Steve Jacobs Mile 2007




Wednesday 13th June NSC

Photos by Steve Kelly

Vera Smith, Bryan Masterson & Ingrid Sugden grab the inside lanes amongst the early starters in the damp conditions  

John Halligan (left) ran the fastest time in 4.39. Gail Griffiths (65) was fastest female in 6.11. Ryan Fairclough (59) ran the third quickest mile in 4.52 with Andy Fox (98) fractionally over the 5 minutes in 5.01

Sue Ackroyd, Moira Hall & Lynne Quine are chased down at the start of the final lap

Justine Bowen, Murray Lambden, Jason Cochrane, Bryan Masterson, Michael George, Stuart Marquis…..

Top 2; Steve Taylor & Laurence Dyer approach the finish

Murray Lambden, Moira Hall & Lee Butterworth approach the finish funnel guided by helpers Graham Davies & Anthony Brand

Labatts aids recovery; A tonic for slimline Steve Taylor, the winner, before he heads to Dublin this weekend (photo by Marie Jackson)

full results  &  individual times (thanks to Chris Quine)

Thanks to Chris Quine for the organisation of this event and for compiling the handicaps & results. Thanks also to all those who helped out on the night and to Margaret & Arnie Jacobs

 44 photos by Steve Kelly here


Steve Jacobs 24.10.64 to 08.06.96

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