Dear all

I am sure you are all aware of the current plans for the track replacement here at the NSC, planned for this year. As we are getting nearer final decision times, I thought it best to try to outline current future proposals we have for works and improvements which may affect use, although we will endeavour to keep these to a minimum and fit everyone in as best we can.

June 2009 (29th provisionally) Track closers for replacement

June/July 2009 (provisionally)  Grandstand closes for refurbishment

August/September 2009 (hopefully September)  Raceway works start, full re-surface

2010 Changing block replacement

I would ask that early consideration and planning is given to any events for this year bearing in mind the schedule above.If you have any questions or concerns on event provision during these times, or would like further information on the works planned please contact me to discuss.

Many thanks

Colin McMullin NSC  01624 688585 – 07624 451133



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