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 Most of the old news and features from the past three years are available online if you search the various sites below that I've used to publish to. For example, enter "inter counties cross country" and select "" and you will find many references to this event that have been made in the past.

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Manx Harriers Track and Field Champs and more:
The first part of these were held at the NSC on Wednesday night in sunny conditions. I do not have all the results as I primarily went along to watch the 1500m. Across all age groups from under 13 upwards, there must have been around 35 competitors in all. In the Under 15's race there was a close battle with a relatively new name, Fin Biscoe-Taylor winning from Tom Bateson - both lads just outside 5 minutes.

The under 17s and seniors ran together. There was a close win here for James Eccles from Lee Butterworth - both lads runnng more tactically astute races than in the past.  Just behind them Julie Harrison must have put herself well up on the Manx all-time list with a time of 4 mins 44.5 secs. Personally I can only recall Sian Brice/Pilling and Brenda Walker running quicker than this although there may be others too.

There was lots of action both on the track and in the field. Hopefully all  the results will reach you in due course. I understand that part two of the Championships is on Wednesday 16th June.

Inter Counties Championships:
Julie has had to decline selection to compete for Lancashire over 800m in the Inter Counties Championships at Bedford this weekend. After numerous phone calls and searching travel arrangements - in particular car hire - are too complex/expensive. I spoke to Peter Kaneen and he is planning to travel down to compete in the 3,000 walk on Monday to be followed by a quick dash up the motorway to catch the 02.15 sailing on Tuesday morning. I understand that Hannah Riley has also been selected but do not know if she is competing.

North of England Under 20 Championships:
These are being held at Wigan on Saturday. I understand that Di Shimell is taking a party from the Island but I don't have any names. Keith Gerrard is making his own way and planning to run in the 1500m.



High jumper Martin Aram and race walkers Neil Bates, Peter Kaneen, Bridget Kaneen, Marie Latham and Steve Partington, have all been invited to take part in the AAA Championships in Manchester on Saturday and Sunday 10 and 11 July.

If any of them accept their invitations, and they compete on the Sunday, I shall be there on the Sunday. Knowing my luck, all their events will be on the Saturday!




I was so sorry to hear about the death of Denis Quaggin. I think he was down at the Invitation Walk this year and didn't look at all well, I don't think he recognised me at all. I remember so well after I had won the Belgrave 7 in 1990 he said to me "well done Steve, its always good to see the Manxies doing well across" nothing much to it but its something that has always stuck with me.




The Manx Gas Cross Country presentation is at the Villa Marina on the evening of 22nd June with Disco & Buffet




I have booked the NSC for the Championships 21/22nd AUGUST.

Will ask Manx to put the 10,000 or 5,000 on a couple of weeks before or one night during the week.




I've just returned to my computer after a break and was delighted to find that Steve Partington's pictures of the Northern 10 have been published today.

So instead of wondering what to do next, I took the easy option of selecting the slide show option and allowed myself to be entertained. Great pictures.

The second cheer goes for the way Steve has been out to support so many athletes in so many races recently, despite the fact that when he is watching and I am racing Paul Curphey always beats me!

And thirdly his enthusiasm is infectious.  He always finds the positive things about a race and enjoys all our battles wherever we are in the field.

And I've reached the third cheer without even mentioning that he is one of the Isle of Man's all time greats!




Only a week after becoming Manx 20km champion and setting a Personal Best. Neil Bates was testing himself in Tamworth last weekend. The race being the Midland championships, had been opened up to allow all seniors to enter as there is very few chances for 10km track races for Race Walkers. 

It was a hot, sunny day, but Neil started off well putting himself in 5th place tussling with Nathan Adams. On 2km Neil was on target for just slower than his personal best, but he knew he wasn't right.  Neil stopped for a short time on the next lap. Hoping to clear his mind and compose himself and to set off again. But after another lap he pulled off his number and headed for the shade. 

On returning to the Island Neil said "The weather was hot and with a 20km only 7days ago, I knew it was going to be hard and I was prepared for that, but that wasn't the problem. I knew something wasn't right, I didn't feel comfortable at all." 

