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Head for the hills this winter

The Walker Brothers Hill League will be held over three rounds.  The races are four weeks apart on 27 October, 17 November and 15 December. For more details soon go to www.manxfellrunners.org but in the meantime thanks to Tom Cringle for describing the three courses - designed for your enjoyment!

Round one in October is at Glen Roy. It begins in the field next to the Coulson's Farm, drops down the field to the valley over the river and then climbs up to John's Cairn (which is checkpoint 1 on the Laxey Fell Race) then just descends the same way. The picture by Stan Hall shows Andy Watson leading a bunch up the first climb.

The second round is Peel Hill which includes the Junior Championships. It starts opposite House of Manannan, goes over the main harbour road bridge and left onto the hill, climbs the steep narrow track to join the main one mid way along the hill head left to Corrin's Folley, past it and down towards the gate on the far side of the hill then left back around the bottom and then climbs direct (through the ferns) back to Corrins Folley.  Then its just the main top track back to the start of the hill (Peel Castle side) then hangs a right and follows the narrow path parallel to the road back to the gate (where you entered the hill) then just down the road to the finish at house of Manannan. The picture by Sarah Cringle shows Nick Percival struggling to maintain his balance on the descent.

The third round is at Slieau Whallian. The course always varies slightly but basically involves a flagged up and down climb through the paths/trees to the exit on to the fell at the top then back down the Peel side of the hill outside the trees for a hundred or so yards, before going back into the trees and following another flagged route to the finish. Picture by Sarah Cringle.




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