Man Veterans AC website for this one.



I make no apology for targeting female runners to the above series, formerly known as the Peel Commissioners races, on the front page tonight.

With 2,000 runners expected to take part in the Race for Life on 11 May, just imagine if just 2% of them could be attracted to take part in other events. A quick bit of maths will tell you that is an extra 40 runners, quite a significant number on our scale of things.

And the Dave Phillips handicap series have got to be one of the most suitable events for such runners to either have a practice run in or progress to later in the year. Everyone stands an equal chance of winning, the distances are not too harsh and the venue is pretty easy to get to.

Its up to each of us involved in the sport to let everyone know how much we enjoy the sport and I think it is the people who are fairly new to it themselves who can be our best ambassadors.

Sometimes we need to tell people what a good sport we have and not to assume that everyone knows the rules, the venues, the dates and the joys of running until you drop!

Going back to the Race for Life, surely members of the clubs will be mixing with the runners afterwards and handing out leaflets about other events and letting them know how welcome they will be.


NORTHERN 10 MILES   27-03-03


Talking again of publicity, I asked recently whether the Northern 10 Miles is to be held this year. I can't see it on the fixtures list but perhaps I just can't read!

If it is not to be held then I would have expected a statement or if it was missed off the list (or I didn't see it), I would have expected someone to be jumping up and down until it was added back in.

Those of us who have been around a long time know that it is usually held at the end of April of early May but if it is on then, that's only 8-9 weeks away.

I stopped to talk to a runner at the NSC last Saturday afternoon who I had not seen before. She told me she was aiming to run in the Close Private Bank Half Marathon organised by the Isle of Man Veterans AC in August. That's great because it shows how well it is promoted that people know its on and are planning it months ahead. My point is that too many other races are only mentioned to the outside world the week before and then the organisers complain of a poor turnout.




This is a story I cut out of the Manx Independent dated 7 March which I've just found tonight under a pile of papers.

Kevin Wynne-Smyth raised £11,845 for the Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity by racing a 96,000 tonne cruise ship!

The madcap challenge saw Kevin and his colleague Firouz Mal running and clycing over 80 kilometres against P & O's flagship vessel Aurora through the Panama canal. They beat it by over 50 minutes.

Kevin works as a second officer, electro-techincal, with the technical department on board Aurora.

Kevin has represented the Isle of Man in the Island Games in the 400 metres and the long jump.




Even further down the pile I found the article that many of you will already seen in the January edition of Manx Tails about Paul Clarke, the Island Cross Country champion who last week set the fastest half marathon time of the year.

Paul, whilst still working as a postman, had just started a new business venture with Paul Beckett, Irene Dean and Deborak Hutchinson known as Number Thirty Four Therapy Collective. Offering a range of complementary therapies from 34 Victoria Street they claim that most of us don't look after our bodies, and like a car, we need a service from time to time.

Although its a business venture they were reported to be in it only to make a small profit.

"Its all about maintaining the cage of muscle you live in" said Paul Beckett in the article.

Good luck folks but I'm afraid I'll try and stay away from the causes of modern day stresses and get my relief from the website.


10,000 METRES IS A WALK NOT A RUN   27-03-03


I commented a week ago that I was surprised to see a 10,000 metres back on the track for the first time since 1998.

I was surprised at two other things:

Firstly Steve Taylor emailed to tell me that in fact it is not a run but a walk, although he suggested that there was no reason why a run could not be organised at the same time.

Secondly that no one else seemed to be aware of my misinterpretation.

Perhaps this quashes my mistaken belief that there was a demand for a 10,000 metres run.




As I checked my email a few minutes ago to double check what Steve Taylor had said about the track race, I was amazed to see just how much unused material I have from Tigger. If you thought he has a lot of comment and information on the website, think again - there is loads more hidden away to release on a quiet day!




Whilst flicking through this week's edition of Athletics Weekly tonight it was clear that I am not the only person to condemn the London Marathon organisers for "selling out". They have always been so principled in the past that a women's record had to be set running against women that it is sad to see them changing their mind in an attempt to extract some extra publicity by allowing male pace makers for Paula Radcliffe.

I don't agree with some of the other criticism laid against the door of the London Marathon organisers but I am totally against this.

What do others think?