"I haven't really felt right since the start of April, I have had a lot of injury problems and health problems to deal with. Sometimes you have to listen to your body, and if it wants to give up, you have to do as it says ...... Its not nice, I never like dropping out of races, but in the long run it will be for the best and will make me even more hungry come the National Championships at the end of June" 

"The one thing any athlete has to do is to get through the bad times, if you can do that, it makes the good times that much sweeter" Neil said finally. 

Neil will now take some time to recover and regain strength and will be back into full training hopefully by Saturday and hopefully able to try himself at the Manx 10km Track Championships on June 2nd. 

Neil is supported by the Sports Aid foundation and the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund and is always grateful for the support he recieves both financial and personal from both groups.

BUT GREAT NEWS ON CHRIS STOBART (Chris Quine)  (23-05-04)


I've just spotted in Athletics Weekly that Chris Stobart continued his good early season form in the West of England Championships at Yate last weekend. Representing Bath University he won the 100m in 10.8 secs and made this a double by winning the 200m in a super fast 21.6 secs to win by half a second - a masive margin in sprinting.




After the excitement of performing so well in the British Championships this today, there was a less happy end to the day when they missed the 7 pm Seacat sailing from Liverpool.  As my informant said (with the usual benefit of hindsight), racing in Wales at 2 pm and returning from Liverpool at 7 was always a bit ambitious... and that was before the heavy traffic.


WOULD YOU BET ON IT? (1)  (23-05-04)


I travelled down to the Northern 10 today in the company of the winner Mike Garrett and Paul Curphey. We were discussing the likely entrants as it is always so hard to know who is going to b e taking part when its entries on the day.

I was fairly confident that there would be an improved field this year as I thought the three week gap since the Peel to Douglas was a big improvement and I had also received quite a bit of feedback via the website after I had initially complained about poor publicity.

I predicted 30+. "39" said Paul. An hour later Paul emerged from the check in at Ramsey Football Club with a big smile on his face. "You won't believe this" he said.  "There are 39 entries."

What were the chances of that!


WOULD YOU BET ON IT? (2)  (23-05-04)


My apologies that I always get so worked up about these things, but I had one conversation today with a very experienced runner about poor support for local events. Five years ago there were only 14 entrants in the Northern 10 (and I have a feeling there were even less one year in one of the missing results). Today there were 39.  I rattled on about the need for publicity and my good friend I was talking to said that as the event had been held for more than 20 years everyone knew it was on. The comment may not have been entirely serious but to me it was like a red rag to a bull.

I hold a very strong belief that there are a lot of potential runners who could be attracted into our races.

Last year only 16 people entered the Castletown to Peel race after very little publicity.

I've invested a good deal more time today creating a few links on the front page to provide information about the remaining long distance races of the year. I'm convinced that the use of the website, combined with regular press releases and use of Manx Radio, the Department of Tourism etc can make an enormous difference to race entries.

It's never too soon to publicise your event. Start now!

Would you bet on a bigger field than last year in the Castletown to Peel?


AND FINALLY    (23-05-04)


I realise that there is much less new material posted to this page than there used to be. This weekend has been fairly typical of those when I seriously exceed the number of hours I spent on the website and a number of other tasks fall further and further behind.  I therefore repeat my previous pleas to everyone who enjoys this site to make use of the forum which then helps to keep the website topical without as much input from me. Thanks.




Manx Harriers are holding  a 5 km. race on the T.T. access road starting at 7 p.m. with 3 km. and 1 km. races for juniors with check in at Manx Harriers clubhouse at the 6.30, All are welcome to come and have a walk.




I'm surprised that no one has commented publicly on yet another amazing entry for the Clerical Medical Parish Walk on 19 June.

Entries closed on 8 May. When they were still several hundred down on last year's record with a week to go, I really did wonder whether the bubble had finally burst and that, for the first time since around 1990, there would not be a record entry.

