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Official websites for links to results:  Easter Athletics Festival   Manx Mountain Marathon

Friday road races

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Manx Mountain Marathon

Photos:  Murray Lambden   Ian Astin report


The starts: women’s 5km (above) and mens 4 x 5km relay (below)  (ML)

Six legged fun!  (ML)

Hat-trick for Emma Raven (ML)

Andrew Kaighin (left) is part of a Manx family living in England. Martin Malone is part of Irish family living in the Isle of Man (ML)

Mike Garrett is Manx born and lives in the Isle of Man and he demonstrated his Manxness by running with a flag pole on his back! He was the best veteran in the Easter Festival. (ML)

It wasn’t just the youngsters that were smiling over the Easter weekend – 65 year old Dawn Lock (IA)


Chris Busaileh was the fastest in the 5km road relay on Sunday and second overall in the Easter Athletics festival. (ML)

Stopping her watch on a PB. Island Games runner Gail Griffiths set a personal best in the 5km and equalled her 10km time during the Easter Festival putting her just outside the top 10 in Great Britain in the over 45 age category. (ML)



Coverage of the amazing range of events that we stage on the Isle of Man every Easter has now finished. It fails to recognise every outstanding effort by visiting or local athletes, friends and strangers or the hundreds of officials who made it possible. But it does attempt to highlight a few. Murray Lambden 27 April 2011


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