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IOMAA Development Plan


Dear Athletes


In 1988 the IOM Government adopted a Sport and Recreation Strategy.  The majority of the recommendations within the 1988 report have now been implemented and the Government has developed the plan for the next ten years. Consultants Torkildsen Barclay produced the Isle of Man Sports & Recreation Strategy 2002 - 2012 which was approved in Parliament in December 2002.


This strategy sets out a vision for the continued development and growth of sport on the Island over the next ten years, and the benefits that this will bring.


In summary this strategy is based upon using the facilities that have been built over the past ten years and creating sporting excellence based upon development programmes in schools, clubs and sporting associations.  To enable a planned, structured and funded sports development programme to be established for sport on the Island the Government is looking to launch a new Community Key Sport Programme focussing on only eight key sports.  These sports will be chosen on the basis that they already have a strong development structure in place, have the potential to develop such an infrastructure and have appeal to young people.  The main benefit of this is the appointment of a sports specific development officer who will be responsible for co-ordinating the development programme and action plans for each sport, and working with key staff such as the school sports co-ordinators, the sports council, local clubs and organisations.


It is the belief of the IOM Athletics Association that athletics on the island needs to be restructured to take advantage of the IOM Government’s Strategy and to ensure that the Island Games most successful sport remains at the top of the premier division of sport on the Island.


Changes in North of England League systems are imminent, including the merger of the Men’s and Women’s leagues, and there remains a real threat that if athletics on the Isle of Man does not urgently implement changes to face these challenges that our club system simply would not survive and we would be forced to realise changes on a reactionary basis leaving Athletics in the Island in a less than favourable position.


With this background the Isle of Man Athletics Association has put together the framework for development of athletics on the Isle of Man in the form of the attached draft plan.


UK Athletics brought in a rule in the 2002 rule-book which allows clubs to apply to form composite teams, without fully amalgamating.  The Isle of Man Athletics Association welcomed this new rule, as it would allow us to put out a strong team in championships and leagues without losing the spirit and strengths of our clubs on a local level.


One of the most important proposals within the plan is the creation of a national squad system of teams which would compete within the league structure in the UK.  These composite teams would be drawn from athletes from all the clubs on the Island and would provide a structure for an athlete to compete at the highest level whatever their age or club affiliation. 


The Isle of Man Athletics Association firmly believes that the club structure on the Island is at the heart of athletics.  All our clubs have spent a vast amount of time and energy in recruiting and coaching youngsters, and providing them with local competition.  We believe that our existing clubs, with their strong local identities, contacts and training bases should be supported in their continued growth on Island and in their development of quality athletes. 


There are many issues that need addressing and I certainly don’t have all the answers.  This is the reason why we are giving you the athletes the opportunity to have your say. After all this is your plan, all I have done is given you a framework to ensure that issues are identified and addressed in a positive and proactive manner rather than implementing changes when we are forced to do so. 


Should you have any questions, queries, comments or ideas for inclusion please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will do my best to address and incorporate them into the final proposal.  My email address is [email protected] and my mobile 453334.


Now is your opportunity to speak up and air your views - there is little point complaining once the proposals have been taken forward!


I look forward to hearing from you.


Many thanks


Anthony Brand

Isle of Man Athletics Association



IOMAA Development Plan





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