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Video of Easter Festival Road Race

Photos:  Murray Lambden    Paul Sheard    Ian Astin     Stan Hall

The start of the 49th Easter Festival on Friday evening in Port Erin (ML)

Eventual winner Andy Greenleaf (251) is only fifth  in the early stages behind Mick Hill (153, who finished 3rd), Chris Busailah (125, 3rd), Andrew Kaighin (6th) and Liam White (135, 5th)  (ML)

Greenleaf starting to control the pace. (PS)

And even more at Port St Mary (PS)

The battle for the first Manx qualified runner went to the line. Liverpool University’s Andrew Kaighin was with the leaders in the early stages whilst Martin Malone 9203) and Ed Gumbley (199) battled it out in close company. They both passed Kaighin and Malone outsprinted Gumbley (PS)

Manx Tube video of 10km road race



Coverage of the amazing range of events that we stage on the Isle of Man every Easter has now finished. It fails to recognise every outstanding effort by visiting or local athletes, friends and strangers or the hundreds of officials who made it possible. But it does attempt to highlight a few. Murray Lambden 27 April 2011


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