The Lancashire Cross Country Championships 2005




Cal Partington receives her Vet 35 Gold Medal from the Mayor of Blackburn (ML)


Nicola Cooil Silver medallist in the U15 Girls (ML)   Jordan Cain Bronze medallist in the U13 Boys (ML)


 Silver Medal for the Under 13 girls Team

Gemma Astin, Chanice Doyle, Rachael Franklin & Lauren Whelan (ML)


Bronze medal for Rachael Franklin in the U13 Girls race (ML)

Andy Fox Silver medallist in the Vet 45 class (DG)


Many thanks to Tony Croft of Fylde AC for sending this photo of the sponsor Murray Lambden, Bronze medallist in the Vet 45 class (DG)








Thanks to Murray Lambden for taking the ‘Lam-Cam’ to Blackburn and for suppling the photo’s for the Manx Harriers website. Special thanks to guest photographer on the day Darren Gray

Results in Full


  Under 13 Boys 3rd Jordan Cain 10th Richard Seed 15th Sam Black  
  Under 13 Girls 3rd Rachael Franklin 5th Lauren Whelan 7th Gemma Astin  
    15th Chanice Doyle 34th Fay Latham   Team Silver Medal
  Under 15 Boys 18th Tom Bateson      
  Under 15 Girls 2nd Nicola Cooil      
  Under 17 Men

8th Andrew Newton

9th Lee Butterworth 22nd James Eccles Team 4th place
  Junior Men 9th Andrew Duncan      
  Ladies 9th Cal Partington      
  Vet 35 Ladies 1st Cal Partington      
  Senior Men 21st Paul Clarke 28th Gianni Epifani 29th Andy Fox Team 4th place
    30th Murray Lambden 40th Mike Garrett 54th Andy Watson  
    62nd Paul Curphey 66th Nick Percival    
  Veteran Men 6th Paul Clarke 10th Andy Fox 11th Murray Lambden  
  Vet 45 class 2nd Andy Fox 3rd Murray Lambden    


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