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1,313 photos from the End to End Mountain Bike Challenge at e2e.fotopic.net

Additional photos by Mark Eastham


End to End video

Official website and results at manxe2e.org

Many of the finishers who are also (or have been) athletes:

Rob Holden – 8th

Lloyd Taggart – 14th

Brian Osborne – 37th

Tony Varley – 39th

Russell Collister – 90th

Jacqui Lee – 91st

Paul Cubbon – 102nd

Paul Sheard  – 103rd

John Marchment  – 113th

Jacqui Fletcher – 127th

David Griffin – 136th

Paul Clarke – 143th

Steve Partington – 148th

Willie Corkill – 184th

Dave Gelling  – 223rd

John Watterson – 244th

Jeff Looker – 249th

Gary Ashe – 291st

Lewis Veale – 299th

Tony Conway – 327th

Jonathan Leece  – 340th

Marie Morgan – 371st

Andy Watson – 391nd

Dave Collister – 418th

Adrian Cowin – 421st

Justine Bowen – 491th

Debby Ashe  – 576th

Jo Glassey  – 707th


What started off a few years ago as going to support and photograph the athletes who were taking part in the End to End Mountain Bike Challenge has become one of the most viewed features of the site. The 2007 video has been watched more than 22,000 times and the 2008 version nearly 10,000. With such a big field I took more than an hour of video on Sunday andit took ages to get it edited to below YouTube’s 15 minute limit and then one of the audio tracks fell foul of YouTube’s (lack of) licensing with Warner Music and so I had to remix.

I took more than 1,300 photos on Sunday but failed to take a spare memory card and so wasn’t able to photo the final 20% of the field. Similarly, when the second cut of the video came out at 18 minutes (and I was late for the pub!) some rather brutal editing saw some of the slower cyclists edited out – sorry. Hopefully you have enjoyed my coverage albeit a little slower than normal. If you would like a copy of any of my photos then just email [email protected] and you can have a larger file by email for free. Murray Lambden




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