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Welcome to . Its an entirely independent site designed, edited and funded by Murray Lambden (pictured above).  

It is an amateur site and despite my enthusiasm for the project, usually compiling the pages late at night or early in the morning, I inevitably make mistakes. Please don't feel afraid to point them out to me!


  • To provide a forum for the views of athletes in the Isle of Man
  • To inform and communicate with athletes and anyone with an interest in athletics in the Isle of Man
  • To extend the enjoyment derived from athletics in the Isle of Man by sharing the fun and pleasure of the sport
  • To provide a history of the sport by the provision of on-line databases of major events.

Although I try to keep the site as friendly and informative as possible, and hope that people recognise faces at events from the pictures on the site, I've tried to keep the style fairly formal most of the time, with the use of full names etc, so that new people wishing to join the sport don't feel that it is a closed shop.



Murray Lambden

Milton House, Brunswick Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM2 3LF

email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01624 675536


History & the future

The site commenced late in 2000 and the first major database, the Parish Walk records, was published just a few hours before the year end.

The site was originally written using NetObjects Fusion.  I commenced a complete re-design In November 2001 using, what I judged to be, a much better software application, Namo WebEditor, although I still use a later version of NetObjects for another site.

When I started the first re-design, I publicly thanked the significant contributors during the first year.  Bridget Kaneen, Steve Partington, Graham Davies, Stan Hall, Peter Cooper, Chris Quine, Caroline Brand and Richie Stevenson are all still prolific contributors but there are so many others now that I cannot mention them all on this page. So thanks to everyone and a special mention to Steve Taylor who at one point was sending me several emails a day.

The number of regular visitors to the site has increased dramatically and some people appear to check for updates several times a day. People with specialist interests log in from Britain, Ireland and around the world and if you are reading this whilst visiting for the first time, welcome.

The site is still largely compiled in Namo WebEditor but I use Acrobat Pdf files significantly so you should visit and ensure that you have the most up to date version of Acrobat Reader (it's free).

Although the domain name does the trick of finding the homepage, the pages that are linked are stored on a number of different computers around the world.

Initially the domain name pointed your browser to a sub domain of another of my sites, and many more of the files were stored on but in 2002 I bought another package and lots of the pages are stored under the domain name  The dispersal of the files, although done on cost grounds, makes it difficult to use a search engine within the whole concept but over time I hope to improve your search for information even more.

As a start, in December 2003 I started yet another re-organisation and since then all new files have been published directly under the domain but old files still remain where they were.

In 2001 I registered the domain name and created a separate website, although it is closely linked to the main project.

A few months later I registered the domain with the hope of training someone else to take on the site on behalf of that club. I'm still hoping that this will happen in 2004!

Furthermore the domain has been registered by me on behalf of the Isle of Man Athletics Association.  Although Graham Davies has experienced some teething problems, it is hoped that the IOMAA will have their own website before too long.

Needless to say, when someone is as willing and enthusiastic to run an independent website there is less pressure on the clubs to do so. I've always said however that I do not envisage spending as much time as I do now in front of a computer screen for the rest of my life and it is therefore important that others start to develop their own sites in readiness for the day I stop.

The recent addition of Western AC's website has therefore been hugely welcomed adding to the Isle of Man Veteran Athletes' Club site which was the first club site on the Island.

One useful development during 2003 has been the addition of a picture site by Anthony Brand and now Steve Partington has developed a similar site. As the number of digital cameras in use has increased dramatically I hope that more people will consider their own sites like this.

The purchase of my own digital camera (a Hewlett Package photosmart 715) in March 2002 was one of the major steps forward for the site and I've now taken about 16,000 pictures.

We've almost reached the point where a few athletes in the Isle of Man will have there own websites and expect Commonwealth Games High Jumper Martin Aram to be the first to reach this height shortly.

I've tried not to duplicate the work of the club sites where they exist and you will find a links to club sites on the navigation bars on all of the main pages.

Fell Running has the most straightforward programme of events and this enabled me to build a site within a site in 2002 with a page for each of their events. This has remained popular judging by the number of hits and the Manx Mountain Marathon Organisation now have their own site at to promote their prestigious event.

One of the things I have taken great pride in during the past 3 years and more has been to provide the results and pictures extremely quickly, sometimes with most of the coverage completed before the last person has finished. It is still a little frustrating therefore that some event promoters do not either send me the results or provide a link to their own website.

During 2003 the forum's use increased. If you have some views, or you would like someone else to provide you with information, please use the forum.  It adds to the benefits that others gain from the site without creating any extra work for me.  Although I do my best to forward messages, I cannot take responsibility for emails I receive on club or organisational matters.

I continue to welcome contributions of all sorts. I make a judgement as to whether to publish the contributions straightaway or keep something up my sleeve for another day but I publish 99% of what I receive with many thanks.

I've never enjoyed the sport as much overall, despite my athletic performances declining, and the friendly atmosphere improves all the time.  If I have helped you through this site gain as much enjoyment from the sport as I have done, then my work will have been worthwhile.

Murray Lambden

11 March 2004




On 17 June I announced that, due to a number of personal circumstances, daily updates to would cease with immediate effect.

As previously stated, the site will remain online for databases, historical information and links to other sites, including the photo sites on the left hand navigation bar.  Use the google search facility at the foot of this page to find information.

For up to date news, and comment, access the forum. Better still, add your own comments.

Eventually I hope to contribute directly to the site again but to revert to my original intention of working on it at times that suit me that can be fitted around my other commitments rather than allowing (due my enthusiasm) the site to dictate the time that remains for the other things in my life. There will, therefore, be no more daily updates, but the focus will be on information and databases and, if required, to use the site as a portal to other Manx Athletics links.

I have agreed to provide the results service for the End to End Walk on 26 September and so inevitably I will be publishing entry lists and results, together with some pictures, online.  I'm looking forward to it.

Murray Lambden, 12 August 2004


copyright (c) 2004 Murray Lambden. All rights reserved.
[email protected]


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