Half marathon entries are arriving with Paul Jackson at the rate of 2 or 3 a day at the moment. Don't forget, if you want to take part, you must enter by Tuesday.

I've hear quite a bit of speculation about female runners aiming for Island Games selection times in this race. It should be very interesting.




I had a good chat with Keiron Murray at lunchtime today. He is looking forward to racing in Manchester (see below) and will provide a report for the website early next week.



ANDY FOX REPORTS      26-03-03


Manx Harriers mens A team have been nominated and now shortlisted for the Manx Sports team of the year 2002 award. I do not know if we have much of a chance of winning, I do have some mixed feelings about these awards anyway. However, it will be an interesting do with Steve Cram speaking and presenting the awards at the Hilton with a "Jazz Brunch" on offer. This leads to two things we need to publicise :-

1. Any Harriers who want to go, can, but must let me know and pay £5 by Thursday 27/3 - 9pm. at the latest. I have to get our request for tickets to the orginisers early and will be posting cash and numbers on Thursday night!!!

2. They want any video footage of the A team in action or photos for use on the night. I have chatted to them about this to point out what the Indedepent may have, Island Games video etc. If anyone has any photos or video we could use of A team in action in track and field (I'm afraid Xcountry is no use here) please could they pass it on to me By Thursday evening also. I have to get it to Duke Marketing on Friday.




I'm hoping to get "a sight on" the race on Saturday. I think it will be te first race that I have taken pictures at for the second year in a row as last year it was held at the end of April.

As always I will also welcome pictures from all the other photographers - the more remote the better!

I'm expecting to publish the results late on Saturday afternoon.



The recently renamed (in memory of Western AC's long serving official) will be previewed in full tomorrow. They series kicks off on Tuesday 8 April.



The life of another hard working official will be honoured next month when on 13 April the walk in aid of Joan Powell will be held on the afternoon of the Flora London Marathon.

Several people promised to let me have pictures of Joan last year but unfortunately I still don't have any to publish. Anyone able to help?




Recent I said how excited I was that Steve Cram was so visit the Isle of Man - one of the great athletes and personalities. But I assumed he would be motivated by "a hefty fee".

Well I have been corrected by Sports Council publicity officer, Steve Partington. I'm pleased to say he is doing the trip for the cost of an airfare.



reports Paul Jackson


A reminder to all runners that entries close one week today (Tuesday 1st April) for the Isle of Man Half Marathon Championships. The event takes place on Sunday 6th April at the NSC perimeter road at 10.30am. I am pleased to report that a number of entries have been received from novices/newcomers attempting the distance for the first time.

Please don't be put off by the IOM Championship status of this event which is open to runners of all abilities. Get your entry form by clicking here or give me a call on 611179.

Racewalkers don't forget the IOM 10K Championships following the Half Marathon. Click here for further details. 

The Peel-Douglas road run takes place on Sunday 11th May starting from the Town Hall in Peel and following the A1 Peel-Douglas road to the Sea Terminal and finishing along Douglas Promenade at the War Memorial. The scheduled start time is 10.30am, although it is highly likely that this will be changed to an earlier time in to minimise the risk to competitors due to traffic. Also the Race for Life is in the afternoon of the same day, and an earlier finish may assist those officiating,helping out or even competing in both events. More news and publicity of this event after the Half Marathon. 

Signing on for the Manx Harriers Track and Field league is on April 9th at 6.30pm at the Manx Harriers Clubhouse, and don't forget to support the Easter Athletics Festival by clicking here for further details and the entry forms.




The good news is that my physio has been performing miracles and I'm nearing full fitness a lot sooner than expected. The bad news is though that the Uni have discovered this!!! I'm competing in the Christie Cup tomorrow at  Wavertree (Leeds vs Liverpool vs Manchester), and coming back from injury here is my easy schedule over a four hour period:

Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Javelin (!), Discus (!), 4 x 100m.

I'd normally tell em where to shove it, but the Christie is a competition ranging over all sports and we really need to win the comp hence the reasons for doing so many. I'll let you know how i get on soon, looking forward to the throws though (NOT!!!) Advice for any young multi-eventer or former multi-eventer: NEVER tell a university athletics club this fact!!!!!




Although I've always found the whole concept of the road running grand prix, certainly including a marathon, to be a crazy concept it does have a pool of followers.

