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As Steve Partington reported earlier this week on the forum, Colin Griffin (pictured above at the HSBC Manx Open), made a marvellous 50km debut last weekend beating the Irish record. His time of 3.51.32 was remarkably similar to Chris Maddock's British record which he bettered by 5 seconds.  Colin's time in the Isle of Man 30km was the second fastest ever at the NSC beaten only by the aforementioned Chris Maddocks who took just 2.11.09 in 1985. That was the year that Ian McCombie made his debut in the Manx event when he took 2.13.58 to compete the 30km which was still the second best on the Manx all comers records until Colin's 2007 performance. In as remote a link as I can find, the picture below was taken by Chris Maddocks in 1992 in the fifth and final year that Ian McCombie raced here when he finished 5th. It features Ian (back right) his wife Pauline and her parents (centre), Chris's great friend Edmond Shillabeer (back left) and the Lambden family of Marie, Robbie, Murray and Ben (this one might not remain on the site for very long after the family have seen it!). Ian McCombie's middle three performances in the Isle of Man between 1986 and 1988 were incredibly consistent at 20km - 1.23.51, 1.23.26 and 1.23.32. Ian walked 8 of the fastest 12 best British times (Chris Maddocks and Steve Barry had two each of the other four) and his times from 1987 and 1988 were the 9th and 12th best of all time.

The more I research this the more amazed I am at just how good Ian McCombie and Chris Maddocks were. Ian's 17th best time was 1.24.35! He also has the 2 fastest British times at 30km whilst Chris Maddocks has the three best times at 50km. Here they are on the same settee in Albany Street with me in 1987 - obviously better athletes than dressers!




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