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Compiled by Murray Lambden

Contributions as credited otherwise written by Murray Lambden

If you would like to share anything you know about events or people in the sport in the Isle of Man then please email  [email protected]





BIG NAMES WITHDRAW - says Steve Taylor   (27-02-04)


According to the paper Colin Griffin last years winner of the 20km walk is not coming over due to injury, Rob Heffernan sadly has decided not to travel either. According to Allan he doesn't feel capable of doing the times required without any serious opposition and granted he would be well ahead of his nearest opponent.

One possible late entrant in the 10km run is Kevin Wynne-Smythe who is flying in from Panama to see his Mum who is retiring today from Friends Provident.  


WEATHER CHECK FOR SUNDAY  - by Richie Stevenson    (27-02-04)


We are keeping a close watch on all the weather forecasts in the run-up to Sundays race. Thursdays snow fall hit the south of the island particularly hard and with the temperatures staying low there is little chance of much thawing especially on the higher ground. This in itself is not a problem as we tend to crack on whatever the conditions but there could be difficulties if there is any more snow with regard to the Round Table Road and its possible closure which would leave us with no other choice than to postpone. At the moment the Department of Transport have advised that the road is passable with care. If it stays like that we are ok although anyone following the race should be extremely careful. I will have a look at conditions at the Round Table on Saturday afternoon,check with the met. office to get the latest forecast and will put a message on Murray's site early evening.

It goes without saying that all runners must be kitted out with clothing to suit the cold conditions. If we don`to think you are properly prepared you will not be permitted to start.


We still have not got enough marshals for Sundays race, only one person has come forward with the offer of help. Three more are needed so please, anyone who is not racing put a small bit back into the sport.   

CROSS COUNTRY POSITIONS - corrections by Andy Fox    (26-02-04)


Graham Clarke came 165th. at Newark in 1988. That means Darren is the 5th. highest Manx finisher in the senior National at present. Apologies to Graham.  Also we could argue Manx AC athletes were/are not Manx Harriers athletes so Northern are actually the third local club to be represented at the champs.




David Griffiths (20km walk) and Mike Garrett (10km run) are the only two known withdrawals so far due to injuries.  David is also out of the Leamington Grand Prix next month but Mike hopes to start light training again at the weekend.

Neil Bates was reported to be "very unlikely" when last I spoke with him. If anyone has any further news (hopefully everyone else will start) then share it either directly via the forum or indirectly via email.


COACHING REACHES NEW HEIGHTS  - Andy Fox reports   (25-02-04)


Throws and Pole Vault Coaching 6th. and 7th. of March.

Merrik Bousfield is returning for his last set of coaching sessions on the weekend above. His work has been much valued by those who have attended.

We have a PV coach coming over as well. His name is Rob McKenna and he is also from Liverpool Pembroke. He will bring his own poles. This is an event much in need of development on the IOM so any youngsters or older athletes who are keen are encouraged to attend. Full details will be posted out this week and on this website soon. Please reply to Andy Fox by next Wednesday. If you want to know more now just ring him on 626415 or email [email protected]


MIDDLE DISTANCE TRAINING  by Chris Quine    (25-02-04)


All Middle Distance enthusiasts should make a note of Saturday 13th March in their diaries. This is the date for the next Isle of Man Middle Distance Squad training day. This will take place at the NSC (based in the Indoor Area) starting at 10.30 am through to around 3.30 pm. The schedule for the day is still being finalised but it hoped that it will include the following:
- Andy Fox to give a talk on the progression of Keith Gerrard's training over the last two years. This should be especially useful to those juniors hoping to emulate Keith's achievements as it will give them an insight into what is required to reach that standard.
- A talk on appropriate kit and equipment. What is useful for different training sessions and races.
- A "bleep test" . This was done last November so will enable athletes to compare their progress since then. For those who did not do the test then, this will be a chance to record a mark for future comparison.
-  An easy group run to finish off the day.

Once the details are finalised. these will be published.

The session will be open to all from under 15s upwards.

Thanks are again due to Manx Sport and Recreation for their continued support of these sessions.

If anyone has questions please contact Chris Quine on 670521 or e-mail [email protected].

MANX MOUNTAIN MARATHON UPDATE   by Richie Stevenson   (25-02-04)


Entry forms are now available for Easters Manx Mountain Marathon and the reintroduced Half Mountain Marathon. Contact Tony Rowley or download from MMM web site manxmountainmarathon.co.uk .

Entries are not very promising at the moment but we are hoping things will speed up in the next few weeks. Last years winer Ian Gale is already in as is Clayton Le Moors Paul Thompson who always runs extremely well and has many top three placings to his name.


WALKERS NIGHT OUT UPDATE  by David Griffiths   (25-02-04)


The latest on the meal for the race-walking fraternity at La Piazza on Saturday night (8pm) is that I now have 30 names (although one or two have still to confirm). The restaurant have told me tonight that the maximum they can accommodate is about 32, so we are now getting close to the limit. Those I have on my list at present are : 

Peter & Bridget Kaneen

Martin & Jo Hesketh

Jeff Cassin

Estle Viljoen (assumed)

Neil Bates

Dan & Dominic King

Marie Latham & Paul Jackson

Maureen & Simon Cox

John & Angela Stubbs

Andi Drake

Allan & Gladys Callow

Steve Taylor

Jane Gibson (possible)

Steve & Cal Partington

Dave Turner

David Kidd (2)

Rob Heffernan

Michael Lane

Catriona McMahon

David Griffiths & Gail Musson


 If anyone else is interested in joining us, or if I've missed anyone off the list, please contact me as soon as possible. Either email me on [email protected] or ring me on 01624 801341 (home) or 01624 686535 (work).


