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£450 (net of costs) was raised on Friday night, reports Brenda Charlton.

The Steam Packet sent vouchers but they arrived late so they held an “after hours raffle”.  An additional £76 was taken at the raffle and Kirsty Taylor won the vouchers.

Twisted Angel who performed in Douglas on Friday night to raise funds for junior walkers to compete off Island in 2004. (ML)

Gail Musson, who doubles her running with her passion for motor cycle road racing, celebrated her birthday by supporting the youngsters.

Brenda Charlton, who along with Margy Killey, organised the night.

Val Kneale won the prize for guessing the name of the bear.

The fund raising would not have been possible without the support of girl band Twisted Angel who have several connections with the athletics scene.

Andrea Fox finds her rhythm while Gladys Callow's huge and varied buffet was too good to miss! Unlike last year, the refreshments were in generous supply thanks to Gladys.

Pictures by Murray Lambden


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