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Simon Skillicorn (1) beat Nigel Armstrong (63) after trading placed throughout the Ellan Vannin Fell Race on Sunday morning.  Armstrong finished third after an error near the end that saw Peter Bradley, who also held the lead mid-race after a faster line towards Druidale, take second.

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Video from the race

Murray’s photos

How did I get up there? Geoff Hall recovers at the top of Slieau Freoaghane, one of the steepest climbs in the whole Isle of Man.

Rose Hooton was first woman yet again.

A small field there may have been (only 17) but there were still three possible winners 80% of the way through the race as Peter Bradley chases Simon Skillicorn and Nigel Armstrong.  For such a remote spot on the island, the mountain side was amazingly busy with hundreds of motor cyclists dashing between stages in the Manx Two Day Trial and dozens of mountain bikers having a ride over part of the course that they will be racing next Sunday in the Manx Mountain Bike Challenge.  (all photos ML).

Time to squeeze in a couple more photos from the Ellan Vannin Fell Race last week. There is a lot of detail in the background as Richard Sille and Richard George put all their effort into climbing Slieau Freoaghane (488 metres above see level) but the sea is not far away. You can see the TT course heading towards Kirk Michael and on the left (where you can see the trees) is Glen Wyllin which extends from the beach almost to Barregarrow. To the right of the top photo, and immediately below Alan Sandford in the second one, is the old Kirk Michael reservoir. Built to serve the village, when I was a child it only supplied houses as far as Douglas Road corner with the "bottom end" of the village getting theirs from Sulby. It is situated in a little known glen above Ballalona Farm (another of my favourite places on the island!) where I used to enjoy picking blackberries but through which, as far as I know, there is no right of way. (Murray 11/09/09)




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