Sean Hands of Manx Harriers

National 100 mile Walk Champion  2005




Photo’s by Robbie Callister

Manx Harrier Sean looks confident, and relaxed ‘to boot’ as he prepares for the start

Soldiering on to Centurian status and the National 100 mile Walking Championship

Keep off the Grass!

No signs of ‘Flagging’…

….. or ‘throwing in the towel’ – not at least until after the race, pictured with proud parents Ken & Theresa

Winner of the Centurians 100 mile Championship, British RWA Long Distance Championship, Best first time Centurion & Age Group Winner in 19hrs 02 mins 57 secs

Congratulations also to  Isle of Man finshers

13th = Roey Crellin 21.33.59

13th = Eammon Harkin 21.33.59

28th Keith Wilkinson 23.02.32

30th Dermot O’Toole 23.08.42

35th Selwyn Callister 23.18.09

Twilight 20 miles Walk Winner Ray Pitts 3.37.41


The 100 mile walk website featuring results & photo’s

Tim Watts photo’s at the Racewalking Record Website



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