But once again the entries poured in during the final few days, despite their availability for a full three months beforehand, and a new record of 1234 (at easy one to remember) was set. I had a provisional number of 1230 from Liz Corran, and before you ask, no they did not accept late entries. With so many bits of paper, some entries were clipped behind others etc, the final count was slightly higher still than the first estimate.

What a fantastic effort by Karen Kneale to get all that data typed in and to the printers (that is when the lists were made available to me) so quickly.

One of the reasons that entries close a full six weeks before the event is to ensure that the organisers, Manx Harriers, can maintain the tradition (since 1990 anyway) of sending a full list of entrants to all competitors as part of the programme, which in itself is a part of the Clerical Medical sponsorship package.

Another reason that entries closed a week earlier than normal this year before of the personal circumstances of Elizabeth and Gordon Corran who deal with all the enquiries and entry forms. Their son Stuart was getting married last Saturday, which based on the last couple of years would have been the closing date, and the last thing they would have wanted on such a big weekend as that would have been the dozens of people calling at their house regarding their Parish Walk entries forms on the date of the wedding.

Why, oh why, does everyone leave it to the last minute? I would imagine that the Corran household will be very tired but joyous after the wedding preparations and huge amount of work with the Parish Walk having gone side by side during the past few weeks.

Stuart Corran, who is a member of Manx Harriers also and throws Hammer in the Northern League for the club, has been sitting about six feet away from me during working hours during the past couple of months since he joined our team at Caymanx Trust in Athol Street. Needless to say we won't be seeing him for the next three weeks but I have a further source of information for this page in the future.




On the same weekend as Neil Bates was winning the Manx 20km walk, his dad Terry, the former Anagh Coar head teacher now living in Guernsey, was taking third place in the Hampshire champs. For full results click here

Thanks to Rob Elliott for the link.




Not quite sure how it happened as Mike had a time 59 seconds quicker than Paul in the series to date, but Mike Garrett and Paul Cubbon found themselves starting together at Peel last Friday (in the Dave Phillips Memorial road races) with identical shorts, vests and haircuts. It was only the heights that were different. Now if only I had been there with my camera!

I missed my second race in succession at Peel (after running every road last year and either watching or racing just about every race in the series in the past x years) so I'm in the same boat as every one else ... I would love to see more times and pictures of the race!




The fell runners training sessions restart on Tuesday evening at the usual venue, Nobles Park golf course. Be warmed up for a 6.30pm start. The following week we will be at a new venue for a few weeks as the TT is nearly upon us. Details soon. 




The Manx Harriers Track and Field Club Championships 2004 will be held on Wednesday 26th May and Wednesday 16th June between 6.30pm & 9pm. Some events will also be incorporated into the schedule of the Track & Field League meetings on 23rd June and 14th July.

 All Manx Harriers Club members will receive entry forms in the post in the next few days, which should be completed and returned to Di Shimell.


Whilst searching for something else I discovered the tribute (reproduced at the time with kind permission of Isle of Man Newspapers) written by John Watterson. With round three of the Dave Phillips memorial races tomorrow night, I thought it was worth republishing John's tribute



THE Isle of Man lost a prolific sports administrator and statistician last week with the sad death of Dave Phillips.

It's so easy to gloss over Dave's involvement purely as a freelance reporter and broadcaster for he was heavily involved with many factions of just about every sport imaginable.

Quite simply he lived and breathed sport, and was a tremendous inspiration to many hundreds of individuals, even in his latter years when ill health severely restricted his mobility.

Dave moved to the Island roughly 30 years ago from the Stockport area of Cheshire, having attended The King's School in Macclesfield - a highly regarded Grammar School.

He first worked as a counter clerk at the Employment Exchange in Westmoreland Road (Old Noble's Hall). One of his colleagues there was the now head of Customs and Excise, Denis Maxwell, and the pair for a while had a joint interest in a chip shop in Buck's Road.

Dave had several jobs in and around the Douglas area, working with accountancy companies as a book keeper and for some time Okell's brewery.

He had a brilliant head for facts and figures, but it was amazing how he balanced his profession with his various bits of freelance journalism, his club work and more latterly his involvement with Peel Town Commissioners.