I have emailed this message to those whose email addresses I have, and hope this message will reach some of the others.



 Rob Heffernan returns to the Isle of Man seeking a fast 20km time in his build up towards this years Olympics. Rob is the fastest man over 20km around the famous Bowl circuit with a time of 1.21.54 set in 2002 but he does not hold the all comers record. That honour goes to the great Spanish walker Jose Marin who finished in 1.21.41 when winning the Lugano Cup at St.Johns in 1985.

Jeff Cassin's winning time of 4.09.44 for the 50km event last year is the fastest 50km at the Bowl by far but the all comers record is held by incredible Hartwig Gauder of the then East Germany another Lugano winner in a time of 3.47.31. His victory in the 50km event gave East Germany the overall team title that year after East Germany and USSR tied on points. The rules stated that in the event of a tie then 1st place will be awarded to the team whose first man finishes highest in the 50km event. USSR's Andre Perlov had finished second.  

Jeff Cassin setting the best 50km at the NSC last February. Murray Lambden's picture illustrates why race walking is always so controversial.

Gillian O'Sullivan, world championship silver medallist last year, is the fastest women around the Bowl, her time of 1.29.57 is also an all comers record. This was the first time that she broke through the magical 90 minute barrier. Along with her countrywoman Olive Loughnane they are the only women to have beaten 100 minutes for 20km on the Island.

Accepting that Gillian would have at least one sub 45 split during her fast 20km but in an actual 10km event the all comers record and fastest 10km at the Bowl belongs to Deirdre Gallagher of Ireland with a time of 45.12 set in 1996. This is over a minute quicker than Yan Hong of China who won the 1985 Eschborn Trophy. Deirdre is the only woman to break 46 minutes in a 10km race on the Island.





Darren Gray 200

Andy Fox 343

Andy Cannell 350

Nick Percival 539

Chris Quine 545

Dave Newton 723

Andrew Newton 61th and Lee Butterworth 198th

Chris phoned on Saturday evening. Keith was really pleased after a battle for third place.  He is still only 17 and will have two further years in this age group and was easily the best of his year of birth on Saturday.  Darren started fast and was in the top 100 during the early stages, so despite being the top Manxman in a good position, he faded.  The same was true of Andy Fox and Andy Cannell.  Andy Fox was reported to be disappointed.  Chris finally made his mind up to run half an hour before the start and started slowly.  He overtook about 100 runners on the second of three laps and was still passing people at the end.  It was only in the last half mile he caught sight of Nick.  The course was very hilly but generally runnable - there was just one very muddy patch.  Colin Moore is visiting his old clubmates at Bingley Harriers and may have had a cup of tea or two with them last night!  Some of the Manx party were staying over at Leeds on Saturday night but all the younger athletes were back on the island last night.   The second placed team in the National, Leeds City, are rumoured to running in the Easter festival.

STUDENTS DO IT INDOORS  Phil Riley reports


As far as i know there will be at least five Manx athletes competing at the BUSA Indoor Athletics Championships this weekend. These are:

Phil Riley (Leeds Uni)

Hollie Bass (Leeds Met)

Hannah Riley (Chester)

Chris Stobart (Bath)

Glynn Hoosen-Owen (UWIC)

These are the only four i know are definitely going. I spoke to Chris at christmas who said he fully expected to be competing barring injury. I also finally bumped into Hollie last week, Leeds is a big city but you would have expected us to bump into each other a lot sooner considering we use the same track!!! She's competing in the 400m and triple jump. Hollie said that Hannah is making her own way to Cardiff but staying with the Leeds Met team, who are based in a caravan park just outside Cardiff owing to the fact its Carling Cup Final weekend and hotels are at a premium!

I'll let you know how we all get on asap, apologies if i've missed out any other manxies going this weekend but these are the only people i know of.




Three Isle of Man athletes have been selected to run for Lancashire in next months Inter Counties Cross Country Championships in Nottingham on Saturday 6th March. Andrew Newton (under 15), Chris Shimmin (inder 17) and Keith Gerrard (under 20) have all been rewarded for excellent performances in last months Lancashire Championships. Keith's race also doubles as the trial race for the World Cross Country Championships due to be held in Brussels.

The meeting is traditionally broadcast in full by Sky Sports so look out for details of this over the next couple of weeks.



When I was young and an idealist, I subscribed to the theory that sport and politics should not be mixed. This theory completely ignores the reality of life, particularly during the time I refer to when the old Communist bloc of Eastern Europe would do virtually anything to achieve success for their country.  It also ignores the other side of the coin.  How often do we have to use politics to achieve our sporting desires?  Do you think we would have the National Sports Centre now if the sport in the Island had not made it a political issue?

Sport, by its very nature, is a part of our society. Through it we'll see examples of all the good and bad things in our society. We'll undoubtedly see examples of greed that drive some in the sport at the professional level, beyond boundaries that we find acceptable.  We'll also, no doubt, all have seen or heard about examples of genuine sportsmanship, something I still believe in, from people we know.  Most of these things go unreported.