They think its sensible to run a marathon on the Sunday, the Peel Hill Race on Monday, a 10 mile road race on Wednesday, an extremely tough 6 miles on Thursday and then a four miler to finish on Friday.

As nothing has been heard to the contrary, these people assumed that the grand prix would be held as normal this year.

I understand however that it will not be held this year. I've rarely had cause to criticise the IOMAA for their publicity in recent times but surely a statement giving the reasons for the event's demise as soon as the decision was made would have been order.

Despite it appearing on the official fixture list, my source also tells me that there will me no Southern 10 miles this year as the IOMAA can't issue a permit to itself. Is this true?



Australian hero Jane Saville is most unhappy (forwarded by Steve Partington)

Surely a topic for the forum for walking fans and those who think that the walking rules are pointless.


After witnessing the brutal judging of the Race walks at the NSW Little Athletics Championships last weekend (one race had 27 warnings; only 16 athletes started!!!) I didn't think our sport could sink any lower.  But once again, unfortunately, the race walks I was extremely dismayed at the direction our sport is heading.

There were only  4 women and 6 male starters in the Telstra A Series in Sydney on Saturday.  Of those all but 3 women and 2 men were DQed and removed from the race.  Of the "survivors" only two had 1 warning the rest were on 2. So basically, the results say that most of the top walkers in Australia can't walk.  I find that hard to believe.  If the judges are judging the athletes who is judging the judges?

I had one friend watching the race, attending only his second race walk.  His exact words to me after the race were: "I know you love your sport, but that race today was an absolute joke"  I hate hearing our sport spoken about in that way but that's what outsiders saw on Saturday.

One official was heard saying whilst laughing "if this keeps up we'll get an early mark."

How can our sport survive in Australia and remain competitive on a global scale with results and comments like those.

After speaking to athletes after the race all were competely disillusioned with the direction of our sport.  These are athletes who work tirelessly to achieve their goals and for some of us our livelihood depends on these results. I feel there is no incentives or encouragement to keep and attract athletes to race walking.

I know many athletes are frightened to speak out because of possible ramifications from officials.  We need to band together and try and change the direction of race walking otherwise there will be no-one competing or worse, no sport to participate.

Please feel free to have your say, our sport is in DIRE need of change and we need to get started NOW.

Please help.

Jane Saville

Men 20000 metre Walk Road

 1. Adams, Luke, AIS, 12935.00; 2. Tallent, Jarred, VIS, 13719.00; --.

 Mellor, Aaron, NSW, DQ; --. Sundstrom, Troy, NSW, DQ; --. Murphy, Liam, AIS,

 DQ; --. Bown, Darren, AIS, DQ.

Women 20000 metre Walk Road

 1. Saville, Jane, NSWI, 13812.00; 2. Saville, Natalie, NSW, 13848.00; 3.

 Woods, Claire, AIS, 14403.00; --. Webb, Cheryl, AIS, DQ.


Fell runners training will be on the golf course at Nobles Park tomorrow (TUESDAY). Meet at the main car park behind TT grandstand.



"A satisfactory result" was how Paul described his second fastest ever run of 70 minutes 35 seconds for 40th position in yesterday's Wilmslow half marathon.

The conditions were good.  It was a basically flat course with a few rolling hills although the runners felt the warmth and the slight breeze,

Paul felt the first half was a touch too fast but he held it together well enough considering he was unfamiliar with the course.

He was running within a team unit that packed well and finished 4th county team.

Well done to Paul - I'll be surprised if he doesn't get added to the Island Games team now.

You may remember that Paul just missed out in the half marathon selection last time when the Isle of Man selected Colin Moore, Tony Okell and Chris Quine.


THANKS     24-03-03


Thanks to Graham Davies who found the result of the half marathon after I had gone to bed last night, to Chris Quine who sent me an email this morning and not least to Paul himself who delivered a result sheet and his thoughts on the race with the mail today.




Chatting over the weekend at home it was said that war affects us all either directly or indirectly. Then on going through emails today I see this. I have a friend out in the middle east at the moment. He is only 23 and hails from Foxdale and I have known him for about 10 years now. I met him thorugh his sister who I work with now and worked with previously when at Eagle Star. Every day we talk about the war and I know that she would be devastated should anything happen to her brother, they are very close, and I know that I would feel for her and her family knowing them all so well. 



