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Parish Walk,  Vt Coverage, 2004, by Graham Young

As you  know, last years video coverage was a result of George Bannan contracting Video Moments to make a  personal record of his race.

After the event, it was decided it would be a shame not to make available some of the many hours of tape to fans, and a hurried version was assembled, which resulted in some sales.

You critically reviewed the results, and high lighted areas where; given more time and preparation, a product of interest to a more general public might be produced.

John McCarten and myself welcome, and largely accept the constructive comments, many of which we were all to aware of at the time.

The position we find ourselves in this year is that John has once again been partly subsided for loss of his normal wedding trade this past weekend by two benefactors; who wish to repay the walking fraternity for the time and devotion that has been put in over the years; and also to thank John for his work for the "Riding For The Disabled", charity".

We have the same time scale as last year, but the workload is even greater, as some seven hours of footage, from three cameras, are currently being condensed to approximately three hours, with the challenge of not loosing any of the drama.

Even if we had more time, we believe most viewers will have access to the race results, and naturally their own stories, and therefore spare them (and myself ) the ordeal of providing commentary! Many thanks to those who provided interviews.

All 1110 starters are seen at least once, and we feature people of all abilities. Unfortunately, we did experience unforeseen communication problems, which thwarted our efforts to capture all the class finishers actually crossing their respective finishing lines, but they are covered en-route.

All finishers of the full 85 miles are comprehensively captured at the finish, which was our highest priority.

We will be pleased if viewers enjoy watching the tape a fraction as much as we did making it!

The double dvd,s sell at £15.00, the vhs tape at £10.00. The running time is 2 hours 50 minutes. Available from John McCarten, "Video Moments", The Annex, Twin Limes, Ballaughton Hill, Braddan, Isle of Man. telephone/fax 01624 629430 email [email protected].uk All major credit cards accepted.

The film can be seen playing in Keig's window in Strand Street, Douglas, where it may be purchased.



You said


hello murray, just thought you'd like to know that rushen roundtable are once again doing a water-stop and two portaloos at (where else), roundtable crossroads, rushen. the ladies seem to appreciate the privacy of the privvy most. it may be hellpful to let your members know so thay can plan their rehydration. steve gorry, vice-chairman, rushen roundtable 1072.



I appreciate you have a lot of people involved in the parish walk each year.  There are others however who are not and each year when the night walkers come out of Maughold, their support vehicles, for some reason I cannot understand, stop against my garden wall.  They have apparently no thought for people, elderly people, sleeping, and bang car doors, bang boot lids, bang car door again before going on their way.  Some even TOOT as they leave. 

Is it possible for a request to be made that such vehicles look for a convenient spot AWAY from a house to feed/water their walkers?  There are several farm gates further up the road - or are we in for another sleepless night?  

Your assistance in this matter would be very much appreciated.

Jean Radcliffe


This is a hearty and heartfelt thank you from the Americans who were able to participate in the race this year. It took a  lot of pushing on your part, but we did get in, and were able to pay on Friday night when they picked up their forms. WE appreciate it all.

What an experience it is to be a minder-wow, we had cars all over and times tobe here and there all worked out! The most wonderful part is that my husband was able to fufill his goal and dream, and make it to Peel in 8hrs. 9min and 05 seconds! So he is an official Senor Finisher! I do think that meant more to him than the fact that we came all the way over there to also selebrateour 50th wedding anniversary!

Just a few moments after he had is number removed at peel, and official let me go around and thru and give him and big hug-and Jim's next words were:'now the next time!'  I guess thru all the pain and agony that is said many times. The celebration Sunday evening was wonderful-we enjoyed it so much. many mny thanks, again nancy cain nash weaver rt. 3, box 74120 potosi, missouri 63664


Just had to let you know (as I don't know anyone else involved in the organisation of the Parish Walk) that yesterday's Parish Walk was probably one of the most enjoyable days I have ever had.    I didn't take part in the walking this year because of extreme laziness but as my son, sister and a few friends were walking, I was driving round carrying the supplies.   The spirit of the occasion was wonderful.   It seemed that everybody from the walkers, marshals and police down to the spectators and residents along the route were enjoying a great day out.   The  organisation was incredible - managing to keep the walkers walking safely and the huge volume of traffic flowing was quite a feat. 

My last stop was Ballaugh to collect my sister and I saw some people you could have wept for (my sister included)!  They had gone beyond exhaustion and pain but they were happy to have taken part in a wonderful day. 

It is a truly great day for everybody on the Island from the competetive to the once a year walker.   Its a chance to meet people you haven't seen for ages and to appreciate the generosity of people and experience the wonderful community spirit.  It also leaves many happy memories and stories to swap in the pub later.   Then the added bonus of looking at your website today and finding all the results posted!  That was incredible.

Kate Corkill 2003

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