Manx Harriers

Track & Field Championships 2006




Wednesday 26th July & Wednesday 2nd August at the NSC

photo’s by Mr & Mrs Jackson

Day 1

Patrick Cox (111) is the early leader in the u9 Boys 600m final, ahead of eventual winner Owen Dudley (113) and silver medallist Thomas Smith (117)

Katie Astin (100) winner of the U9’s 600m race leads Victoria Mellor (107), Kate Marshall (106), Alexandra Burns (102), Emily Gibson (103), Alice Bell (101) & Ellie Glassey.

Day 1 Results

Wednesday 26th July

U9 Boys 200m Final

1. Owen Dudley (33.9s); 2. Thomas Smith (34.4s); 3. Duncan Wilson (35.6s)

U9 Boys 600m Final

1. Owen Dudley (2.13.3s); 2. Duncan Wilson (2.14.2s); 3. Thomas Smith (2.17.2s)

U9 Boys Cricket Ball

1. Thomas Smith (26.92m); 2. John Peter (26.18m); 3. Oliver Mitchell (18.74m)

U9 Girls 200m Final

1. Kate Marshall (38.8s); 2. Katie Astin (39.5s); 3. Alice Bell (40.7s)

U9 Girls 600m Final

1. Katie Astin (2.26.6s); 2. Alexandra Burns (2.37.5s); 3.Kate Marshall (2.38.6s)

U9 Girls Cricket Ball

1. Katie Astin (13.21m); 2. Emma Nicholson (12.09m); 3. Alexandra Burns (11.11m)

U11 Boys 200m Final

1. Joel Padi (31.5s); 2. Joseph Morling (32.9s); 3. Nicholas White (33.9s)

U11 Boys 1500m Final

1. Joseph Morling (5.42.1s); 2. Alex Price (5.48.5s); 3. Nicholas White (6.14.3s)

U11 Boys Long Jump 

1. Joel Padi (3.99m); 2. Joseph Morling (3.52m); 3. Nicholas White (3.36m)

U11 Girls 200m Final

1. Sinead Kaneen (31.2s); 2. Alice Ashe (32.5s); 3. Laura Cain (33.2s)

U11 Girls 1500m Final

1. Alice Ashe (5.35.0s); 2. Sinead Kaneen (5.47.2s); 3. Laura Cain (6.13.6s)

U11 Girls Long Jump 

1. Alice Ashe (3.80m); 2. Sinead Kaneen (3.63m); 3. Sosanna Cox (3.21s)

U13 Girls 100m Final

1. Ciara McDonnell (13.9s); 2. Lily Purdy (14.8s); 3.Emily Ashe (15.4s)

U13 Girls 1500m Final

1. Sarah Astin (5.13.7s); 2. Emily Ashe (5.33.5s); 3. Catriona Cox (5.54.5s)

U13 Girls Shot Putt

1. Catriona Cox (6.43m); 2. Ciara McDonnell (5.60m); 3. Stephanie Haslett (5.46m)

U13 Girls Discus

1. Catriona Cox (14.38m); 2. Stephanie Haslett (13.85m); 3. Ciara McDonnell (13.69m)

U13 Boys 100m Final

1. Duncan MacGregor (13.7s); 2. Jonathan Padi (14.5s); 3. Matthew Wilson (15.1s)

U13 Boys 1500m Final

1. Jack Garrett (5.30.9s); Adam Young (5.42.3s); 3. Adam Cowin (5.54.4s)

U13 Boys High Jump

1. Duncan MacGregor (1.35m); 2. Matthew Wilson (1.30m); 3. Richard Radcliffe (1.15m)

U13 Boys Long Jump

1. Jonathan Padi (4.44m); 2. Duncan MacGregor (4.26m); 3. Matthew Wilson (3.79m)

U15 Girls 100m Final

1. Danielle Ross (13.5s); 2. Leanne Garrett (14.1s); 3. Rachael Franklin (15.5s)

U15 Girls 300m Final

1. Leanne Garrett (44.8s); 2. Danielle Ross (45.0s); 3. Rachael Franklin (46.8s)

U15 Girls 1500m Final

1. Gemma Astin (4.57.5s); 2. Rachael Franklin (5.12.7s); 3. Bronwen Kaneen (5.22.8s)

U15 Girls Shot Putt

1. Danielle Ross (6.75m); 2. Leanne Garrett (6.72m); 3. Fay Latham (5.66m)

U15 Boys 100m Final

1. Shemuel Redwood-Sawyer (12.3s); 2. Adam Howarth (12.6s); 3. Greg Smith (13.7s)

U15 Boys 400m Final

1. Shemuel Redwood-Sawyer (54.6s); 2. Conor Delanbanque (56.8s); 3. Mark Lean (59.2s)

U15 Boys 1500m Final

1. Conor Delanbanque (4.35.7s); 2. Mark Lean (5.09.4s)

U15 Boys Long Jump

1. Adam Howarth (4.74m); 2. Richard Bell (4.52m); 3. Greg Smith (4.37m)

U15 Boys High Jump

1. Conor Delanbanque (1.66m); 2. Mark Lean (1.50m); 3. Greg Smith (1.40m)

U17 Men 100m Final

1. Will Latta (11.4s); 2. Daniel Chan (12.3s)

U17 J/S/V Men 400m

1. David Munro (55.6s); Tom Richmond (58.6s)

U17 Men 1500m Final

1. Tom Richmond (4.32.7s); 2. David Munro (5.05.8s)

U17 Men Long Jump

1. Daniel Chan (5.21m); 2. Jamie Haslett (4.91m)

U17 Men High Jump

1. Daniel Chan (1.55m); 2. Jamie Haslett (1.45m)

Junior Men Long Jump

1. Will Latta (6.11m)

(Medal winners only)