Even at professional level, some athletes know how to lose as well as to win.  I'm sure many people saw Haile Gebrselassie, the Olympic champion and surely one of the all time greats, on TV smiling his way out of defeat on Friday.  "The race tonight was about times and I was looking at the clock on every lap, but Markos came up behind me at the last minute.  It is good that the younger Ethiopians are coming through to keep the flag flying" he is reported as saying with that massive smile on his face.

But sadly there is another athlete who had the Olympic dream who will never be seen smiling again. Several people contacted me on Friday to let me know about, Albert Heppner, a USA race walker who was so tragically found dead a few days after a 50km trial race. One of several reports of the tragedy can be found here.  Steve Taylor advises me that he won the 50km race in Manchester in early 2002 when it was also used as a Commonwealth Games selection race.

Like every other aspect of our lives, there will be some things in sport that we never understand.  




The following details on this Saturday's English National Cross Country Championships are now available on the NoEAA web site at http://www.noeaa-athletics.org.uk/cross-country/nat_x_champs.htm


FELL RUNNING THIS SUNDAY (22 FEBRUARY)    by Paul Jackson    (19-02-04)


This Sunday's fell run is just 7 days before the Bradda Fell Race, and so the advice we've been given is to do just a steady couple of hours this weekend. We'll be meeting at 8.30am the top of the Sloc (known as '911') parking on the track just 100yrds or so north of the gate/path up to Cronk ny Aree Laa. We'll probably run back over the race route as far as Fleshwick and back with the option of an extra loop to the Round Table crossroads and back.(maybe even up and down South Barrule for some)

As Tony mentioned on the Forum this is a steady, sociable run and we go at the pace of the slowest, so anyone is welcome to come along whether or not you intend to run the race. There is always plenty of banter and good advice to hand. It would be great to see some new faces (as well as the usual 'old' ones!!) 

If you require further information give me a call Paul 611179 or 487873.


MET OFFICE DID FORECAST CORRECTLY but not such a warm welcome  by Adrian Cowin  (19-02-04) 


My face was in fact untouched in the fall at the end of the walk on Sunday, a pity some would say!  My watch is being repaired by Corletts, my elbow is still stiff & bruised and the two gravel cuts in my hand have stopped seeping but still sting. I must say thanks to those that helped me after the fall -- including Liz, Bridget and the girls especially little Sinead who went running off to get an ice pack from the clubhouse. Of course I must point out that although I didn't predict the fall on Sunday, the spring-like conditions were forecast correctly! Indeed, perhaps I'm a lucky omen for the league events because each round that I've attended have enjoyed good weather with some sunshine. 

Thanks also to all those encouraging me in this my first year of walking; in particular Brenda, Bridget, Doug & Steve. I'm enjoying it and although I'm a relative slowcoach my 5km times are coming down steadily with a new PB achieved at each event so far. One thing above all else that is getting me back into athletics is your excellent website with it's up-to-date news items, the forum and prompt reports / results / pictures from all the various events including Steve Taylor's comments & race reports.




Helpers are required for Easters Manx Mountain Marathon. If you can spare even just a couple of hours please get in touch me on 629267 [email protected]


RACE WALKERS NIGHT OUT ON 28 FEBRUARY by David Griffiths  (18-02-04)


The latest update on the meal at La Piazza Restaurant on Saturday 28th February at 8pm, following that day's Invitation Race Walk Meeting, is that approximately 25 have so far confirmed that they will be attending. I am pleased to say that many of the visiting walkers have confirmed that they will be coming along. We have been allocated the upstairs part of the restaurant to ourselves, which can accommodate about 30-35 people - so I would ask anyone else who would like to join us that night to contact me as soon as possible so that we can get an accurate idea of the numbers. My phone numbers are 801341 (home) or 686535 (work), or you can email me at [email protected]


THE LATE RAY KINRADE by Richie Stevenson    (18-02-04)


Another fine sporting personality left us last week when Ray Kinrade passed away at just 55 years of age. Ray or "Fishy" as he was affectionately known by his many friends was known mostly in the sporting world for his involvement in angling (where the nickname came from) darts and soccer at which he was a very accomplished player turning out for Gyms over a long period of time. His involvement in athletics came in the Douglas fireman's runs when they were held a few years back. He was a regular competitor in the short jog section, thoroughly enjoying his Thursday evening blast around the streets of Douglas before adjourning to the Foresters for a couple of pints and a ciggie. Fishy was a real Manx character who loved his sport and we will  miss him greatly.  





Daniel King Walks to Record

16 Feb 2004 16:46

Daniel King (Coventry University AC & Colchester Harriers) set a UK Under 23 Indoor 5000m Walk record of 20.24.04 in Belfast yesterday at the Irish Indoor Championships. He finished third behind triple Olympic Champion Robert Korzeniowski from Poland and Ireland¹s Robbie Heffernan.

It is the fastest time by a British athlete for 12 years and breaks the Under 23 record set in 1985 by Phil Vesty by 6.58 seconds. The last time he lined up against Korzeniowski in Russia in 2003 he was somewhat overawed, starting too quickly and struggling in the closing stages. In Belfast he produced a mature even paced performance to break the record and take his biggest podium finish to date!

Dan studies Sport & Exercise Science and is a recipient of a Sporting Excellence Scholarship from the University and last week was part of the team that placed seventh in the BUSA Cross Country Championships - the best ever finish by the University - together with Matt Lole (Fine Art), twin brother Dominic King (Sport & Exercise Science) and Job King (Physiotherapy).