Nothing wrong with low mileage


Seeing that Colin Moore and you are on low mileage at the moment I realise that I am in good company. Apart from pushing the baby in the pram, which is hard work on its own, I haven't been for a run in quite a few weeks.

However after watching the final winter league last Sunday I was so inspired by the performances of my children, Callum and Kirsty (won the leagues and set pbs in the last race) that I decided to go out for a run the same evening. I took myself from home over to Summerland and back and I was so pleased with myself that I celebrated with fish and chips washed down with six cans of lager.




I've been checking the website this afternoon awaiting the results to see how Paul Clarke performed but to date (6.30 pm) they are not yet available.

In case they appear before I do my next update, the website is




I'm hoping to start compiling the list of Manx entrants this week somewhat later than planned.

John Watterson has supplied the following for our joint project:

Sue Furner (previous best 4hrs 32mins)

Christina Skelly (women's football and golf) 1st attempt,
for Lysosomal Storage Disorders and the Manx Art Foundation

Lisa Herriott (Maurice's daughter) and sister Andrea Burns

Andrew and  Sally-Anne  Cubbon - Hoping to raise £1200 for St John Ambulance

Jeanette MacGregor, from Douglas, is running the Flora London Marathon in aid of Children with Leukaemia.

Val Kneale, 56,

Please don't assume that I know everyone else - do send me an email as a prompt.

My rough rules for eligibility are either:

  • Currently live in the Isle of Man
  • Manx born
  • Educated in Isle of Man




Hasn't the weather been brilliant during the past few days? In the afternoon it might even be too hot for a marathon running but in the morning it has been spot on.

My final instructions for the London arrived on Tuesday this week and I threw them, unopened, into the corner of the room such is my frustration at not being able to take part.

I finally opened them today for long enough to complete the withdrawal section before throwing the magazine in the recycling bin. I wanted to officially withdraw so that I would not be tempted to run when still injured.

The big glossy magazine contains very little information (for me) of any lasting value but I guess it is part of the commercial basis of the marathon. I would really like a "useful" small programme that one could put in your pocket when following around with just a list of start times, records, elite runners etc.

I'm traveling down to London on 11 April with Paul Curphey for the 9th year in a row (5 times running; 4 spectating) but it will be Paul';s 10th run in a row. I'm pleased to say Paul completed his normal 15 mile time trial three weeks before the race yesterday and although a good deal slower than his times in 95-97 it was also well above his worst times so he is hoping to salvage a decent performance.



Rob Elliott reports


Sunday March 23rd

Sarnia Walking Club, Guernsey 7 miles Chilcott Cup - Albecq to North Side


1 Terry Bates (M/50) 61.47

2 Rob Elliott (M/40) 62.59

3 Dave Dorey (M/55) 76.06

4 Stuart Le Noury (U/20) 76.13

5 Mick Le Sauvage (M/60) 76.18

6 Rose Drückes (W/55) 82.16


Rob Elliott retained the Chilcott Cup as first Guernseyman over the line but had to settle for second best in the walk as Terry Bates pulled away in the last two miles to take an easy win by just over a minute, after the leading two had beeen locked together for the first 5 miles passed in just over 44 minutes. A close finish for third place was won by Dave Dorey only seconds ahead of junior Stuart Le Noury.


HALF MARATHON   23-03-03


Entries for the Manx Half Marathon Championships, which have been heavily promoted on this site during the past couple of days thanks to Paul Jackson, have been flooding in and have more than doubled in the past week.

Don't leave your entry too late and ensure that Paul has it by 1 April. Aim for earlier than that just in case he is oversubscribed.

Don't let the championship status put you off,  remember that the Flora London Marathon also incorporates the British Championship. Runners of all abilities are very welcome and if you don't believe it, speak to organiser Paul Jackson on 611179.




Like Murray I really enjoyed Friday nights social. It is a shame that it wasn't better supported and the £27 raised is scant reward for the effort that must have gone in to organising the evening.

