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 Most of the old news and features from the past three years are available online if you search the various sites below that I've used to publish to. For example, enter "inter counties cross country" and select "" and you will find many references to this event that have been made in the past.

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British Airways/Sports Aid Scholarship recipient, Martin Aram, was in good form last Sunday (13th June) at the Bedford International Games.

This high profile event was his first major competition of the season, after successfully completing the second year of his Creative and Performing Arts degree.  Coming into the competition with a first attempt clearance at 2.05 metres, he then cleared 2.10 at the first attempt, just 3cm short of his Manx and Island Games records.

His performance resulted in fourth place, whereas an identical performance in this competition last year gave him the gold medal.

“I’m pleased with the height I’m jumping,” said Martin,  “and if I can improve my technique over the bar, I can foresee a significant improvement in my personal best this year.  I am also starting to work with a new coach, which should help.

“I’m now concentrating on preparing for the AAA Under 23 British Championships on 27th June, again in Bedford, which is one of my favourite tracks.  Then there is the AAA senior championships and Olympic trials two weeks later in Manchester to look forward to.”

FELL RUNNING ROUND UP by Richie Stevenson


It is hoped to send a team to the next round of the British Championships at Kentmere which is scheduled for Sunday July 18th. Anyone interested in making the trip should contact me in the next few days.  

Fell runners training recommences next Tuesday 15th June at the usual venue at Nobles Park golf course. Be warmed-up and ready to go for 6.30pm.  





Apart from one five minute relapse, I managed to stay away from a computer for more than 48 hours at the weekend.

Not so the camera! Family friends may be interested in the pictures of my niece Emma here.





John Crellin, the runner, motor-cyclist and mountaineer, is home from hospital in the UK.  I understand he is progressing better than he expected after his racing accident at Jurby recently.  His Mother lives about 30 metres from us and she was speaking with my wife Marie yesterday.



NAME THAT RECORD by Graham Davies


Masters O/50

NEW                                                          OLD mark

400 H         Dave Anderson  60.3            Alan Connor        70.4

400             Dave Anderson  55.1            Alan Connor        56.2


I also think Dave has broken 800 ?                  

                                                          Alan Connor        2.17.6       



Junior men’s record in the 4X 400 at Blackburn


1       Chris Shimmin    57.1

2       Josh Masterson  58.1

3       Daryl Haslett        55.1

4       Ben Brand           53.0




Julie Harrison you know about  (800 2.13.1)


Di Shimell

New                                                            old mark

Hammer     Di Shimell  16.44                             Ruth Callin           16.40


I also noticed that John Butterworth’s 20 year old 800mtrs record has been broken, by Ben Brand in the Last round of the Northern Mens League.?


Ben 2.04.3          John 2.05.0


All subject to ratification.





THIS WEEKEND (and the next)


I shall be off the Island with my family between Friday lunchtime and Sunday evening attending my niece's wedding in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

So, Saturday will be the third day this year when the website has not been updated and will mean that I cannot provide coverage of the Patrick Fell Race in the normal timely way.

Don't forget to check the links from the front page to the individual photo sites and to use the forum to share news and results.

Provided the results, reports and photos are emailed to me in the normal way I shall update the site on my return, unless of course some budding website designer is going to seize the opportunity to provide the coverage.

With no time (and no new information supplied to me) during the past few weeks to add to the site and being off Island this weekend, that website looks like being a tough challenge. I want to make it better than ever during the Parish Walk weekend and have a few ideas up my sleeve but I cannot guarantee it.




Don't forget that this meeting consisting of a 4 mile handicap, a 2 mile handicap and junior races will be held a week tonight starting at the Peel campsite. Its the fourth round of a seven round series and, yes, this one is on a Tuesday and not the normal Friday.




Other than my table of links to the Manx road races published for the past three weeks on the front page (and republished below), I've yet to see any publicity for the Castletown to Peel road races and I can't see anything on the Western AC website.


Other links

29 June

Castletown to Peel (10+ miles)

2003  2002

8 July

Western 10 Miles

2003  2002

15 August

Close Private Bank Manx Marathon


18 August

Southern 10 Miles


5 September

Edgewater Direct Boundary Stroll

2003  2002

7 November

Douglas Steam Saw Mill Syd Quirk Memorial Half Marathon


Maybe I've missed it, or maybe as a well established road race everyone already knows the distance, the entry fee, the course etc.

I hope to be at the event with my camera to report on the race for the website.




You can keep up to date with results from the Western AC track nights at their website. Use this link to take you directly to their results page.




For the first time this year, all the results from both club's track and field meetings have been kept up to date on this site, usually within 24 hours of receipt of results.

There is always a link on the front page or check it out here.



From Steve Partington (buried in my inbox) this goes back to the Snaefell Race



As I watched the runners arrive at the Snaefell summit on Saturday, there was a familiar pattern to their approach out of the mist. A last uphill effort over the final yards, before slowing and getting their punchcards ready for clipping at the cairn.

All except for Michael George. He stopped at the punch, put his hand in his pocket and took out his wallet! He said he didn't have a punch-card and proceeded to punch a credit card!

James Coulson and his wife were there too and we were still laughing as Michael slipped (he was wearing tennis shoes) out of sight.





Paul Clarke, who has won races over road, track, cross country and fell over his 20 year plus athletics career, is thought to be lining up in the Patrick Fell Run next Saturday.

You can be there too -PATRICK FELL RACE





Thanks to Julie Egan, the latest results have not been published HERE





I only reached the track just before winner Steve Partington heard the bell last night and by that time the track was fairly bare with just six seniors remaining, albeit all going very fast and well worthy of Manx championship status. Neil Bates was a non starter as he was still recovering from a virus.

Earlier the scene must have been a lot more active with so many juniors racing concurrently with the seniors. If anyone has any pictures of the earlier scenes they would be welcomed.





One of my old web hosting packages is due to expire on 5 June 2004 and I'm not renewing it. Most of the web pages for an 18 month period up to December 2003 were published at so after the weekend you may find that some of the older links do not work. I hope to republish them at some point at a folder within that will be named

Please be patient with this project however. Its nice to have some of the old features and reports published but more than 90% of the hits on the site are for the current day's features.





You are about as likely to find me watching reality TV as you are finding Peter Karran taking a holiday at the chief minister's holiday cottages, so I could not believe that I found myself hooked on tonight's Rich Girl Poor Girl on ITV which featured Manx Island Games athlete. the thrower Kirree Kermode. I thought the casting was really good with the exception of the playing of "I've got a brand new combine harvester" in the pub as if that was the type of music everyone liked over here! I also tended to think that there is very little they could put into future shows that were not in tonight...but I could be proved wrong again!

Well done Kirree on a great performance in front of the cameras.





I've been buying the Independent newspaper since it was first published in the 80s but I can't ever remember a three page feature on fell running before, as was published today.

It features Richard Askwith and has a headline "You don't have to be mad to do this. But it helps" and has a further heading "the only sport that hasn't sold its soul".

Even the Convenience Shopping Centre has closed as I write this (11.45 pm) so its too late to buy a copy now but well worth a read if you can get hold of one. I'll keep my copy for anyone who would like to read it.





There will be no training for the fell running squad until after TT week. It seems a good time for a bit of a break as our runners have had some hard races and of course the Patrick race is only a couple of weeks away. I would suggest that anyone who still wants to do some quality work should give Chris Quine's session a go which I believe moves to Thursdays in TT week. 



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