His next race will be the first European Athletics Association Grand Prix of the season over 20km in Douglas, Isle of Man on 28 February with his brother Dominic. They will be seeking to qualify for the Norwich Union GB Team to compete in the World Cup of Race Walking in Germany in May.




Thanks to Western AC for adding a link fro their site to this one. The circular loops between the different Manx (and other) sites is helpful to everyone.




Unfortunately it seems that I tore a muscle in my right calf on Sunday . After some treatment from Steve Brearley it has loosened off, but I have been advised to not train on it for a week until I return back to see Steve next Monday. 

This does mean that really the most crucial week in my build up the Manx Harriers 20km is not going to go ahead and if all goes well next Monday I will only have 5days training before it. So it looks as if a good 20km is not on the cards, but I am still hopeful in starting and getting a good solid base to work towards for Leamington. 

But the most important thing at the moment is my recovery. Although full time this year, I am not wanting much as the way of results this year I am more looking long term and towards 2005 and 2006, if this means I have to take time out and recover properly that's what I have to do. 

I'm trying to stay up beat and will be keeping up strength work etc and getting swimming every day (it seemed to work for Nathan Deakes) but it looks like the 20km will be left to Dom and Dan!




A squad of runners has been selected from which teams will be selected for the International races we hope to go to this year. The mens squad is

Ian Gale    Brian Osbourne    Tony Okell    Simon Skillicorn    Mark Preston    Mike Quine    Phil Mackie


females are

Cal Partington    Rose Hooton    Christine Barwell


These squads can be added to as and when we think other runners have reached a certain standard. Training sessions will be held throughout the season including the Tuesday night runs and all squad members will be expected to attend a good percentage of these. As in the past we will welcome all runners to participate in the training although obviously the squad members will take priority. Next Saturday 21st Feb. there wil be a get together at 1.00pm at the old Pitch and Putt course at Nobles Park for a short but hard speed sesion. If there are any juniors who wish to become involved just turn up next Saturday or contact me 629267 [email protected]




One of the best ever Isle of Man Cross Country Championships took place at Abbeylands last weekend, the course was a real test of stamina and strength and showed what running over the rough stuff was all about.

While most of the races went to form in the windy but very muddy conditions the senior men’s race produced an upset! Darren Gray started as pre-race favourite to clinch the gold medal but nobody had told Andy Cannell that, and the two set off at a furious pace, making their intentions from the start, Gray led for the first two laps with Cannell only yards behind with Andy Fox, Ian Gale and reigning champion Paul Clarke all in close contention.


The final lap saw Cannell move to front with Gray only yards behind as they came back into view with about a quarter of a mile to go the gap was starting to grow and this resulted in a brilliant win for the Northern AC athlete with Gray just 13 seconds behind in second place. Andy Fox took a fine third, but the battle for fourth was still on as Gale took a wrong turn coming into the finishing straight and had to sprint for the line as Clarke closed to within two seconds of him crossing the line. With the final runner home the results were unraveled to show that Andy Fox had won the veterans title from Ian Gale with last years overall champion Paul Clarke third, Murray Lambden won the over 45 veterans class from Phil Cain with Alan Bagley third, Dave Newton won the over 50 class as did Robbie Callister the over 60’s.


The galloping gourmet Thomas Davies took a few hours off work to retain his junior men’s title from Andrew Cowley with Robbie Lambden third.


Another shock came in the Ladies race as pre-race favourite Cal Partington took an early lead, only to pull up with the same injury sustained in last years league meeting on this course. (I would give this course a miss next year Cal) Julie Harrison Island Games gold medallist seized her chance and produced a strong run to claim the Ladies title from Bridget Kaneen with Abigail Harrison third, newcomer Gill Strip took a fine fourth place on her debut and won Veterans Class from Western AC athlete Michelle Kewley with Marie Latham just getting the better of Gail Musson for the bronze medal, both ladies did very well stepping up from the short course event.


Claire Franklyn was the only junior lady to enter as was Julia Furner in the under 17 girls so both girls had comfortable wins. Stephanie Lace added the under 15 girls championship crown to her league title with a twenty-five second victory over track star Harriet Pryke. Junior fell race champion Andrew Newton had just under a minute to spare as he took gold in the under 15 boys, Lee Butterworth took silver with newcomer Bobby Kneale from Castle Rushen High School beating one of the pre-race favourites Ben Brand for the bronze. A poorly advertised Short Course event resulted in a poor entry but quality field, Manx 800 metre record holder Keiron Murray was not worried he took the gold with seven seconds to spare over Steve Bennett with Richard Cooil third, Veteran athlete Doug Corkill finished a creditable fourth.


Closest race of the day was the under 13 girls, four seconds separated the top three, after a race long tussle Nicola Cooil took gold by one second from team mate Sophie Knox who in turn had just a three second advantage over Rachael Franklin.


Unfortunately hot favourite Jordan Cain was ill and could not defend his under 13 boy’s title. So who would claim his crown? Inter Schools champion Richard Seed, team mate Tom Bateson or runner up in the cross country league Michael Callister? Well it was Bateson; he saw his opportunity for glory and took it with an excellent run to win by just under half a minute from Seed with Callister a further five seconds behind.

The under 11 boys race was a complete duplication of the Manx Gas Cross Challenge league positions with Philip Knox representing St Marys School in first place, Dean Kinley from the Western Club second and Jack Callaghan from Manx Harriers third. 


