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by Chris Quine

Dunnerdale Drinkers in very wet conditions won Boxing Day's Mann & Partners Millennium Way relay in a thrilling finish both overhead and underfoot. Individual star of the day was Ian Gale, being part of the second placed team, setting the fastest time on the first stage and winning the cycle event.

The winning team. Dave Corrin, Ian Ronan, Clifford Keyes and Peter Simpson receive their award from Elisabeth Davies of Mann & Partners.

First away at 9.30 am on Boxing Day was Neil Duggan of Look No Stars accompanied by 5 of the cyclists. Following some 8 minutes later was Marie Noon for all female SAS (Sad Old Spinsters) and intending to cycle onto the finish.

However, first to appear out of the mist at the Brandywell Road was Ian Gale (GTMK) who had set off at 9.46, managing to overhaul all ahead of him. He was following by Marie Noon.

Making good progress to 6th on the road - 4th team - was Ian Ronan of Dunnerdale Drinkers recording the second fastest time for the stage, closely followed by Mark Preston - Mark also intending to cycle onto the finish.

Second leg runners faced less misty conditions but some difficult underfoot conditions, particularly on the St Luke's track.

First of the runners was Michelle Kewley (SOS), one minutes ahead of Gareth Bates (GTMK). With a number of teams coming from the middle order it was still all to run for on the final two stages.

Fastest on leg two was Darren Gray with a 37.47 effort some 15 seconds faster than Nick Percival.

Nick Percival.

With the third stage up hill on the road to St Marks the leading positions changed little but Clifford Keyes (Dunnerdale Drinkers) - 27.31 - making ominous progress.

Top performance on this leg came from 16 year old Keith Gerrard pulling back a number of places for his team (3 young pups and 1 old lag) to bring them in sight of a leader board position. His 22.49 stint was the 3rd fastest ever for this leg, since the race was inaugurated in 1979.

Keith Gerrard.

It was good to see a number of ladies on this leg with Peel triathlete Kara Shepherd running 7 seconds faster than Diane Lawrence.

Diane Lawrence is pictured with team mates Dave Newton, Nick Percival and Paul Jackson together with their team manager.

Onto the final downhill stretch to Castletown 4 teams battled it out over the final stages. Eventually Dave Corrin (Dunnerdale Drinkers) overhauling GTMK, No Short Cuts and SOS. Just 57 seconds separated all 4 teams at the finish.

Fastest on this leg was Gianni Epifani (G 3 Strings) with a time of 34.18, this was somewhat down on the fastest ever times for this stage, although creditworthy in such muddy and slippery conditions.

Meanwhile the leading cyclists were far down the road. First home with a final time of 2.28.06 was Ian Gale, some 10 mins ahead of Mark Preston, who in turn was some 7 ½ mins up on Millennium Way veteran Tony Varley.

Ian Gale receives his award from Elisabeth Davies.

Special mention for 1st lady Marie Noon who just missed the 3 hour barrier. 12 cyclists finished in all.

Marie Noon on School Hill at Crosby.

Two individuals ran the entire route, Tony Okell (2.51.01) and John Kewley, making his own personal tribute to the late Bob Baxter.

After the event awards were presented by Elisabeth Davies of Mann & Partners.

Phil Mackie - ran 2 legs when the last man failed to appear.

Thanks due on behalf of Manx Harriers to all those officials who assisted especially those who stood out in the wind and the rain.


Fastest Leg 1
Ian Gale 00:58:23
Ian Ronan 01:00:16
Mark Preston 01:00:29
Peter Kaneen 01:02:23
Brian Osbourne 01:04:52
Marie Noon 01:08:15
Graham Stigant 01:08:39
Paul Jackson 01:09:01
Ian Callister 01:09:08
John Kewley 01:09:28
Tony Varley 01:12:05
Martin Burke 01:12:34
Kevin Martin 01:14:36
Neil Duggan 01:28:36

Fastest Leg 2
Darren Gray 00:37:47
Nick Percival 00:38:02
John Halligan 00:40:41
Allan Corran 00:43:27
Bernie Cannan 00:43:55
Alan Bagley 00:44:13
Terry Bates 00:45:24
Mark Varley 00:45:59
Juan Kinley 00:47:22
Bridget Kaneen 00:48:39
Peter Simpson 00:50:12
Michelle Kewley 00:50:12
Gareth Bates 00:53:03
Andrew Titley 00:53:38

Fastest Leg 3
Keith Gerrard 00:22:49
Robbie Callister 00:26:01
Keiron Murray 00:26:42
Philip Mackie 00:27:20
Clifford Keyes 00:27:31
Kara Shepherd 00:29:17
Diane Lawrence 00:29:24
Lawrence Dyer 00:29:52
Martin Feeley 00:33:23
Janet Oates 00:34:11
James Coulson 00:34:28
Sue Biggart 00:36:16
Elizabeth Corran 00:37:41
Graham Titley 00:38:26

Fastest Leg 4
Gianni Epifani 00:34:18
Chris Quine 00:36:12
Steve Partington 00:37:06
Glenn Butterworth 00:37:15
Keith Callister 00:38:36
Paul Trees 00:40:00
Chris Lee 00:40:35
Dave Corrin 00:40:50
Dave Newton 00:41:01
David Craine 00:44:09
Mike Quine 00:44:23
Lynne McAvoy 00:45:08
John Marchment 00:45:40
Mark Spiers 00:50:28


 All pictures ( so far) by Murray Lambden.



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