I love listening to live music, local bands deserve much more supoprt than they get. Although I attended concerts at the Head it was probably some years after Murray and co. I remember more vividly weekend nights at the Cul de Sac, which always received rave reviews from Joshua T. Whalebone. I know that the proprietor Robin Watterson did all he could for local bands, allowing them to proactice in his basement, providing gigs and even to the extent of supplying the equipment. Fridays entertainment would have been typical Cul de Sac bands are and whilst I was never going to mistake Darren Gray for Tony Iomi, Backwaters lead singer Chris did have a look of Ian Gillan about him.

Backwater are obviously heavily influence by Black Sabbath and I was waiting for them to launch into a rendition of War Pigs which I think would have been quite topical .

Twisted Angels on the other hand played more modern music opening with Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne and really had the lads jumping with their version of Alanis Morrisettes Ironic. I have no doubt that DJ Mike Krupp could get them gigs every weekend if they wanted them.

The best of luck to both bands and like Murray I would hope to see them again in the future. It wasn't everyones' cup of tea. My daughter Kirsty whilst preferring the rock music the the concert orchestra's that she has been dragged along too is much more into Gareth Gates or Westlife.




I went to support a coffee this morning in aid of the large bank loan that the Cannan Court sheltered housing complex in Kirk Michael where my Mother lives is burdened with.  I had to pinch myself that I was applauding the soloist performing what my parents would have described as "proper singing" less than 12 hours after the same hands were applauding Chris Davies' screaming Black Sabbath impersonations.  

I've always supported progress and  from a distance a few more houses in Kirk Michael do not represent a problem. But to see so many faces I remember from 30 years ago still in a small community make me realise just how precious such a small community is. Its easy to forget the traditional sense of pride such a community has for people who leave to further their education and follow their progress throughout their lives.

I spent five years of my youth working on a milk round on Saturdays, Sundays and school holidays in Kirk Michael rising at 5 o'clock to do so (as well as manning the pumps at Michael Motors garage in the afternoons for part of that time) and knew literally every person in that village at  the time.




Andy Fox's first attempt as a music promoter was a success last night - to the tune of £27 towards Manx Harriers travel fund!

I think most people who attended the Manx Harriers social at Douglas Rugby Club enjoyed the performances of Twisted Angels and Backwater. It was certainly very good of the two bands to play. I would assume, given the tiny budget that Andy was working to, that they played for free.  Hopefully it will give both bands some further exposure.

Its many years since I watched live bands regularly so I am not very well qualified to provide a critical review.  But certainly I was very impressed with the girls in Twisted Angels, with an age range of 14-16, to have learnt the skills at such a young age to play live music. I certainly enjoyed their performance and I wish them the best of luck and hope to see them again in the future. If they make it big I'll be able to sell my pictures to the papers in a few years time!

Backwater featured an all Manx Harriers line up, I was told. They were certainly in their element with full crack heavy metal songs. I'm afraid they didn't really do much for me when they slowed it down, perhaps Chris's microphone was turned down expecting him to be on full bore the whole time. Darren showed some little known skill on lead guitar and it was quite an eye opener to see that so much of the rock music has survived so many years. Thanks lads.

Talking to one or two of the older hands at the bar brought back memories of the nights at the Douglas Head Hotel and the Port Soderick Hotel in the early 70s. Many of us used to watch the same bands every week, principally Black Mass and, as Stewart Gerrard, reminded me, Exile featuring Manx Radio's Mike Reynolds on vocals.

I'll put some more pictures of last night on the website shortly.




I was talking to Bernie Shimell for a while last night. I was unaware they he had been to the world championships in Birmingham last week together with wife Di and the other husband and wife officials, Colin & Margaret Halsall.

They had booked the trip about 10 months ago in the days when Manx Airlines were still around and got a good deal on their travel and hotels and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.  I was quite envious.




I've spoken with Colin a few times in the last few months and he is always fairly pessimistic about getting back to running after his injuries. Last time I met him he had walked in from Onchan to Douglas as he is trying to maintain some exercise as, although it doesn't show to me, he says he has put on quite a lot of weight.

But he has been doing some running as Darren "slowhand" Gray told me last night that Colin had doubled his mileage for the year the night before with a two mile run.

I also doubled my mileage again last night with a 2 mile run and am as stiff as a board today.




I was very surprised not to receive the results of the final round of the Ramsey Firemans' runs from Northern AC's Martyn Strickett and now I know the reason.