Lauren Whelan defended her under 11 girl’s title with a comfortable victory over Emily Ashe with Fay Latham third. The under 9 boys and girls race went completely to form with Eric Kelly taking gold from Jake Nathan with Jack Garrett third, Alice Ashe took the girls title following sister Emily who won the title last year, second was Alexandra Ross with Sinead Kaneen third.


Manx Harriers completely dominated the team events winning everyone they entered which just underlines why they not only dominate here on the Island but in Lancashire too.


One very noticeable fact came to light during the Championships and that was the initiative set up by Chris Quine of a middle distance training group, practically all the members of his performance management program won gold, including the juniors that join in on Thursday evening, it looks very much like it’s paying dividends already!


 A big thank to Andy Fox and his helpers for marking out the course and to all the Officials who stood in the freezing cold and windy conditions to give us a great Championships, in addition Henry Harvey who was a great Cross Country Champion himself many years ago, thank you for allowing us the use of his land on the day.


So we now look to the National Championships in Leeds, the Inter Counties in Nottingham and the English Schools before our Cross Country season finally ends here on the 21st March with the final round of the Manx Gas Cross Challenge.




Many thanks to Phil Mackie for letting me know that Western AC have a new website - and an impressive design it is too (see the front page for the link).

I'm sure it will be much welcomed by Western AC members and others who wish to compete in Western AC events. Phil tells me that all of the club's results will  be available online which is absolutely fantastic.

I also welcome it as part of my long term objective to spend less time on this site and the more information that can be provided online for people interested in our sport the better - things have changed a lot in just three years.  In the short term, its also great news for me as there are more than enough features there to keep everybody occupied tonight so I can take the rest of the evening off!

Only one slight disappointment.  After three years of trying to keep the island (plus friends and Manxies around the world) informed, I would have thought that www.manxathletics.com would have at least been worthy of a link from any Manx club site being launched!  I'm sure that www.parishwalk.com would also be of interest to one or two of Western AC's members.

The challenge has also been set for Manx Harriers and Northern AC.  I undertook to register the www.manxharriers.com domain some years ago and to coach someone to set a club site up. Despite spending several evening introducing website design to different people nobody has taken up this challenge as yet. At least most of the Manx Harriers results are made available to me which cannot be said of Northern AC.  Wouldn't it be great to have the Ramsey Firemans and the Mooragh Park road run results online for example. The race is on!

Just a reminder that the first club site to be launched was the Isle of Man Veteran Athletes Club about 5 years ago.




The Manx Cross Country Championships have re-grown in stature in recent years and there were very few middle to long distance runners who were not taking part at Abbeylands last Sunday.  Its full marks to the coaches, the officials and the athletes themselves for realising that we all benefit if we go head to head in a meaningful competition rather than a few racing here and a few racing there etc.

Can the same be said for many of our other Manx championships? How many people could name how many road running championships we have? I'm not sure but I think we have a marathon, half marathon, 10 miles and a 10km. Does anyone know when they are held, other perhaps than the marathon.  Is anyone more likely to compete in the Northern 10 Miles or the Western 10 Miles because they are awarded championship status in any particular year? The rotation of the championships between different races means that some years the title can be held for less than six months.

For many years there was only one road running championship - the Peel to Douglas. The junior road running championships were held as part of the event. In fact, Peter McElroy continued to call the Peel to Douglas the Road Running Championships long after they were so designated.

Has the time come to consider a re-think.

Should we revert to the Peel to Douglas being THE championships?

Should we instead have a fixed weekend in the year for an Island 10 Mile championship?  The clubs could use different courses each year.

Should we save ourselves the bother of organising a road running championship because nobody cares less?

Should we scrap all the existing road races, close the roads one weekend and combine a major road race with a fun run? The road running titles could be decided during the festival of running.  They would really earn respect if thousands were taking part.

Do championships spoil races by putting off the less serious runner.

This article was going to go on discuss track and field titles as well but I've run out of time.

So go to the forum and tell me and all the other surfers what you think about Manx championships!




Bridget Kaneen reports that entries are flowing in well for the 10km road run at the National Sports Centre two weeks on Saturday. She is particularly pleased to receive so many entries from newcomers to the sport.

So many of our regular runners tend to leave it to the last moment that they might even get a nasty shock and find that the race is fully subscribed - remember that there will be a limit to the entry that the lap scorers can cope with.

Don't take a chance - enter today.  ENTRY FORMS HERE




Race walking returns to the local calendar this Sunday with round 6 of the Halifax / Bank of Scotland winter league to be held on the TT Access Road. This event was put back a week due to a clash with the rescheduled IOM cross country championships.

So far 58 people have taken part in the league with a few racing over different distances. Overall numbers are well down on last year but after a good turn out for the last event in Andreas one hopes that the tide is turning.

Although numbers are down and indeed the overall standard is worse than in previous years there has been some positive performances throughout the fields and over all the distances. Lauren Whelan has dominated the junior event this year but lacks any real opposition in order for her to push herself to the limit.

We have been buoyed by the return of Steve Partington and Kevin Walmsley in the senior ranks and the emergence of juniors Emma Latham and Callum Taylor in the senior 5km event. Sean Hands winner two years ago has continued to improve and looks set to go faster still. He has already reduced his personal best to below 55.30 and I can foresee a low 50's 10km later this year.

The number of new faces competing is certainly a positive for the sport but the non appearance of some of the more regular walkers is disappointing. It is only two weeks until the Manx Harriers Invitation 20km / 50km event and out top athletes may use this weeks race as a final sharpener before that. Peter Kaneen showed at Andreas that despite his endurance based training so far this winter he still possess a great turn of speed with a sub 46 clocking whilst Marie Latham destroyed her rivals when breaking through 55 for the first time ever.

