Race Walking 2008



Fixtures organised by Manx Harriers and off Island events involving Manx Harriers athletes



Sunday 6th January

HSBC Securities Services Winter League (Round 4)

Andreas (10am start)

Sunday 27th January

HSBC Securities Services Winter League (Round 5)

Ronaldsway Industrial Estate (10am start)

Sunday 10th February

HSBC Securities Services Winter League (Round 6)

NSC Perimeter Road , Douglas  (10am start)

Saturday 1st March

Manx Harriers Open Meeting

NSC Perimeter Road (morning start -various events)

Sunday 30th March

5Km racewalking championships & younger age group champs

Murray’s photo’s here

NSC (10am start)

Sunday 27th April

RWA  National 50Km racewalking championships

Ropner Park, Stockton on Tees

Sunday 4th May

National Junior racewalking championships

Victoria Park, London

Sunday 11th May

20Km racewalking championships

Andreas (10am start)

Thursday 22nd May

Open 5Km Walk

TT Access Road (7pm start)

Wednesday 4th June

10,000m track walking championships

NSC Track (6.30pm start)

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd June

The Clerical Medical Parish Walk

NSC (8am start)

Thursday 17th July

St Johns10K walk

St Johns (7pm start)

Thursday 14th August

The Anna Maria Cutillo Foxdale ‘6’ run & walk

Foxdale School (7pm start)

Sunday 12th October

Welbeck Hotel & Restaurant One Hour Challenge Walk

NSC  (10am start)

Sunday 26th October

HSBC Security Services Winter League (Round 1)

NSC  (10am start)

Sunday 23rd November

HSBC Security Services Winter League (Round 2)

Ayre United FC clubhouse, Andreas  (10am start)

Sunday 7th December

The Empire Garage Peel to Douglas Walk

Peel Town Hall  (9am start)

Sunday 14th December

HSBC Security Services Winter League (Round 3)

St Johns (10am start)

Sign on car park opposite Farmers Arms from 9.30am

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