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Handicap road running

During the Summer months there are considerably more handicap events than there are straight races. For example, in the three weeks after Easter there is a race every Friday. There are two entirely separate handicap leagues organised by Western and Northern Athletic clubs.

The idea is that every runner who trains to improve has an equal chance of winning. The slowest runners start first and the handicaps are adjusted after each race. In an ideal world, most of the prizes would go to new entrants to the sport, although there are always a few experienced runners who are surprisingly sluggish in April!

One of the series is promoted by Northern AC and the first event will be held two weeks on Friday. You can find the dates at their website but not the detailed rules. Its held on a tough but traffic free course around the Mooragh Park in Ramsey.

The second series is organised by Western AC and although the start is a little more than three weeks away their site still features the rules for 2006. Presumably the rules will be little changed and it does give you a feel for how these events function. The runs are held on an out and back two mile course along the Poortown Road from Peel camp site.

There are surely many other joggers, fun runners and keep fit fanatics who use the gyms who could be attracted to our events if the publicity was a little more welcolming. One thing is for sure though, if anyone does enter for the first time they will receive a warm welcome from the other runners and the hosts.

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