Full time athlete Neil Bates has reduced his pbs over the winter and will no doubt be looking for a fast work out prior to pitting himself against Britain's finest at the Bowl. We certainly haven't seen the best of Super Vet Allan Callow this winter as he continues to struggle to regain fitness after what seems like a year long virus but his 5km at Andreas was his best for a while and he will undoubtedly work hard for a fast time on Sunday whilst at the same time acting as pace maker for one of his younger charges.

With the National Championships only one week after the last winter league,this Sunday gives the juniors the last chance to really have a go. Callum Taylor and Emma Latham have both stepped up to 5km this winter and have performed admirably, a close race yet again between the two could see them break through 28 minutes. Lauren Whelan as mentioned has lacked the opposition but will no doubt give her all as always, she will of course get her chance against her elder rivals at the Invitation event.

The overall winner will be the person with the most points from their five best races. After the first five races only the 10km event has a current leader,

1st   - 461 points - Brian Goldsmith

2nd   - 453 points - John Robinson

3rd   - 442 points - Sarah Goldsmith

4th   - 439 points - Dave Wilkinson

5th   - 436 points - Brenda Charlton

6th   - 433 points - Brian Brough

7th   - 432 points - Jan Hodgson

No doubt after Sundays event these positions will have changed dramatically and the current standings will be published along with the results.

Competitors are asked to sign on at the Manx Harriers clubhouse from 9.30am with the first event away at 10am. Refreshments will be available for all in the clubhouse after the event.  


BRADDA FELL RACE PREPARATION by Paul Jackson      (11-02-04)


 There will be a group 'reccy' this Sunday in preparation for the Bradda Fell race on 29th February.

Meet at Bradda Glen Car Park at 8.30 Sunday morning for a run over the full race route ( or turn back at any point for anyone wishing to do a shorter run). Everyone welcome. Any questions, ring Paul 611179/487873.


MANX HARRIERS 10KM - Paul Jackson reports       (11-02-04)


The Grand Finale of the Manx Harriers Open Invitation Meeting on 28th February 2004 at 3pm is the popular 10K run around 12 1/2 laps of the NSC perimeter road way . This is a scarce opportunity locally to record an accurate 10K time over this fast flat course.  

The event is open to road running enthusiasts of all abilities and Manx Harriers are pleased to have already received entries from experienced competitors and many newcomers tackling the distance for the first time.  

Expect a great atmosphere on the course as the racewalking events end and everyone gathers to cheer you to the finish before joining together in the Manx Harriers Clubhouse for the prize presentation and buffet which is included in the entry fee (£6). Extra buffet tickets are available for supporters (£3). 

Entry forms must be in by Monday 23rd February and are available from Bridget (852884) or Paul (611179) or at HERE




The Isle of Man Middle Distance squad will be meeting for a training session this Saturday, 14th February at 10.30 at the NSC track. Runners should bring their spikes as it is intended to train on the grass at the Spring Valley/Pulrose playing fields. We should be finished around 11.45 to 12 pm.

Remember these sessions are open to all from under 15s upwards.

We are trying to add in more weekend sessions as well now as the track season approaches both through the squad gatherings and by encouraging athletes to attend other organised sessions such as that organised by Andy Fox at the sand dunes recently.  If the results at last weekend's cross country championships are anything to go by, then these sessions are really helping the runners to improve.

There will be a longer session in mid March. This include a further fitness test to measure progress since last November - further details shortly.

Anyone with questions should contact Chris Quine on 670521 or e-mail
[email protected].


Bridget Kaneen reports     (09-02-04)


Have just been speaking to last years winner of the 50k race Jeff Cassin, he has become the magic 8th entry we were looking for to hold our 50k race on 28th.

Entry for the 50km is as follows so far (you can still enter up to the closing date now that we have our minimum.)

Steve Arnold

Mark Byrne

Jeff Cassin

Simon Cox

Andi Drake

Peter Kaneen

Alan Kinvig

John Stubbs




I got the impression from hard working IOMAA secretary yesterday that the results would be pretty late last night because of all of his commitments.  In fact they came through at about 10 pm just a few minutes after I had left my PC for the night so sorry I didn't get them published last night.

If you have any corrections (I've already alerted him to one), please send them to Graham at [email protected] and not to me. I prefer not to edit the results even if I see an inevitable error somewhere.




I know how much visited the forum is even though the majority of viewers are too shy to add their own comments.  It is therefore frustrating to find stupid entries from someone adding links to "teen sites". Luckily it was only added (probably automatically to hundreds of forums) at 4.30 and I was able to delete it at 6.30.


CHRISTINE GOES DOWN UNDER - Paul Jackson reports      (07-02-04)


Christine Barwell flies to Australia today (Saturday) for a 4 week holiday visiting family and friends. She will be continuing her Manx Mountain Marathon training around the streets and harbour in Sydney and hopes to be able wear the Western AC or IOMVAC colours in a local road running event. Christine will be keeping in touch with Manx Athletics via the website.  

She denies rumours that she has gone to escape the teasing about her unusually frequent photographic appearances in the Isle of Man newspapers in recent months!.




Training has been going well. After taking a few easy days for a chance to get over my first solid block in the lead up to the IoM 20km, and of course the Leamington Nationals. I was back into full swing again on Thursday.