Shortly after the opening of the Queen Elizabeth II School in 1979 he started coaching long jump to some keen teenagers of a summer's evening. It was after one of these sessions, while mulling over a pint in the Royal and waiting for his bus back to Douglas that Dave suggested to a couple of the parents that they should consider setting up an athletics club in Peel as the school, after all, possessed what at the time was the Island's best running track.

Gordie Brew offered to stand as chairman, with Brian Maddrell as secretary. Diana Parslow was co-opted on as treasurer and the Western Athletics Club was born in the Spring of 1980.

At the time, Dave was still on the committee of Manx AC and for a while secretary of the Isle of Man Athletics Association.

Before long he was taking parties of junior athletes away to meetings in the north west of England. Out of those initial groups came many fine athletes from right across the Island, not least Danaa Myhill, Cheryl Done, Sian Pilling, Gordon Crowe, Mandy Radcliffe, Robert Crowe, Debbie Priest, Nicola Dixon, Rob Parslow, Ross Perriam, Sharon Corlett, Keith Surridge and many more. He was also inspirational to other stars of the future such as Alistair Audsley and more recently Martin Aram.

A grade two timekeeper and a qualified field coach, there was hardly a meeting anywhere on the Island that Dave didn't attend.

But it was to Peel he gravitated in the early 1980s, and to what he truly regarded as his real home town.

By now the fixtures secretary and press officer for the Western club, he arranged the still regular visits by Sale Harriers and in the early 1990s set up the Peel Sports Festivals, which again brought many hundreds of people to the Island and the west in particular.

Having suffered from polio as a child, Dave's own involvement in sport was somewhat limited. But he was a keen cricketer, a more than useful table tennis and badminton player, tennis player and field athlete when he got the opportunity.

Cricket gave him his first start in broadcasting when he acted as an assistant to the BBC radio commentators for Lancashire County cricket prior to moving to the Island.

His reports for the local newspapers and Manx Radio soon began to grow, and before long he was also producing regular bulletins for Border TV, teletext and national newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph.

Dave's skill with the stopwatch also led him to timekeeping for the TT and MGP at Glen Helen and Ramsey. He officiated at the first Island Games and attended every Games thereafter as a freelance reporter for this newspaper up to and including the Isle of Wight in 1993.

He sadly declined my offer to also represent Isle of Man Newspapers at the Gibraltar Games two years later, for by then he had been elected to Peel Town Commissioners and 1995 was his first year as chairman.

It was during that very week in July that Dave suffered a foot injury when a taxi door blew shut on him outside his home in Peel. What started off as an innocuous injury soon turned more serious due to him being a diabetic. Within a few weeks he had lost the lower part of his left leg. A month or so later he underwent a further operation to have most of the upper leg also removed.

Dave had a stubborn and sometimes belligerent streak which didn't always endear him to others, despite his untiring efforts. As a politician he certainly wasn't afraid to rattle a few cages and it would be true to say he had more than his share of critics over the years. But they all respected him.

It was over a difference of opinion that he eventually quit as a Peel commissioner in February 2000 after serving on the board for a total of some 10 years.

He failed to persevere with a prosthetic limb he was given, so his mobility soon suffered. His health took another serious turn for the worse when his eyesight began to deteriorate. Dave had numerous operations on his eyes, but for the past two years or so his sight was severely restricted.

Through it all, though, he rarely complained despite his obvious discomfort and pain, always putting others before him.

He somehow continued to file reports for Isle of Man Newspapers, Manx Radio and Manx Telecom's website, plus several other outlets. Amazingly he did most of his live radio reports off the top of his head, having taken verbal notes down via Dictaphone from his numerous sources, prior to committing them to memory for broadcasting. He was the middle man for many sports and individuals, not least junior football (of which he was closely associated for many years), rugby, athletics, boxing (for which he was a representative on the Commonwealth Games committee), golf, bobsleigh, athletics, cycling, motorcycling, indeed just about every sport in one shape or another over the years.

