Peel to Douglas  Walk 2005



Sunday 4th December

Steve Partington’s week started with confirmation of his selection for the Isle of Man Commonwealth Games team for 2006 in Melbourne. Today, he rounded off a memorable week by achieving his 12th win in the Empire Garage sponsored Peel to Douglas Walk (photo Murray Lambden)

Winner Steve Partington (114) and second placed Peter Kaneen (88) pictured a short distance after the start on Albany Road (photo by Murray Lambden)

Fastest lady finisher was Carolyn Brown (122) in a very impressive sub 85 mins (photo by Murray Lambden)

Sue Biggart, Derek Harrison, Ian Callister, John Stubbs, Adrian Cowin et al (photo by Murray LambdenL)

Photo’s below at St. Johns by PJ

Second placed Peter Kaneen (88) and Sean Hands (52)

First lady finisher Carolyn Brown (122) had eventual 3rd place finisher Dave Turner of York RWC for close company during the first few miles. Dave is a regular and welcome visitor to Manx shores and traveled over specially to compete in Sunday’s walk. Bridget Kaneen (50) walked a lonely race to finish second lady

 Left; An impressive performance by Michael George (105) to get to the start on time and not get lost. He also walked very well for 7th place. Right; Derek Atkinson (46) has had a very successful year in the Parish & End to End Walks and went well over the shorter 10 mile distance on Sunday finishing in 15th

Left; It was good to see John Stubbs back in action after a long period out with injury. Jackie Campbell (111) is making big improvements and walked very impressively to claim the 3rd lady prize ahead of Sue Biggart. Right; Centurion Selwyn Collister (48)

Parish Walk co-stars Dave Looker (87) and Ray Pitts (119) passed through St. Johns pretty much as they crossed the line on the Access Road with Ray just behind Dave at the finish

  Left; Jock Waddington (116) is a newcomer to the Winter Walking League and is clearly benefiting from joining the coaching sessions down at the NSC in the week. He is pictured here behind Maureen Cox, who is already working hard behind the scenes as one of the driving forces behind next Summers 100 mile walk in Ramsey. Right;  John Robinson and Bob Corrin who finished just 1 second apart.

photo’s below thanks to Murray Lambden

 more photo’s by Murray Lambden

Photo’s by Dave Kneen

 Results (thanks to Bridget Kaneen)


Results (PDF)  


Results (Word)





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