My plans are now set for the next two month leading into leamington where I am hoping my first National 20km will go well.

Other news. This year I was pleased to receive a support grant from the Ron Pickering Memorial fund again.

Its all good news from my side.




I remember Mick Hannay setting off really quickly, as he was inclined to do. He was a few yards ahead of me on the first lap and not really knowing the course, being the first time it was used, he was going to carry on up Queens Pier Road instead of bearing left up Waterloo Road. I was tempted to let him carry on but I did call him back! He only lost a couple of seconds.

At that time I was training regularly with Brenda Walker, who was being coached by Hamish Telfer. Hamish was good enough to give me some me some help and a training programme which appeared to be working. Brenda won the short race that night.


I was interested looking through the results to find the name of another Kenmac employee who I hadn'd realised had done any running. Maurice O'Reilly works in our Inspection Department. Maurice tells me it was his only Ramsey Fireman's run and that he had to give up running shortly after that race with a hip problem.  




Bridget Kaneen updates entries for the Manx Harriers meeting on 28 February


Just had Steve Arnold from Coventry on the telephone entering the 50k, just one more entry needed and we will get the event off the ground. 



Graham Davies updates entries for the the Manx Cross Country Champs



99 entries 

Cal Partington,Ian Gale (spoilt my forum entry!)




The only other vest you can wear is a Lancashire vest or GB vest, the league no (but it is good to show your colours).  Club vest must be worn in all Championships up to 10k then its what's most comfortable.

5 more entries, Percival, Newton + plus more juniors





 I am arranging a night out on Saturday 28th February for those involved in the invitation Race Walk Meeting that day. I have made a booking at La Piazza Restaurant (just across from the Sea Terminal) for 8pm, for an approximate number of 15 to 20.  

Until recently, the Manx Harriers Annual Dinner used to be on the same date as this meeting, but since the change of date for the dinner, I don't think anything has been organised in the evening to enable the local and visiting athletes to meet in a social atmosphere and relax after the day's races.


La Piazza have asked me to confirm numbers nearer the time, but they have said that if it's more than 20 they will need a full week's notice. I would therefore ask anybody who would like to come to contact me as soon as possible, either by phone (801341 home, 686535 work) or email at [email protected]. The menu is on La Piazza's website, which is www.lapiazza.co.im. I hope that most or all of the visiting walkers will come out with us that night as well - perhaps Allan Callow or Bridget Kaneen could extend an invitation to them.




Although Phil Mackie asked for feedback on the proposals for Western AC's Dave Phillips Memorial Road Races by the end of January, the club has a committee meeting on Wednesday of this week so if you are interested in the proposal to change the rule, download the document and send your copy to Phil now.

Word     pdf




Andy Fox has asked for help on Saturday morning marking the cross country course out for Sunday (see front page for directions).

If you would like a sneak preview of the course, or if you feel you would like to put something into the sport if you normally just pay your entry fee and think that is enough, then turn up at Abbeylands at 10 am on Saturday morning for a fun morning or banging stakes into the ground and fixing tape between them and you will be warmly welcomed. It should take less than an hour.


MORE NEWS OF THE MANX HARRIERS OPEN WALKS ON 28 FEBRUARY FROM THE MOST RELIABLE SOURCE - Bridget Kaneen who has the confirmed entries     (04-02-04)


Entries are slowly starting to trickle in for all events and I will give you full entry lists after the closing date


The 50k walk is not certain as yet.  I have now got 6 entries and we need two more before the club are willing to put on the race. It is now make your mind up time. Andi Drake has said that he will race at 50k if the race is held.  His original plan was to race abroad in March but he has since found out that there is only a 20k event


.In the 20k coming over from England we have in the womens event Estle Viljoen who is a London based South African who is fast improving in the event. She has gone sub 50 for 10k and is a very consistent performer.  Also coming to race is last years winner Jo Hesketh from the Steyning club.  She also won last years National 20k in a personal best time and is another who is improving.


The mens 20k could prove to be a corker of a race with Robert Heffernan and Colin Griffin over from Ireland From the English side of the Irish sea we have the King twins Dominic and Dan, Steve Hollier, Mark Easton and Andi Drake ( if no 50k)


Last years 10k winner Catriona McMahon also from the Emerald Isle will also be making a return trip.


EMAIL OVERLOAD  (04-02-04)


If you are waiting for a reply to an email - please be patient. I'm getting an increasing number that are not to do with the site but from people enquiring about individual events. I do try to pass such emails on to the best people but it would be so helpful, as more and more people turn to the internet for information, if race organisers could publish full details a long way advance on the internet. Easter is only two months away for example.




Mike Gellion last night kindly supplied the entry forms, on behalf of the IOMVAC, for the Castletown Health Store 20 Miles on 7 March.

You can download the entry form from here in either Word or Pdf format.  For some reason the pdf version I have created this morning is bigger than the Word version Mike supplied (its usually the other way around).

If you are going to run, why not print off the entry form and return it to Mike straightaway instead of leaving it to the last moment.




Don't forget that the final round of the Manx Gas Cross Country Challenge will not be held until 21 March this year. It is merely listed as "Douglas" in the IOMAA fixture list.  More details will be published as soon as I have them.