Unfortunately Martyn has been in hospital in Liverpool and I trust it will not be a lengthy stay - I don't know. On behalf of everyone who has been grateful for his contributions to the site in the past year and a half, to those who benefit from his timekeeping and officiating at Northern AC and those who just know him as a friend, I wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.



Paul Jackson reports


Manx Harriers young racewalkers travel to Pingles Sports Centre, Nuneaton on Friday 21st March for the '6th Young Racewalkers Training Weekend'. Robert Moore, Callum Taylor, Ciara Kaneen & Emma Latham will be traveling with Coach Liz Corran for 2 days of training including speed sessions, endurance training, talks, discussion and video analysis.




Since having (by my standards) a storming 10k race a few weeks ago, beating my pb by nearly a minute and a half, my training has all gone horribly wrong. A house move immediately afterwards put paid to the next couple of weeks' training, then I had to drop out of the Steam Packet 20k race with a tight hamstring (probably caused by lack of training). I rested the leg for a couple of weeks, then went away for a break in the Lake District for a few days last week where I did a bit of gentle hillwalking with no problems.

Last night I determined that it was time to start my Parish training in earnest, so decided to walk the 10 miles home from work to Foxdale via Ballacraine. I had only got as far as Union Mills when the hamstring went 'twang' again, so I had to struggle uncomfortably through the remaining 7 miles at about two-thirds pace, which did it no good at all. It's not a major injury, but hamstrings can be notoriously slow to heal and this will almost certainly rule me out of action for the next 2 or 3 weeks at least.

This is really frustrating as I have been really looking forward to stepping up the training in order to have a real good go at doing a good time to Peel in the Parish this year - and I've been especially looking forward to exploring the hilly roads round the Foxdale area. Now it's going to be well into April before I'll be able to do any meaningful training, which doesn't leave me a lot of time to prepare for a 32 mile race. Bloody annoying !!




By running two laps of the top field at Nobles Park tonight (just over a mile), I've doubled my training mileage for the year. At least the 8 minutes it took me was a big improvement on my previous attempt three weeks ago when it took me over 10 and I felt awful afterwards. Fingers crossed.




Up to now I've been limited to a mere 164 pictures on my digital camera at one time but with the purchase earlier this week of some more memory I can now take 1300 without downloading!


MANX FELL RUNNING TEAM   Richie Stevenson reports  19-03-03  


The team selected for the Knockdhu Home International in Northern Ireland in April is Richard Jamieson,Tony Okell, Ian Gale and Mark Preston. Only four will be sent due to the horrendous cost of flying there.

We feel more than happy with the team. It is probably one of the strongest overall teams we have sent. I think everyone would be impressed with the way the lads are getting stuck into the squad training sessions on a Tuesday night with Ian Gale and Richard Jamieson in particular getting great benefit from Margaret Lockley's expertise. The only problem this year is the closeness of the race to the Mountain Marathon, being only six days after the Manx. However after discussing the matter with Tony, Richard and Ian the general feeling was they would be ready to take on England, Wales, Scotland, Eire and hosts N Ireland.

It is vital that we send teams to events like these to both improve our standards and to make other countries realise that we have a flourishing fell scene on the Island. Already as a result of going to Ireland we received the invitation last year to go to Snowdon and doors will open to other events if we keep on competing on a regular basis. The World Championships will be held in England in the next couple of years and there is a real possibility we will be able to enter a team and who knows we may be able to persuade the powers that be to hold a International on the Isle of Man in the future.




Off the plane and onto the track:

Arriving back into Birmingham I almost thought I had got the wrong plane. I was welcomed to sunshine and a warm breeze. Before even un packing or catching up on correspondences etc I was out in shorts and vest and sweating my way along the canal. 

The weekend has done me the world of good. I feel ready to face the last two weeks of my term ready for an Easter filled with training and revising.

Guernsey is a lovely place and Mum and Dad pass on all their best to everyone. I was lucky to use the Track on Sunday afternoon (however at the time I didn't think I was lucky) its a lovely track. very much like what the NSC was like once it was first resurfaced. Not a very strong wind - however rumour has it there is a prevailing wind on the back straight.  But very warm and very fast.

The grandstand is still being built but the plans look very impressive and all looks good for a good Island Games...however I'm not sure where all the competitors will fit in Guernsey, its very small!!!!

Look forward to seeing everyone again in 2 weeks time.