His own obvious problems led him to a closer affinity with disabled sports and he was heavily involved with Manx Spirit. He helped keep the annual Sports Personality Awards night alive in the 1990s, and was largely responsible for its revival this coming April. Sadly he will not now be there to applaud the recipients - many of them men and women he has helped and encouraged over the years.

His death, in the end, was quite sudden. Only last week he had filed his usual 'shorts' columns for the Manx Independent and on the very morning of his death he phoned the office to inform me of a change of kick-off time for the Vagabonds game in Powergen League.

'Thanks Dave, is that all?' I asked, working briskly to a tight deadline as we do on Thursday morning.

'Yes, that's all John, speak to you later.'

Within a couple of hours Dave was discovered in a collapsed state in his room at King's Reach in Ramsey, which had been his home for the past four or five months. He'd had his lunch and was just starting to work on some more information from another source.

He died so suddenly, but left a huge void behind him which will be so hard to fill, not only in sport but in many aspects of his varied life.

I, amongst many people, can only thank him for his support and unstinting endeavours over the years. He was indeed an example to us all to never give up on what we believe in and love doing best - no matter what curve ball life throws.

John Watterson



Gail Musson, who regularly takes part in road running and cross country races, and recently announced her engagement to walker David Griffiths, has been featured on the website.

She is currently in Northern Ireland preparing for her second race at the North West 200.

SEE THE FEATURE  Good luck Gail.




Keep checking the Western AC website for the latest news.


Middle distance squad session at Castle Rushen on Thursday



*  - 4.00 - 5.00pm - Practical middle distance session ( CRHS students and teachers ) session will take place on grass area.

* - 5.00 - 5.30pm - workshop type discussion covering different types of middle training and how they can be possibly adapted for PE lessons. Will take place in PE Departments class room

* - 6.00 - 6.45 pm - discussion with IOM Middle Distance squad athletes and coaches plus CRSH students and teachers if interested regarding race tactics, to take place in PE Departments class room.

* - 6.45 - 8.00 pm- training session - Fartleck type training session for IOM Middle Distance squad. Any squad members who are CRHS students should not do this session as they will have       trained earlier in the afternoon. Anyone running in the Lancashire Track and Field Champs is advised to complete just a light session.

Thanks are due to both the staff and Castle Rushen and Manx Sport and Recreation for their help in running this session.

Any questions please phone Chris Quine on 670521 or e-mail [email protected].



by Richie Stevenson     (11-05-04) 


There are a few places left on the trip to the British Championships in Wales later this month. The trip is open to runners of any standard. Contact me as soon as possible if you fancy a trip to a high quality race. 

[email protected]


DENIS QUAGGIN     (09-05-04) 


Denis Quaggin passed away on Friday night after a long illness.

Although I think he only took up the sport as a veteran, he took great pleasure from long distance walking and finished the End to End Walk on three occasions in the early 90s. According to my records, he also entered the Parish Walk on nine occasions reaching Bride twice. I recall he took part in the London Marathon at least once and possibly on several occasions.

Thanks to Sue Partington for letting me know although I would be grateful if someone would write a more personal tribute to Denis's life and perhaps let me have a picture.


How sad to learn of the death of Denis Quaggin. For many years Denis was one of the stalwart helpers in the Manx Mountain Marathon, marshalling firstly at  Cooil Slieu and latterly at Glen Needle as part of Ruby Kennaughs famous team who became part of the MMM`s folklore.

I only really got to know Denis through the MMM when I took over the job as race secretary from the late great Arthur Jones. I was a bit apprehensive on my first year as to whether people like Denis, who had officiated in the Manx for a long time mostly because they were personal friends of Arthur, would be as helpful to a new boy. I need not have worried as everyone was brilliant and Denis in particular was an absolute dream to work with.

Denis loved his sport competing in the Parish Walk ( how pleased he would have been to see the numbers involved again this year ) London Marathon, Great North Run, TT Relay, Isle of Man Half Marathon, Guy Fawkes 10, Bradford 50k, Millennium Way and Castle to Castle to name a few. His long time friend Juan Callow summed up Denis sporting life perfectly. If enthusiasm won races then Denis would have won every race he entered. 




