Winter Walking League 2006/7




Round 3 – St. Johns

Sunday 17th December 2006

Bright Stars at the start of the junior distance walks. Terence ‘Tinsel’ George (far left) was the winner of the 1K event, Sinead Kaneen (far right) won the 2K walk and Lauren Whelan (96), fastest in the 3K was second on handicap behind Kirsty Taylor (centre)

St Nicks at St Johns; There was a distinctly festive atmosphere again this year with santa hats, tinsel & musical socks the order of the day. Left; Santa Claus turned up, walking in the style of local racewalking legend Doug Corkill Right;  Brian Brough is bearly able to disguise his disappointment after learning before the race that he had once again been turned down for the job of Santa at Woolworths.

Christmas cheer for the winner of the 10K event on handicap Bernie Corlett.

The 5K event was won by Enid Watson, with the returning Miranda Brennan (73) in second and  Wendy Ross (right) third. Best performance was from improving newcomer Miriam Kelly in 5th

Virgin on the ridiculous; Michael George (68) walked in festive boxer shorts, which are fortunately hidden from view. Thankfully no reports of him bearing any gifts, and the only apparent evidence of jingling bells came from his musical socks.

What a big Ass! …..or is it a horse?

More photos by PJ

Photos by Bridget & Peter

Thanks to Bridget Kaneen for the results









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