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A marathon year ahead

Isle of Man Newspapers’ Sports Editor John Watterson has added ? and there are now ? local runners on the list. If you can add names or further details, please email [email protected]

Name Club Charity
Alan Sandford Isle of Man Veteran Athletes Club
Barry Moore Western AC
Bernie Ball Manx Harriers
Chris Reynolds   Hospice Isle of Man
Debby Ashe Manx Harriers
Debby Findlay
Dominic Winrow Anthony Nolan Trust
Emma Rogan Metros Running Club
Eugene Wilson Anthony Nolan Trust
Ian Callister Manx Harriers
Ian Melvin Northern AC
James Moffett Manx Harriers IOM Parkinson’s Disease Society
Joanne Glassey Manx Harriers
Julian Thomas    
Keith Green Manx Harriers
Mark Clague Manx Harriers
Murray Lambden Manx Harriers
Nigel Armstrong Manx Harriers
Nikki Boyde Northern AC
Paul Cubbon Isle of Man Veteran Athletes Club  
Paul Curphey Isle of Man Veteran Athletes Club
Paul Wood Hospice Isle of Man
Pauline Smith Northern AC Foundation for study of infant death
Rachael Tewksbury Northern AC
Rebecca Wallace   Hospice Isle of Man
Richard Radcliffe Northern AC
Rob Sellors Manx Fell Runners
Rose Dugdale Bowel Cancer Isle of Man
Roy Crellin Western AC
Simon Lowe Manx Tri Club  
Steve Cain Manx Harriers Break Through Breast Cancer
Tom Melvin Northern AC

Split times for all Manx finishers in London Marathon 2002 – 2010




All smiles in the Isle of Man. Fancy visiting the Isle of Man or, if you are local, avoiding the travel? Then follow this link to the Salclear Isle of Man Marathon on 14 August. Coverage of this site varies but there was extensive coverage in 2007 and 2009. I hope not to repeat it in 2011 as I was one of the first to enter!

Other marathons to tempt Manx runners

10 April Brighton
10 April Paris
10 April Rotterdam
18 April Boston
2 May Belfast
22 May Edinburgh
22 May Windermere
28 August Guernsey
11 September Nottingham
25 September Berlin
2 October Jersey
9 October Liverpool
9 October Chicago
16 October Amsterdam
31 October Dublin
6 November New York

The world’s best light up the streets of Amsterdam in October – clog on to manxathletics.com for reports

All photos Murray Lambden

Not a level playing field. There are limits to what I can cover on this site and so I am not attempting to feature all of the marathons listed and certainly not all the dozens of road races that Manx athletes compete in off island. Please continue to report performances on the forum at manxathletics.info (golden rule: you must register with your real name and not a nickname). I’ll add the occasional feature here but if I don’t feature you its not because you are any less important.



Parish Walk

Easter Festival

Marathon & Half Marathon

End to End Walk

Isle of Man Mountain Ultra

No rest for the wicked

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