We are setting up an exciting new initiative with Castle Rushen High School to help their teachers and pupils improve their understanding of middle distance running. People often say "we need to get into the schools" - well this is putting that into practice. This will be combined with a squad session. We will meet with the Castle Rushen crew from 4 pm and then all join up at 6 pm. They will then leave whilst the squad complete a training session. I realise that a number are going to the Lancashirre Championships - they are advised to attend at 6 pm for the talk on tactics (this should be particularly relevant given the championships a couple of days later) and will have they opportunity to conduct a light training session afterwards if they wish to do so.

If this works we will look into repeating it with other schools.


NORTHERN LEAGUE UPDATE by Andy Fox (06-05-04) 


Manx Harriers came 4th. in the end and not 5th. Not a bad result as we did not have enough athletes. The men had no specialist sprinters and only one thrower.

The Women no specialist jumpers and only really 1 or 2 in the middle distances. Basically those athletes who competed are easily good enough for this division. We just need to get more out. I will be chasing people up soon for the next match on 5/6/04. If anyone is keen then give me a ring on 626415. If you know of any male sprinters who play football etc. but are quick, get them down the track. It seems incredible that we are struggling so much in this area. Full results attached. The independent will not have a report this week as I have had no time to write it up fully yet. They did have a preview last week but had no space to print it.





Martin Bell was spectating at tonight's Peel to Douglas run. "If only my plane had been a bit earlier we could have had 50 in the line up tonight" he said.  I was a bit worried considering that the plane had brought him back from the Belfast marathon but then he assured me he was only joking!

He ran around 3.27, no mean performance for a runner much closer to 60 years of age than 50, and Kevin Vondy ran 3.05.  Kevin has been desperate to break 3 hours for several years but it was no surprise that he was a little further behind his target than normal today as he told me on Friday night that he had been injured and had missed some of his final training.


FELL RUNNERS SHOULD BE THERE TOMORROW warns Richie Stevenson  (03-05-04) 


Anyone who intends making the trip to the Elidir Fawr British Championship race should attend the Tuesday night training session in order to finalise travel arrangements.


GOOD NEWS STORY 1   (01-05-04) 


A few weeks ago the reports of Richard Jamieson's health were pretty grim after he sustained head injuries when he crashed his bike.

So it was amazing to find myself racing against him last night at Ramsey. I know he also raced the previous week at Peel as well and is, not surprisingly, still well below his best, but after such an experience it is wonderful to welcome him back to the athletics scene.

Two years ago Richard was the most committed to the off-island fell racing scene when he tackled the British championships and his other sporting pursuits have been many and varied.


 GOOD NEWS STORY 2   (01-05-04) 


Northern AC treasurer and timekeeper Martyn Strickett was another very welcome sight at the Ramsey Commissioners sponsored Northern AC Park Runs last night.

I was aware last year just how serious his health was from the reports from a number of sources, not least from my sister who went to school with his sister and have remained friends.

It was only when talking to him I realised just how unexpected his lengthy stay in a Liverpool Hospital was last year. He had expected to stay for two days and I think he said he remained there for 17 weeks.

Martyn was a good athlete in his junior days and made more than a few senior appearances but has suffered from a number of health problems which are currently under control rather than cured.

I am sure that the local scene, and Northern AC in particular, are priviledged that he should wish to rejoin the fray. Last night he was on timekeeping duties.


 GOOD NEWS STORY 3   (01-05-04) 


The scare stories about the risk to the continuation of the Isle of Man Bank Peel to Douglas run seem to have done the trick.  Last night Paul Jackson reported that he was getting very close to the number of marshals required for Monday evening's big event.

Such are the difficulties of racing on open roads these days however, with the increasing quantity and speed of the cars on our roads, that every one of us must share the responsibility. If you see someone who is running too far into the middle of the road, tell them. If you see a supporter parked in an irresponsible place, suggest they move on. Tell your friends, family and work colleagues when an event is on. Offer to help with the erection and removal of the road warning signs that people like Paul Jackson spend so many hours putting in place for the athletes benefit.



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