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Pictures by Steve Partington

Report by Steve Taylor

Prizes presented by Angie Aire

Bank of Scotland Winter Race Walking League, February 15th 2004, TT Access Road
Position Number Name Time
1 Abbi Moore 6.38
2 81 Bronwen Kaneen 6.03
3 80 Sinead Kaneen 6.42
Position Number Name Time
1= 76 Fay Latham 12.09
1= 25 Callum Taylor 10.45
3 75 Lauren Whelan 12.00
4 24 Kirsty Taylor 13.43
Position Number Name Time
1 87 Adrian Cowin 33.49
2 Peter Kaneen 23.11
3 86 Enid Watson 32.30
4 78 Robert Moore 28.19
Position Number Name Time
1 33 Dot Watterson 67.03
2 Les Brown 57.50
3 30 Brenda Charlton 74.44
4 15 Jan Hodgson 66.16
5 16 Sarah Goldsmith 74.30
6 22 Lesley Christian 73.42
7 37 Andrew Gosnell 62.33
8 17 Brian Goldsmith 63.59
9 6 Dave Wilkinson 66.00
10 32 Ron Ronan 66.18
11 26 Sean Hands 57.17
12 3 John Stubbs 60.10
13 2 Gordon Corran 66.00
14 35 Ian Callister 57.59

10km - Andy Gosnell

5km - Adrian Cowin

2km - Kirsty Taylor and Lauren Whelan

1km - Sinead Kaneen

 The final round of the Halifax/Bank of Scotland finished with a wimper more than a flourish on Sunday with only 25 people taking part in the four races on offer. No doubt the weather had a lot to do with it the rain and strong winds causing cancellations in many other sports across the Island.

For the final round of the league there was a mass start for all four races which gave the juniors an opportuntiy to mix it with there older rivals. With one eye on the Euorpean Grand Prix and National Younger Age Group Championships at Leamington next week some competitors switched away from their normal distance in preparation.  

Bronwen Kaneen was one such walker and she came home first in the 1km race but victory on handicap went to Abbi Moore for the third race in a row with her best time of teh winter. Sinead Kaneen completed the formality of winning the overall 1km league with another gutsy performance in third.  

Callum Taylor returned to 2km and lead the field home with the fastest time of the winter. Lauren Whelan was struggled to hold onto secod from an inspired Fay Latham who won the handicap and set her pb with 12.09. Kirsty Taylor looked tired coming home fourth with Lauren only third on handicap it meant a tie between those two for the overall 2km league.  

Peter Kaneen tried his hand over 5km and looked very sharp after his recent 50km exploits. However he seemed disappointed on finishing in 23.11 such are the standards that he sets himself these days. Robert Moore was next on the raod but looked from his best whilst Enid Watson put in another consistent performance for third. Such is the improvements made by Adrian Cowin this winter that he was disappointed with his time of 33.49 but it was enough to clinch victory on handicap and help him towards overall 5km victory ahead of Enid. Prior to today Adrian had set pb's in every race. 

Although only a small was assembled and the Islands top walkers were absent there were still some very exciting battles in the main event. First home was Sean Hands although some way down on his best. Next on the road was Les Brown in his first walk for some time just ahead of Ian Callister. Despite trying and failing to get his handicap changed Les still finished second onn handicap thanks to producing his fastest time for two years. Victory on handicap went to Dot Watterson who recored a pb for the distance and although Brenda Charlton lost out to Sarah Goldsmith on the road after a race long battle she was rewarded with third on handicap. Gordon Corran and Dave Wilkinson couldn't be separated after a sprint for the line whilst Jan Hodgson managed top hold of a fast finishing Ron Ronan. Andy Gosnell managed to stay ahead of Brian Goldsmith on the road and finished just ahead of him on handicap as well. Abdy was another to set pb's oin every race apart from today but that continuous improvement was enough to give him overall victory in the 10km league ahead of Brian Goldsmith. Third overall went to Lesley Christion another walker who had made great improvements throughout the winter. 

Angie Aire representing our sponsors Halifax/Bank of Scotland was on hand to present the awards at the end of a hard winters work. A big thank you to them for their genourous support.

A big thank you must also go to the hard working officials who are out week in week out in all weathers and sometimes more than once a day. 

Final League placings (best five out of seven to score) 


1.    Sinead Kaneen    497 points


1.=    Kirsty Taylor        495 points

1.=    Lauren Whelan    495 points


1.    Adrian Cowin    496 points

2.    Enid Watson    491 points

3.    Robert Moore    483 points       


1.      Andy Gosnell        477 points

2.      Brian Goldsmith    470 points

3.      Lesley Christian    466 points

4.      Sean Hands          465 points

5.=     Brenda Charlton    462 points

5.=     Sarah Goldsmith   462 points

7.      Jan Hodgson  `     461 points

8.      John Stubbs         456 points

9.      John Robinson      454 points

10.    Gordon Corran       453 points

11.    Dave Wilkinson     450 points

12.    Ron Ronan           441 points

13.    Ian Callister          439 points

14.    Brian Brough        436 points

15.    Mick Holgate        435 points



One man who obviously heeded Adrian Cowin's weather forecast for Sunday's Bank of Scotland International walks was Dave Wilkinson.

Picture by Steve Partington.

copyright (c) 2004 Murray Lambden. All rights reserved.
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