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Alan Franklin recently located the Millennium baton in the Tynwald building – photos by Tynwald Seneschal Paul Dougherty.  

Mitch Joughin, one of the five athletes who carried the message from the Queen to the Isle of Man in December 1978, photographed at the airport last month (ML)

Do you remember the Millennium Baton relay of December 1978?  Photo of the Boundary Harriers tapestry by Alan Franklin.

Do you remember the Millennium Baton Relay? Museum librarian Alan Franklin is trying to find out all about it and here is my contribution. The newspaper cuttings (above) tell the story of how a team of runners carried the message from the Queen from Buckingham Palace to the Isle of Man in December 1978. Then the Manx clubs carried the baton around the Island and the pictures below (taken by my parents) show some of Boundary Harriers members around the west of the Island. Irene Corlett hands to Dicke Corlett. Kenyon Crowe takes off from the Court House in Kirk Michael (from whom?) before passing the message to Dennis Barron of Kirk Michael Commissioners (the late Willie Turnbull is in the background). There is time  or me to pose with the latter two before setting off through Kirk Michael and I handed over to my cousin Graham Crowe somewhere just before Bishopscourt. It was obviously a cold day but Graham was taking no chances with his clothing! If you have any memories of the event, please post on the forum or email [email protected]  Murray




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