INJURY CORNER - PART 1     (02-02-04)


Steve Partington has had another two weeks sidelined with a dodgy knee. "My legs are spelling it out loud and clear" he said at the weekend

He felt he was on the mend this week and so, after a slow bit of jogging around on Saturday he planned a 30min walk on Sunday but had to call it off for with a headache, blocked nose and various aches and pains. Popular as he was for taking the pictures of the Greeba Fell Race (as if he wasn't popular enough already) standing on the top of mountains on Saturday in such awful weather, can hardly have done his health much good!


INJURY CORNER - PART 2     (02-02-04)


Chris Quine reported last week that his achilles is still sore. It's been troubling him on and off for some time. Rick Holden has given him some exercises to do and said it is ok to start running on again as it referred pain rather than damage to the achilles (a scan confirmed this). Chris has promised to take things easy to begin with.


INJURY CORNER - PART 3     (02-02-04) 


Catriona Farrant, who has competed in the last two Flora London Marathons, is to miss out this year as she was the unlucky name that remained in the hat when the Isle of Man Veterans Athletic Club's drew for two places in the 2004 race from 3 names.

She has been injured in any event.  "I've been a bit hampered recently by a nagging pain in my right adductor for 8-10 weeks" she said last week. "But I have now seen a physio who has helped and has said I can carry on running with it, which is a huge relief ! I had cut back my training a lot and even that hadn't helped, so if I do do a marathon this year it will be the Ramsey one." She has been forced to miss the remainder of the cross country season though.


INJURY CORNER - PART 4     (02-02-04) 


Talking of cross country, Paul Clarke, the defending Isle of Man Cross Country, plans to return from a long term injury to defend his title. You certainly can't accuse Paul, who turned 40 earlier in the winter, of hiding from the opposition, although he is not expecting to be anywhere near his best form yet.


MORE WARNINGS ABOUT MyDoom Virus     (02-02-04)


A couple of people reported having received emails from me yesterday which weren't sent by me, almost certainly part of the MyDoom Virus.   The infected computers send emails using email addresses that they find on the infected machine.  Mere receipt of an infected email doesn't mean that you have the virus provided you keep your anti virus software up to date and don't open suspicious emails.

One of the news agencies reported the following earlier today; "The Mydoom Internet worm has infected more than one million computers worldwide since it was first detected on January 26, making it the fastest spreading worm attack ever, a Finnish computer firm said on Sunday.

"We estimate the total amount of infected computers to be over one million," the anti-virus firm F-Secure said. "Of those, only the computers that have been rebooted (or infected) today are actually attacking."

Here are the things to watch out for (source Symantec):

From: The "From" address may be spoofed.

Subject: The subject will be one of the following:
Mail Delivery System
Mail Transaction Failed
Server Report

Message: The message will be one of the following:
Mail transaction failed. Partial message is available.
The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment.
The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has been sent as a binary attachment.

Attachment: The attachment file name, not including the extension, will be one of the following:

The attached file may have either one or two file extensions. If it does have two, the first extension will be one of the following:

The second extension, or the only extension if there is only one, will be one of the following:
.zip (This is an actual .zip file that contains a copy of the worm, sharing the same file name as the .zip. For example, readme.zip can contain readme.exe.)

If the worm has an extension of .exe or .scr, the file will be displayed with the following icon:

For all the other file extensions, it will use the icon for that file type.




Race walking hit the back page of the Manx Independent last week a full four weeks before the event it was featuring takes place.

Manx Harriers seem particularly encouraged that the standard on the meeting will be back to its very best on 28 February.

The story can be also be accessed at Isle of Man Online -click here.




....I heard last week that Andi Drake, Dominic and Daniel King have all booked flights to come over for our race..... I am assuming they are all doing 20km, but Andi may be the 50, there havnt been any entries from them yet!





I've just published the link on the front page to the latest www.fotopic.net site, this time published by Steve Partington. Such facilities (previously used by myself and Anthony Brand) are a great advantage to me in publishing this site as I can merely feature a limited number of pictures directly on the site with a link to the full catalogue, or as many as the photographer chooses to publish.  For those who like to have a description of every single runner - tough! I do, however, encourage race organisers to send results with race numbers so that athletes are easier to identify in the pictures.

What I was going to say was that I thought Steve's collection really captured the spirit of the event and as Paul has written on the forum, Richie's report was also most telling.

I can't help feeling that the great entry was down to several of the things I bang on about:

  1. There was great publicity for the event over several weeks.
  2. There have not been many other events on the Island for a few weeks, ie no cross country for three weeks or Ramsey Firemans.
  3. The organisers have a reputation for doing things well and word spreads.

Well done to all concerned.




Although I am extremely positive about many of the developments in Manx Athletics at the moment, I often caution that we still have a long way to go in many events to get back to the levels we have enjoyed in the past.  Compare some of the road runs for example.  How many runners used to break the hour for 10 miles or 35 minutes for 10km - well at one time three times as many as in recent years.  Similarly in race walking, there has been a big decline in the number of people breaking the hour for 10km.

But one event that I would say has a higher standard than ever before is fell running.  There is no doubt that the sport owes a lot to the likes of Tony Varley, Tony Varley and Brenda Walker for setting the standards that are there to be beaten, but Saturday's great three way race for victory showed a really high standard and the competition for top six places is extremely tough these days.

For me three of the most important aspects of the sport are: a) good organisation, b) high levels of competition and making it open to people of all ages and abilities, c) encouraging competition of the highest standards.

Fell running seems to have all of these at the moment.  Watch this space for your chance to join the fell running scene.


Copyright (c) 2004 Murray Lambden. All rights reserved.
[email protected]