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 The Isle of Man Sports Council has offered Key Sport status to seven local Governing Bodies:

        Athletics               Cycling         Football                Gymnastics

        Hockey          Swimming                Tennis

In announcing the successful organisations, the Council is implementing one of the recommendations contained in the Sport & Recreation Strategy 2002-2012 which proposed the designation of Community Key Sports.  A list of criteria was drawn up for attaining this status and all recognised sports were invited to apply.

The sports were required to complete a comprehensive questionnaire and attend an interview with the Council¬ís Sports Liaison Sub-Committee.  The criteria incorporated a wide variety of issues including appeal to young people, Administration, Coaching, Child Protection, Insurance, opportunities for disabled persons and a strong development structure.

This process gave the sports a self-analysis opportunity and many have already started to restructure and formulate new development plans.

The Council’s Sports Liaison Sub-Committee has spent considerable time analysing each of the fourteen applications in depth and each sport who applied will receive a report detailing strengths and areas for improvement.

The designated Key Sports will be required to establish a Development Group which will formulate plans and will be able to request special funding from Council for specific projects.  This will be financed from a new fund established in line with the Sport & Recreation Strategy, over and above the financial support already provided by the Council to Governing Bodies.

It should also be pointed out that other sports will be able to apply for inclusion in the Key Sports Programme in the future.  The Sports, which applied and were unsuccessful, have been given feedback and encouragement to keep developing further and it is expected that some will reapply at the next opportunity, which will be 1 September 2005.





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