Peel to Douglas Run 2005






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Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May

Tony Okell winner of Monday’s race in 1:04:32 (photo by Stan Hall)

Wendy Ross first lady (photo Stan Hall)

Second place for Murray Lambden in 1:06:56. Murray was talked into running this years event late last week by Paul Curphey (below) who he comfortably beat into 3rd place (photo’s by Stan Hall)


  1st Tony Okell 56 Manx Harriers 1:04:32 1st SM
  2nd Murray Lambden 83 Manx Harriers 1:06:56 1st V45
  3rd Paul Curphey 82 Manx Harriers 1:12:34 1st V40
  4th Alan Postlethwaite 58 Northern AC 1:12:46 1st V55
  5th Tom Cringle 75 MFR 1:13:15 2nd SM
  6th Mark Clague 57 Unattached 1:13:39 3rd SM
  7th Ben Scott 101 Western AC 1:13:58  
  8th Richard Radcliffe 99 Northern AC 1:14:07 1st V50
  9th Andy Gosnell 71 IOMVAC 1:14:46  
  10th Jim McGreggor 64 Manx Harriers 1:17:12  
  11th Paul Trees 54 IOMVAC 1:18:19  
  12th Neil Wilson 65 Unattached 1:18:51  
  13th Daniel Quinn 85 Unattached 1:18:56  
  14th David Collister 51 Manx Harriers 1:19:03  
  15th Les Brown 61 Manx Harriers 1:19:18  
  16th Andy Page 60 Unattached 1:19:25  
  17th Brandon Ellis 84 Unattached 1:19:44  
  18th Terry Bates 97 IOMVAC 1:20:00  
  19th Stephen Foulds 62 Unattached 1:20:14  
  20th Laurence Dyer 66 Northern AC 1:21:28  
  21st David Elliott 86 Unattached 1:22:21  
  22nd David Griffin 68 Unattached 1:23:17  
  23rd Neil McGreggor 63 Unattached 1:23:23  
  24th Mark Bridson 91 Northern AC 1:24:04  
  25th James Broughton 67 Unattached 1:24:31  
  26th Richard Quayle 69 Unattached 1:25:22  
  27th Jason Cochrane 93 Western AC 1:25:25  
  28th Wendy Ross 77 Manx Harriers 1:25:44 1st SL
  29th Tony Doyle 70 Unattached 1:26:16  
  30th Richard Stopps 100 Unattached 1:26:39  
  31st David Anderson 53 Unattached 1:27:06  
  32nd Gareth Evans 55 IOMVAC 1:27:42  
  33rd David Isherwood 79 Unattached 1:27:52  
  34th Allan Pilling 59 IOMVAC 1:28:16  
  35th James Simpson 89 Unattached 1:29:00  
  36th John Watterson 95 Western AC 1:29:24  
  37th Lorraine Stigant 76 IOMVAC 1:29:55 1st VL
  38th Steve Cain 74 Western AC 1:30:42  
  39th Steve Allen 78 Unattached 1:31:14  
  40th Andy Corrie 50 Manx Harriers 1:34:16  
  41st Steven Pownall 88 Unattached 1:39:05  
  42nd Steve Willmott 52 IOMVAC 1:39:28  
  43rd Ian Callister 98 Manx Harriers 1:39:44  
  44th Martin Wood 87 Unattached 1:40:37  
  45th David Nixon 96 IOMVAC 1:41:10  
  46th David Christian 90 Unattached 1:42:27  
  47th= Helen Taylor 72 Unattached 1:42:48 2nd SL
  47th= Emma McGrath 73 Unattached 1:42:48 3rd SL
  49th= Michelle Isherwood 80 Unattached 1:47:39 2nd VL
  49th= Valerie Hamill 81 Unattached 1:47:39 3rd VL
  51st Ingrid Sugden 92 IOMVAC 1:55:06  
  52nd David Quine 94 IOMVAC 1:59:23  


Adrian Cowin’s photo at St Johns of Andy Gosnell, Richard Radcliffe, Alan Postlethwaite & Dan Quinn

Thanks to the following on behalf of Manx Harriers

Sponsors Isle of Man Bank for their continued support of this event.

Race Referee Ron Ronan

Everyone who volunteered to help on the night along the course with signing on, timekeeping, recording, marshalling, drinks stations, course marking, ‘sweeping up’)

Sgt Mike Halsall (Special Events) and the Police Constables from Peel and Douglas  

Peter O’Shea (Red Cross First Aid)

Peel Town Commissioners for use of the Town Hall car park and the Phillip Christian Centre.

Staff at The Imperial Hotel

Andy Fox (Presentation of Awards)

Graham Davies (Isle of Man Athletics Association)

Peter McElroy (Race Report)

John Watterson (IOM Newspapers)

Tim Glover (Manx Radio)


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