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The top three at Laa Columb Killey a week ago – Nigel Maddocks (centre) was the winner with Paul Rogers (right) runner up and Paul Curphey third. (photo by Adrian Cowin)

There was a fairly small turnout of athletes for the LCK sports, which were held in often rather damp and cool conditions on Thursday, 26th June, writes Adrian Cowin. In the 5.5mile ‘marathon’ the small crowd watched a good run by Nigel Maddocks to win the Jubilee Cup in just over 35 minutes. He was soon followed by Paul Rodgers, and then Paul Curphey came across the line shortly afterwards to take third place. It was good to see Janine Cubbon running nicely again to retain the First Lady title, with a slightly faster time than last year. In the walking event, held over the same course, the honours were taken by race walker Marie Jackson followed by fellow Manx Harriers Club mates Rebecca Greatbatch and Adam Cowin.  


Run – 1 Nigel Maddocks 35:03. 2 Paul Rodgers 35:07. 3 Paul Curphey 36:00. 4 Murray Lambden 37:32. 5 Janine Cubbon (1st Lady) 38:02. 6 Terry Bates 38:36. 7 Nick Watterson 39:46. 8 Phil Motley 42:14. 9 David Amderson 42:23. 10 Ian Callister 47:05. 11 Mandine Wilson 50:51.
Walk – 1 Marie Jackson 53:37. 2 Rebecca Greatbatch 58:52. 3 Adam Cowin 64:14. 4 Allan Callow 64:15. 5 Bill Dennard 70:50. 6 David ‘Rads’ Quayle 84:03.

Trophy winners in other events: Wesley Omar (Sam Parry Cup, parishioners 100M, and Maynrys Cup). Ben Gale (Maidstone Trophy, cycling).
Thanks to Janet Cowin, Mike Gellion and Jim Cringle for helping in the events.



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