10,000 METRES ON THE TRACK   19-03-03


As someone who campaigned to see the 10,000 metres back on the track I was somewhat slow to notice its inclusion in the IOMAA fixture list for 4 June.

Although some of the leading runners may be unavailable lets make sure that this event is well promoted and made into a lot of fun for a good sized field.

Do athletes have to pre-enter, be a member of a club etc?




Manx Harriers are promoting the Peel to Douglas run on the morning of Sunday 11 May. This is the one of the oldest road races on the Island but still one of the most popular.

Although it clashes with somewhat with the Race for Life in the afternoon it is nevertheless an important date to put in your diaries.

Incidentally I can't see the Northern 10 Miles in the IOMAA fixture list. Is this event to be held this year? Could someone let me know please.




The track leagues are approaching and as usual the offer is there to publicise these leagues with as much information as you can throw at me if you want to promote your league.

The diehards know the score but if the leagues are hoping to attract new competitors, now is surely the time to be explaining and promoting.




We are very lucky to have some fantastic sponsors for our fell races with many of them supporting us year after year. The Snaefell race, as well as the North Barrule race held in July, has been sponsored for five years now by Sean Craig & Sons from Sulby  and their support is very welcome. Such is their enthusiasm to help they actually still gave us their sponsorship cheque in 2001 when both the races were victims of the Foot and Mouth restrictions. 

The 5 miles Snaefell course is certainly one of my personal favourites. You definitely know you have been in a race by the time you get back to the Bungalow finish after some really tough running with two demanding ascents. If the mist is down then it becomes very interesting as there is a couple of places where navigation is critical, especially for those near the front. Having said that it is a good course for any newcomers to have a go as it usually attracts a reasonably good field and anyone not sure of the route will always be able to tuck in behind a more experienced runner. On a clear day the views from all the summit checkpoints are stunning if you have time to look. I had a run around today ( Monday ) in the glorious weather and it was absolutely gorgeous on the tops and  really brought home to me why we all love running the fells so much.

I think we could be in for a tight race as a few will fancy their chances. Tony Okell will hopefully be fully recovered from the cold that has hampered his preparations for Easter and will start favourite. Richard Jamieson is one of the few to beat Tony in a fell race in the last couple of years and will be getting fitter by the week as he returns to full time running following the end of his rowing ambitions. Another who could be in with a shout is Ian Gale who by his own admission did not go as well as he expected at the recent Bradda race, although this set- back can probably be explained by his increased training regime. There are others like Brian Osbourne, Mark Preston and Ian Ronan who are well capable of getting amongst the favourites and of course as previously mentioned bad weather could affect the result.

There has been a number of enquiries from runners from off the Island whose standard we no little about. There is always a possibility another Lloyd Taggart could turn up and make a big impact on the result.

Start time is 2.00pm Saturday 29th March from the Bungalow. Minimum age is 17 years. Whistles and waterproof jackets must be carried.

We are hoping for some new female runners to have a go. A few have been training on a regular basis in our squad sessions and are certainly fit enough to master the course, they just need a bit of confidence. 

If there is any interest shown we will run a junior race to the top of Snaefell and back from the Bungalow starting just after the seniors have departed. Minimum age for this is 14 years.




76 different people took part in the league

1996km were walked in the series. (Actually over 2000 if we count the retirements)

A total walking time of 220hours 52mins 20seconds

The first race was again the most popular with 53 walkers taking part

Ten people competed in all 6 winter league races, this includes all league winners

Seven people competed at more than one distance

15 people set their fastest times of the winter in the last race.

 Highlights for me

Callum and Kirsty (obviously) winning their respective leagues and setting pbs in the last race.

Abbi Moore - winning the league overall, when she first started she struggled to race walk, big up to the coaching staff

All the juniors for giving us a great display of race walking and some very exciting races.

Alan Kinvig, got faster in every race and provided a great sprint finish on Sunday along with Mick Holgate and Dave Wilkinson

Sean Hands almost snatching a second overall victory.

David Cain for winning the league

Neil Bates - an excellent 10km at Ronaldsway

Robert Moore - a great series of 5km times

Marie Latham - showing us what she is capable of, lets see her do it at 20km now.

Bridget Kaneen - an excellent walk on Sunday as well as all the organising she does, Leamingtion awaits

Dougie Corkill - watching him walking in the style of........

