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Easter Festival and Manx Mountain Marathon links Easter feature Part 1 Easter feature Part 2 by Paul Jackson

Adrian Cowin’s photos by Dave Quine

Ian Astin’s photos veterans report by Adrian Cowin

Peter Kanen’s photos

Tom Cringle’s photos

Paul Sheard’s photos


Peel Hill Race video

The start of the walking section of the Manx Mountain Marathon (photo by Margaid Gosschalk)

and the half version of the Marathon (picture by Sarah Cringle)

1st – Jonathon Mellor (Murray Lambden)

The top 10 men in the Easter Festival

(Photo credits)

2nd – James Walsh (Ian Astin)

3rd – Joe Symonds (Murray Lambden)

4th – Adam Grice (Ian Astin)         

5th – Craig Gunderson  (Paul Sheard)

6th – Paul Rogers (Murray Lambden)

7th – Bashir Hussain (Ian Astin)

8th – James McMullan (Paul Sheard)

9th – Joel Clewett (Murray Lambden)

10th – Barney Phillips (Ian Astin)  





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