Steve Jacobs Mile 2009





Wednesday 17th June – NSC

Claire Stubbs (pink top) was convincing winner of the Steve Jacobs Memorial Mile at the NSC on Wednesday evening. Claire Druggan (second left) finished second. (photo by Murray Lambden)

Scratch man Kevin Loundes (left) waits patiently before setting off on what was the fastest mile of the night in a time of 4.37. Darren Gray (297) was second fastest in 4.41 and Andy Barron (in black) third fastest in 4.49 (photo PJ)

Steve Jacobs Mile results

(Results – Chris Quine and Michelle Stevens)

small collection of photos by PJ

photos and video by Murray Lambden at

Thanks to Chris Quine for the organisation of this event and for compiling the handicaps and results with Michelle. Thanks to the timekeepers and helpers trackside and to Margaret & Arnie Jacobs and family

Steve Jacobs 24.10.64 to 08.06.96

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