U11 Boys long jump medal winners Joel Padi (134), Nicholas White (136) & Joseph Morling (133)

Alice Ashe (119) & Sinead Kaneen (123) midway through the U11 girls 1500m race

Top 3 in the U13 Girls 1500m, Sarah Astin (right), Emily Ashe (137), Catriona Cox (left)

U13 Boys high jump medal winners (l-r) Richard Radcliffe, Matthew Wilson & Duncan MacGregor

Guest Martin Aram cleared 2.05

Multi talented sportsman Will Latta clears 6.11m in the junior men’s long jump

presentation photo’s here

Day 2

Blustery and showery conditions at the NSC on Wednesday night for the second night of the club championships. Above Duncan Wilson (118), Owen Dudley (113) and Patrick Cox (111) lead the U9 boys into the head wind on the home straight of lap one in the 800m final.



Wednesday 2nd August

U9 Boys 100m Final

1. Dudley Owen 18.1s; 2. Antony Duchars 18.6s; 3. Duncan Wilson 19.1s

U9 Boys 800m Final

1. Owen Dudley 3.02.1s; 2. Duncan Wilson 3.09.5s; 3. Antony Duchars 3.21.6s

U9 Boys Long Jump

1. Owen Dudley 3.57m; 2. Anthony Duchars 3.13m; 3. Patrick Cox 2.64m

U9 Girls 100m Final

1. Kate Marshall 20.0s; 2. Katie Astin 20.2s; 3. Ellie Glassey 20.5s

U9 Girls 800m Final

1. Katie Astin 3.21.0s; 2. Ellie Glassey 3.40.1s; 3. Emily Gibson 3.46.9s

U9 Girls Long Jump

1. Alice Bell 2.75m; 2. Katie Astin 2.54m; 3. Ellie Glassey 2.45m

U11 Boys 100m Final

1. Joel Padi 16.2s; 2. Joseph Morling 16.6s; 3. Nicholas White 17.4s

U11 Boys 800m Final

1. Joseph Morling 3.07.7s; 2. Nicholas White 3.11.9s; 3. Rhys Barlow 3.16.7s

U11 Boys Cricket Ball

1. Joseph Morling 28.58m; 2. Joel Padi 27.45m; 3. Rhys Barlow 21.96m

U11 Girls 100m Final

1. Sinead Kaneen 16.3s; 2. Alice Ashe 17.1s; 3. Laura Cain 17.4s

U11 Girls 800m Final

1. Alice Ashe 2.53.5s; 2. Sinead Kaneen 2.57.4s; 3. Laura Cain 3.06.8s

U11 Girls Cricket Ball

1. Sinead Kaneen 24.23m; 2. Alice Ashe 23.79m; 3. Carlisha Simmons 19.46m

U13 Girls 200m Final

1. Clara McDonnell 30.3s; 2. Abigail Swayne 33.8s; 3. Stephanie Haslett 36.1s

U13 Girls 800m Final

1. Sarah Astin 2.36.2s; 2. Emily Ashe 2.49.5s; 3. Ciara McDonnell 2.52.7s

U13 Girls Long Jump

1. Ciara McDonnell 3.83m; 2. Sarah Astin 3.47m; 3. Abigail Swayne 3.34m

U13 Girls High Jump

1. Reagan Dee 1.41m; 2. Catriona Cox 1.20m; 3. Abigail Swayne 1.20

U13 Boys 200m Final

1. Duncan Macgregor 29.9s; 2. Jonathon Padi 31.0s; 3. Jack Garrett 32.0s

U13 Boys 800m Final

1. Jack Garrett 2.47.3s; 2. Jake Nathan 2.47.8s; 3. Adam Young 2.55.9s

U13 Boys Discus

1. Duncan MacGregor 22.45m; 2. Richard Radcliffe 10.47m; 3. Adam Young 10.42m

U13 Boys Shot Putt

1. Duncan MacGregor 8.02m; 2. Jonathan Padi 6.74m; 3. Matthew Wilson 5.32m

U13 Girls 200m Final

1. Danielle Ross 28.3s; 2. Leanne Garrett 29.3s; 3. Rachael Franklin 31.2s

U13 Girls 800m Final

1. Gemma Astin 2.28.7s; 2. Rachael Franklin 2.36.8s; 3. Bronwen Kaneen 2.43.1s

U15 Girls High Jump

1. Rachael Franklin 1.44m; 2. Leanne Garrett 1.25m

U15 Girls Long Jump

1. Leanne Garrett 4.18m; 2. Bronwen Kaneen 4.08m; 3. Danielle Ross 3.87m

U15 Boys 200m Final

1. Adam Howarth 28.5s; 2. Greg Smith 30.8s

U15 Boys 800m Final

1. Greg Smith 3.10.9s

U15 Boys Shot Putt

1. Adam Howarth 8.82m

U15 Boys Triple Jump

1. Adam Howarth 9.26m; 2. Greg Smith 9.05m

U17 Boys 200m Final

1. Daniel Chan 26.3s

U17 Boys 800m Final

1. Tom Richmond 2.15.0s; 2. Daniel Chan 2.31.3s

U17 Boys Triple Jump

1. Daniel Chan 11.14m

Junior Women 200m Final

1. Caitlin Horbury 29.8s



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