The last race - nine people under the hour for 10km

The standard of race walking generally much better than last year.

In the Tynwald In for the Christmas walk.



Helen Anstead no longer walking.

Jordan Cain no longer walking.

Cal Partington not competing at all.

Steve Partington not competing at all.

Kevin Walmsley only managing one race.

Me not managing to do more than races than I did.




W/c 17th Feb – 19 wks to go

6x60m stride – tweaked hamstring on 150m

LAO2 / Aerobic 1    

Anaer / Speed End 0    

Speed ½    


Technique ½  



Drill stretch stride – hamstring tight

40mins steady




W/c 24th Feb – 18 wks to go

Circuits – 4x300m in 45s off 3:15

LAO2 / Aerobic 2     

Anaer./ Speed End 2   

Speed 0  

Conditioning 1   

Technique 0


Fell runners [5:06-4:56-4:51-4:46-2:01-2:02] off c.2mins

Shins sore


20mins brisk

LtSwit [85,85,85,87 off 3:30]


W/c 3rd Mar – 17 wks to go

Weights -  6x60m stride, 3[120m-1min-50m] off 8min

LAO2 / Aerobic 3     

Anaer./ Speed End 1    

Speed 1  

Conditioning 1   

Technique ½  


Fell runners [1:59, 2:03, 2:02, 2:05] off 2mins (felt tired)

Track: 6x60mstride; 4x250m in 32, 33, 33, 34 off 5min

Easy 20mins



VictRd-Little Mill-Strang-QB-St.Nins – 59:15 steady

W/c 10th Mar – 16wks to go

2[400-1min-200-30s200] off 4min;

6x60m; 3[120m-1min-50m] off 8min

LAO2 / Aerobic 3    

Anaer./ Speed End ½     

Speed 1  

Conditioning 0   

Technique ½


Fell runners 2:08,2:03, 2:06, 2:07 off 2mins (shin sore)


25mins hard


2x1mile off 3mins [5:16, 5:28]

struggled from 800m on 2nd] plus 3x150m


I’m showing some big improvements on my reps on Little Switzerland and with the fell runners, which is the main focus of my training at this time of year to give me a good aerobic base before the event specific work in May and June.

Any potential injuries have proved to be minor, although I’m off to an osteopath to get my lower back checked out, which is playing up in the same place as last year. Fortunately, so far it has not affected the co-ordination and ‘strike’ in my right leg, which was the big problem in 2002. My right shin has splintered (the tendon tears away bits of bone) and calcified leaving a small nodule on the bone, which sometimes causes quite a lot of pain in the tendon which runs over it. The one good thing about it is that it is manageable and stops overuse injuries elsewhere.

One thing I do appear to be lacking at the moment is gym fitness / conditioning so I’ll be trying to do a few more weights and circuit sessions to work on my core stability once I’ve been to the osteopath. My weight seems to have levelled off at about 71kg for the time being (which is as heavy as I’ve ever been) so I’m trying to put in three morning runs per week over the next few weeks to try and lose a bit of bulk.

My new weighted 5kg vest is proving its worth and making me really work hard in my speed sessions. My next race is indoors in Manchester at the end of the month. It will be quite a busy day with an 800, 400 and 200 but I’m looking forward to it after a good few weeks.




Allan Callow tells me that all of Dennis Lace's friends will be most welcome to join the Lace family for tea and sandwiches at the Manx Harriers clubhouse this afternoon after the funeral service and cremation.

Dennis certainly considered the sport as second only to his family during his life and so it is fitting that those close to him should meet to remember him there.



A walk to celebrate the life of Joan Powell

SUNDAY 13th APRIL 2003


Start; Mill Road, Peel (East Quay) following the old Peel-Douglas

Railway line to Quarterbridge, Douglas. Finish

You will have the choice of finishing at

St. Johns (3miles), Crosby (6miles) or QB, Douglas (10 miles)

(Followed by refreshments at Manx Harriers Clubhouse, NSC)

£5 for adults £2.50 for children

(Pay at the start)

All funds raised will go towards the Joan Powell Fund for Young Athletes.

Further details from Paul Jackson tel; 611179




Northern AC runner Richard Radcliffe has ended speculation that he may stand for the House of Keys,